Chapter 478: Heavy objects

The three talked for a while before Jou stood up and said, “I wont bother your date anymore. You should continue to have fun.” He knew he was interrupting their date, so he was going to leave them. Also, hearing the fact his ex-wife had remarried slightly shocked him, so he wanted to return home to recover.

“Okay, bye, dad.” Rui didnt stop Jou since she also wanted to continue her fate with Shishio.

“Bye, uncle.” Shishio also didnt think too much, but suddenly Jou wrapped his shoulder. While he could dodge, he didnt do anything and wondered what Jou wanted to say.

“Boy, I hope you can make Rui happy.” Jou looked at Shishio and said, “Dont hurt her.”

“I wont do such a thing,” Shishio said firmly.

“Thats good.” Jou smiled and left with a happy smile.

Shishio looked at Jous back and shook his head, wondering why such a man would divorce a wonderful wife like Tsukiko. However, he also knew life was unexpected, and no one knew what would happen in the future.

“What did he say?” Rui asked since Jou asked Shishio in a whisper.

“He asked me to take better care of you,” Shishio said with a gentle smile.

“Well, thats true.” Rui nodded and said, “You have always taken care of me roughly, after all. You should be gentle sometimes.”

“….” Shishio just didnt know what to say.

After they ate, they continued their date. It was a rare time for them to be able to spend their time walking together and doing various things together. After all, usually, they only had sex whenever they were together, especially when their relationship was just a sex friend in the past. Now, they had become lovers, so they did what the lovers usually do on a date together.

At the end of the day, the two returned when the sky had turned dark, but right before dinner.

While it was possible to go back at nine or even ten, Shishio was afraid they might be scolded by Ruis mother. After all, they were just high school students, and Rui was different from Hina.

Hina was an adult, so she was quite free with what she was doing, and her parents didnt really ask what she was doing since everything was her responsibility. She also had he own income and didnt let her parents support her.

While Hina might still be living with her parents, it was normal since the cost of resting wasnt cheap. She could save money if she lived together with her parents, which was a great thing.

Still, along the way to Ruis house, Shishio was thinking about what he wanted to do with Hina. Frankly, even if Rui might have said something outrageous and mentioned how he had dated Ayaka and Nana at the same time, he wasnt stupid enough to just nod and tell her he had done it with his big sister.

Frankly, if Shishio wanted to date Hina and Rui together, it was quite simple, but at the same time, it was also quite complex.

What was necessary was how to give Rui a hint from time to time, slowly, making her accept his relationship with Hina.

As for having sex with Hina, Shishio decided to put this matter aside since while he was lustful, he wasnt stupid.

Frankly, Shishio must admit his relationship with Hina was good. After all, she was one of the few women he met early when he arrived in Tokyo.

They might not talk much, but they also often talk to each other.

However, an emotion, especially love, was working strangely.

As long as you start to think about that person, whether it is short or long, there is a chance for one to fall in love.

Still, Shishio wanted to refrain from creating more relationships for this time since he felt he had seduced too many women. He thought it might be better to do it a few months later.

However, an emotion was something impulsive.

It wasnt something that could be done by practicing in front of the mirror, doing it thousands of times.

If Hina attacked him aggressively, Shishio couldnt do anything and could only open his hands wide to receive her.

Anyway, what Shishio needed to think about was how Rui was going to receive this.

Rui had accepted the fact that Shishio dated Nana and Ayaka together, telling her it wasnt impossible for him to date two sisters together.

However, this wasnt enough since Shishio knew he had made Hinas feelings become complicated.

If Shishio just kissed her and hugged her, telling her that he was his, everything would be finished.

However, Shishio made it complicated by telling her to tell Rui about what they were doing.

Still, no matter how smart he was, he just couldnt think of how to handle this situation. After all, each case was different and different problems needed a different solution. The Sunohara sisters were different from the Tachibana sisters, and all he could do was solve this problem on the spot spontaneously, steadily, and carefully.

As for the rest, whether it was the family of Hina or Rui, Shishio didnt think too much since as long as the two of them were alright, the rest would be smooth.

Before long, they arrived right in front of Ruis house.

Rui stepped down and let him help her to take off her helmet.

“By the way, Rui. I havent asked you before, but is the relationship between your mother and your dad (before) bad?” While Shishio knew Ruis father and mother divorced because her father was cheating on her mother from Hina, he didnt hear anything from Rui, so he pretended he didnt know anything.

“Yes.”Rui generously nodded and said, “They were divorced because he was cheating, so their relationship is pretty bad.”

Shishio opened his mouth, then closed his mouth again. He wanted to tell Rui that it was better to hold about her aspiration to become a chef from her mother for a while since he knew they would have a huge fight if Rui told her mother she wanted to become a chef because of Jou (Ruis father).

Still, if Rui didnt say anything, the matter wouldnt have been solved.

Rui couldnt tell how she wanted to become a chef, and whether it was Tsukiko or Jou, neither of them could move on.

In the end, Shishio decided to shut his mouth and let everything follow the flow. After all, even if there was a problem, he would help her. “I should go back now.” He didnt mention his concern and just told her he was going home.

“Kiss me first,” Rui said with a pout.

Shishio looked at Rui and realized this girls personality was quite different when she fell in love, but he must admit she became cuter.

They kissed each others lips, but the door was opened, and they heard Ruis name being called.

“Rui, Shishio, you have re—”


Rui, who hugged Shishios neck tightly, quickly let go of her hands when she saw her mother and Hina. Her face turned crimson red, and no words came out of her mouth.

“Hello, Hina-nee, Auntie, thank you for letting me walk with Rui.” Shishio coughed lightly to ease the awkwardness and thanked them politely.

“Um, yes, thank you for bringing her back.” Tsukiko somehow couldnt see Shishio in the same light again, especially after she knew what he had been doing with her daughter. “Its already late. Do you want to stay for dinner?”

“No, its alright. Ill go home now,” Shishio said.

“Is that so? Then, I wont force you.” Even if Tsukiko knew what kind of evil thing Shishio had done to her daughter, she still talked normally with him. “Then, Rui, lets go back.”

“Okay.” Rui also didnt fight back since she was quite sleepy. She kissed Shishios cheek before she walked home. However, when she walked, her legs were quite weak and quite wobbly. It was quite alright when she rode on a motorcycle since she could relax, but it was a different matter if she walked.


Tsukiko and Hina noticed this, and they could only stare at this scene in silence.

Rui blushed and glared at Shishio.

“……” Shishio.

Shishio let out a sigh and felt the gaze from those women starting to hurt him. He decided to return since he knew many things he hadnt solved. The first problem was about Ritsu and Usa since he knew Usas confession had failed, and he needed to take care of the aftermath.

While Usa was easy to solve, Ritsu was quite troublesome.

Then, there was also Hinas matter.

His novel and Chihiros matter.

As for the painting contest that Chihiro had mentioned in the past, Shishio probably wouldnt join since it was troublesome and he had many things to do. He didnt have enough time to focus on painting contents.

Still, when Shishio was about to leave, Hina suddenly stopped him.

“Whats wrong, Hina-nee?” Shishio asked.

“Hina-nee?” Hina pouted.


Hina nodded in a satisfied manner, but Shishio let out a long sigh.

Still, suddenly the two fell into a strange silence, and no one said anything.

It felt strange somehow when the two had something to say before suddenly they couldnt say anything.

It was as if magic was cast on them, and they just couldnt look away from each other.

“Do you want to talk?” Shishio asked.

Hina opened her mouth and then closed them again before she nodded without hesitation.

“Let me wait for you at the convenience store nearby. Its not good to talk here after all,” Shishio said.

“Okay.” Hina nodded without hesitation.

Still, Shishio looked at Hina, who wore a skimpy tank top, causing her two heavy objects to loom out. “By the way, try to wear a jacket or something. Ill wait outside for you, so we can go there together.”

“……” Hina stared at Shishio for a moment and smiled. “Okay, okay. Wait a moment. Dont leave me!”

“I wont. Just hurry up.” Shishio looked at Hina, who dashed to her home before looking at the sky, thinking he was really a scumbag.

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