Chapter 480: The secret of getting a girlfriend

With the matter of Jimbocho settled, the next day, they went to school as usual.

Shishio and Ritsu made up their minds to visit the Jimbocho on the weekend when they were on holiday.

Still, Shishio wondered how he was going to set his time since he had a lot of girlfriends now. While he was in the middle of thinking, suddenly, his face was slapped by something. While it wasnt that painful, it smelled nice. He then caught Nanas twin tails that he often grabbed on certain occasions.

“Nana, whats wrong?” Shishio was lost for words.

“You didnt pay attention to what I said!” Nana pouted cutely. After all, who liked it when they were being ignored. She also felt unhappy when Shishio ignored her.

Shishio only patted her head and said, “I heard you. You wanted to ask about the mid-term exam, right? You want to have a contest again?”

“Thats right!” Nana nodded and said, “If I win, you have to grant one of my wishes!”

“If I win, youll also grant one of my wishes?” Shishio asked with a gentle smile.

“…Um… Um…” Nana nervously nodded with a blush on her face.

“…” Nanami, Maiko, and Mea felt the result was already as clear as day.

“Nana, why dont you give up?” Maiko asked. After all, she knew how impossible it was to take away the throne of the ranking one in the entire grade from the Shishio.

“Also, Futaba isnt going to let you take away the 2nd rank easily,” Mea said.

Futaba Rio.

They were all familiar with this girl since Shishio often talked with her from time to time at school. Even if their relationship wasnt that close, they could tell how the girl might have developed a feeling toward the boy. However, he might pretend he didnt notice anything since the number of women around him was too much.

Still, what they wanted to say to this girls mind was sharp and didnt lose to Nana, especially when her setting was better than Nanas.

Futaba Rio always wore a laboratory coat and glasses.

On the other hand, Nana was a gyaru.

In terms of setting, Nana had already been defeated by Futaba!

“What kind of reason is that?!” Nana was mad at her friends. After all, there was no way she could lose against someone because of such a thing! If so, as long as Maiko, Nanami, or even Mea wore glasses and a laboratory coat, shouldnt they be able to win against her?

Still, Nana must admit Futaba was a formidable opponent, especially when Futaba was also in the scientist club, studying to become a researcher.

“But this time, I wont lose!” Nanas eyes were burning!

Under this tremendous pressure, Nana believed she would become even stronger!

As she clenched her fist, she vowed to beat her opponent and take the throne of the smartest in the entire grade!

Nana vowed on her huge boobs!

Still, even if Nana couldnt become the smartest student, it was also enjoyable she could conquer the smartest student in this school with her body. She then glanced at Shishio shyly.

“……….” Shishio.

While Nana was bullied on the bed, Tsukasa often let her have the upper hand, giving her a satisfying feeling to defeat him, but then she was defeated by him again, which made her helpless. Still, she suddenly wondered how it would be if she worked together with her big sister to defeat him.

‘Hmm… Nana felt it would be interesting to do that, especially when they did the act on the Sunohara dorm, giving her a chill and sense of immorality that she couldnt imagine.

Shishio looked at Nana, who was suddenly in heat and caressing her thighs secretly, then whispered,Do you want to try it at the school?

“Huh?!” Nana was dumbfounded with a red face.

“Hey, what are you talking about?”

Somehow, Maiko, Mea, and Nanami realized the situation between Shishio and Nana was quite wrong, so they quickly interrupted them.

Luckily, the others couldnt see what they were doing since Shishio and Nana were in the blind spot.

Still, someone suddenly interrupted them.

“Shishio, can you listen to me?”


Everyone turned their attention toward the source of this voice.

Usa was there.

However, unlike his usual healthy complexion, Usa was as pale as a zombie.

Still, no one said anything this time since everyone knew about Usas fiasco a few days ago.

Usas confession ended in failure.

However, it was something inevitable, and no one could say anything since they knew how reckless his venture was.

Shishio, personally, knew that confessing to a girl sounded romantic, and many people were eager to do it, so they could get that girl for themselves.

However, let me tell you a secret.

Confessions arent romantic, and the majority of confessions are going to end in a fiasco.

It might seem weird, but this was the fact.

A confession would make the girls feel the guys were needy and unmanly. They were insecure with their relationship and wanted the relationship to be even closer, doing something ecchi and other things.

However, even if they didnt go out with each other and just befriended each other, it was possible to do all of those ecchi things.

The confession was only romantic when a man asked someone to be their wife.

As for a boyfriend or a girlfriend, it was a childish relationship that made a woman feel the man was troublesome.

It might seem weird, but the girls became mature earlier than guys, so it was normal for the majority of guys to lose in the game of relationship.

Only a few chosen people could become a playboy, fucking many girls as much as they wanted to.

Then, the question was, how to make someone become a girlfriend and boyfriend?

The answer was simple: it was to make the girls make the first move.

The guys shouldnt have made the first move. Instead, they should make girls make the first move. If you could get the girls to make the first move, making them attracted to you, you could get the girls.

The guys should become current, leading the girls subtly, so the girls would fall deeper, unable to escape from the guys. By then, the girls would fall in love with you.

Even if they made a move, it was better to kiss them because of impulse instead of confessing to them.

Also, everything should be done with an impulse instead of being practiced in front of mirror hundreds of thousands of times.

Of course, there were many exceptions, who could successfully confess to a girl, and the number wasnt small.

However, the sure point, the 100% way to get a girl was to make a girl take the first move and to know what she felt about you.

Some people might doubt his words, but he had many examples.

Even Shishio also had never made the first move. It was the girls who made the first move, and he just led them to move toward him.

Still, it didnt mean you shouldnt have to confess. It was okay to confess, but you should be more clear-headed, thinking about this woman and the relationship between you seriously since a confession was only one chance in life. Once it failed, the relationship between you and the woman you had would turn so awkward that you had to drift apart from the one you loved.

Also, instead of thinking about getting her into yours, it was better to think about what kind of individual she was and how the relationship made between you would result in a happy relationship?

After all, many people only fell for someone because of their outward appearance instead of their inner personality. When you went out with someone for so long, you would only realize what kind of person you have dated, and once you realized what kind shitty personality your partner had, you might waste many years because your mind was clouded with something you thought of as “love.”

Nothing came good in a hurry, and everything should be done calmly, and boldly.

Of course, the method above only worked for a long-term relationship.

If you wanted to have a quick fuck, then the method would be different.

However, Shishio wouldnt mention that example now or explain his knowledge of the relationship. Instead, he only said, “You want to talk to Usa?”

“Um.” Usa nodded helplessly.

“Okay, lets go.” Shishio patted Nanas thigh, so she could move away from him.

Nana let out a sigh and said, “Usa, you should give up.”

“Ugh!” Usa felt an invisible arrow pierce his chest.

“Okay, okay, dont hurt him more than this. Let me talk with him for a while.” Shishio knew Nana was unhappy since Usa interrupted them. He might have decided to stop supporting Usa, but he didnt mind taking care of the aftermath.

Nana let out a sigh since she wanted to talk about doing it at the school.

Shishio didnt know what Nana was thinking and left with Usa to the nearby vending machine. He got barley tea and gave one to Usa. “For you.”

“Tha-thanks.” Usa was quite uncomfortable with Shishios kindness. After all, he knew what kind of sadist Shishio was. “You dont want me to treat you?”

“Its alright. You have just been rejected after all,” Shishio said and sat next to Usa.

“Ugh…” Usa let out a long sigh and asked, “Oga-kun, what do you think I should do?”

“Nothing,” Shishio said.

“No-Nothing?!” Usa was dumbfounded.

“Dont tell me you want to fix your relationship with Ritsu-senpai now?” Shishio asked, causing Usa to feel surprised since this was what Usa wanted to do after Usa had spent a few days thinking about it.

After all, Usa didnt want his relationship with Ritsu to end just like this.

When Usa thought everything had ended because of his confession, he felt he shouldnt confess at all.

“You start to regret it now?” Shishio asked.

“…..” Usa couldnt say anything since Shishio had stopped him many times, but he didnt even listen to him at all, thinking everything would be alright. However, everything disappeared, and he regretted his decision. “Wh-What should I do?”

“As I said before, you should do nothing. Youre not calm now. The damage from your rejection is bigger than you think. If you talk with Ritsu-senpai now, youll mess up a lot of things. You wont even be able to talk with her.” Shishio patted Usas shoulder and said, “My advice is to talk with other girls.”

“Talk with other girls?” Usa was dumbfounded.

“While I want to say, you should search for other girls since you waste your life. I know that love doesnt work that way. It might not be easy for you to erase the love you have for that girl, but it is also unhealthy if you keep thinking of her since your love might distort and turn into an obsession. If you do that, I am afraid youll enter a jail.”

“…..” Usa.

“So ask Tagami to bring you on a group date, talking with other girls since your dream in high school is to have a girlfriend, right? However, this girlfriend doesnt have to be Ritsu-senpai, right?”


Usa was in silence since he thought about his dream before he graduated from middle school. His middle school was quite hell since he was known as a “Weirdo Master.” He didnt have a girlfriend because of that, and it was also the reason why he wanted a girlfriend when he became a high school student.

Still, Usa wanted Ritsu to become his girlfriend now, but he knew it was impossible now, especially after he was rejected.

“Lets go. The class is going to start,” Shishio said while patting Usas shoulder. The best way for someone to overcome the rejection of a confession was to fall for another girl. Usa might be able to go for round two. However, one should learn from their mistake and understand why one has failed.

However, Shishio could see that Usa didnt understand why Ritsu had rejected him, and he didnt say anything about it. Instead, he looked at the morning sky and saw it was clear, thinking a relationship was really complicated.

So was this the end of Usas love life?

Shishio didnt really care since he thought about his plan to do “it” at school since it seemed quite interesting.

Still, Shishio must admit helping someone in love was really taxing, and he would never do it again in the future.

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