Chapter 483: Its been a while, system

While Yukinoshita felt awkward since it felt as if she was caught doing something wrong.

Shishio was calm and said, “Its okay, Senpai. You should sit down first. I can see you seem to have something to talk about.”

“Are you an esper?” Hikigaya was lost for words since he really had something to talk about. He looked at Yukinoshita, who wore Tsukasas blazer, but he didnt say anything since he was afraid he might touch a landmine.

Yukinoshita didnt do anything and just calmly sat there before she returned his blazer after she tidied it up. When Shishio got his blazer back, she looked at Hikigaya and asked, “What do you want to talk about?”

“By the way, how is Usa?” While Hikigaya had something to talk to, he was quite curious about Usas state.

Yukinoshita was quite curious about Usa, too, since she knew about the rejection that happened at the theme park last time.

As long as they had gone to the theme park before, they knew how Usa was being rejected.

Still, if Usa knew his deeds were known by everyone, he could only cry even harder.

“Hes recuperating,” Tsukasa said.

“Oh.” 2x

Strangely, Yukinoshita and Hikigaya didnt ask anymore since they knew well what the meaning of “recuperating” was. Giving them space was the only thing they could do since they knew rejection was quite an uncomfortable thing.

Still, Yukinoshita asked, “After this, whatll happen to them?”

“What will happen to Usa and Ritsu-senpai?” Shishio asked.

“Yes.” Yukinoshita nodded and asked, “Whatll happen to the two of them?”

Hikigaya was silent and didnt say anything since he was also quite curious. Still, in his case, when he confessed to the girl in his middle school, everything ended in a fiasco, he became even lonelier, and he didnt contact that girl anymore.

However, the cases of Hikigaya and Usa were different.

After all, Usas confession wasnt being made fun of, and the rejection was fairly normal and peaceful.

However, on the inside?

Usa definitely wouldnt be calm since most of them knew how much obsession this guy had with Ritsu.

It might seem weird to call it an obsession, but this should be what Usa felt.

After all, Usa had never talked much with Ritsu, and while Ritsu was cute and beautiful, she wasnt the most beautiful one. He just happened to catch a glimpse of her and fell in love at first sight. When that happened, he started to romanticize her and kept thinking about their future. How wonderful it would be if they could be together and even imagine they married, had children, and a lot of things.

It might seem too much, but it was a normal thing. After all, most people also had done a similar thing.

It was also the reason why Usa became in a hurry and wanted to make Ritsu become his as soon as possible, especially when Shishio was there.

If one just wanted something casual, it might be better to be in a hurry.

However, if one wanted a relationship that long would last until death if possible, they had to learn everything about that person since they would be together, so they had to understand each other.

A relationship couldnt be forced after all.

Unless one had a cheat like a beautiful or a handsome face, rich, and other things, they had to be patient to get the result.

In the end, love wasnt much different from a business. If one didnt want their business to go bankrupt, they had to take care of it carefully, boldly, and steadily.

Shishio would be lying if he didnt feel sorry about Usa, and he could also remind him. However, it was impossible to tell someone when they were in love. Their judgment was clouded, and they felt everything was full of happiness. They were full of optimism even if they werent, so the rejection was like cold water waking them up from the dream.

Usa had woken up from his dream, and now, he has started to learn to stand up once again.

As for whether Usa could be with Ritsu or would be with the other girls, everything depended on him.

Anyway, this thing was complicated, and it was just impossible to explain everything.

Sometimes, his view about love and its work might be different from the rest.

It would also be okay if Usa wanted to retry his chances.

Still, Shishio wouldnt help him this time since they were competitors now.

As for whether it was right or not, there was no right or wrong about love as long as you didnt trouble your crush.

“Whatll happen? Nothing is happening,” Shishio said. “She has rejected him, and hes being rejected. Nothing is happening.”

“I mean, what will happen to their relationship?” Yukinoshita asked.

Shishio looked at Yukinoshita for a moment and said, “Unlike us, theyre not friends, to begin with, so even if she is rejected, nothing is happening.” His words were right since nothing was happening between the two. He was sure Ritsu had never thought too much about what had happened to Usa.

It might be true that Ritsu would be conscious of Usa since he had confessed.

As for whether this change was good or not, it depended on what Usa was going to do in the future.

The most common development was that they would slowly drift apart, forgetting each other.

The minority wouldnt give up and kept trying.

However, depending on the person they fell with, they might be burnt out, so in that time, instead of trying to magnify the crush, it was better to learn the crush better, so they would learn the crush wasnt as perfect as one imagined.

Still, as someone that triggered the system, Ritsu was without a doubt a good girl.

Somehow hearing his explanation, Yukinoshita and Hikigaya nodded and thought everything had to depend on Usa. However, they must admit it was quite complex and troublesome. If, in the future, they had a case asking them to help with a confession, they thought it was better to reject it.

After all, it was so troublesome.

“So what do you want to tell us, Senpai?” Shishio looked at Hikigaya, wondering what he wanted to say.

“Well…” Hikigaya thought for a moment and started what he wanted to say. In simple terms, he was invited by someone to join the tennis club. The one who invited him was cute, even if this person was a guy.

However, this wasnt the reason why Hikigaya wanted to join the tennis club. The reason why he wanted to join was that he wanted to help this cute guy who invited him, especially after he heard how horrible the situation of the tennis club in this school was.

While Shishio didnt say anything, unexpectedly, Yukinoshita diminished Hikigaya without hesitation. “Impossible.”

“Hey, hold on, impossible?” Hikigaya was dumbfounded and couldnt believe what he had heard. “Look…” He wanted to say something, but Yukinoshita cut him simply. “You heard me. Its impossible.”

“No, I mean, they want me to relight the fire in the hearts of the tennis club,” Hikigaya said, which caused Shishio to laugh.

Shishios laugh made Hikigaya unhappy. “Why are you laughing?” Frankly, while the people in this club were annoying, he didnt plan to quit the service club and did two clubs at the same time. However, this time, he felt Shishio was too much!

Hikigaya was full of confidence, thinking he could change the tennis club, but this bastard laughed at him, which made him speechless. However, he was a pacifist, and he didnt think he could win Shishio in a fight, so he could only look at him unhappily.

“Sorry, sorry.” Shishio only smiled and said, “Yukino-senpai, why dont you explain to Hikigaya-senpai?”

Yukinoshita nodded, then looked at Hikigaya and asked, “Do you think you can do anything on a team?”

“…….” Hikigaya.

“They would never accept a creature such as yourself,” Yukinoshita said flatly.

“Ugh!” Hikigaya felt an invisible arrow pierce his chest.

“Though it is possible that the club could come together as a team, finding a new, mutual enemy in you,” Yukinoshita said. “But they would only put in enough effort to eliminate you. They wouldnt continue to improve themselves. And so, it would not be a solution. I am the source of that.”

“…” Shishio and Hikigaya.

They must admit Yukinoshitas words were right, but they were dumbfounded when they heard the source.


“I studied aboard once.” Yukinoshita said, “When I transferred back to Japan in middle school, all the girls in the school grew desperate to eliminate me. But none of them tried to improve themselves to surpass me.” Her expression grew scary, and she said coldly, “Those fools.” Still, suddenly she felt dumbfounded, and her head felt comfortable. She turned and saw Shishio gently caressing her head.

“You have worked hard, Senpai.” Shishio must admit that it would be great if he met Yukinoshita earlier.

“…You sure do something rude by touching your seniors head.” When Yukinoshita said those words, she looked away from Shishio since she was afraid for him to see her blushing face. However, she realized Hikigaya was looking at her, so she glared at him.

Hikigaya quickly looked away and felt scared. However, he wondered how long he was going to be abused.

Still, Shishio didnt caress Yukinoshitas head for a long time and asked Hikigaya, “Senpai, why do you want to help the tennis club so much?”

“Well, it was for Totsukas sake,” Hikigaya said embarrassingly.

“Your boyfriend?”

“Its just my classmate!” Hikigaya let out a long sigh and said, “I mean, its the first time anyones asked me for help, so I kind of want to do it.”

“Always listening to others and then assisting them isnt necessarily a good thing,” Yukinoshita said frankly.

“Then, what would you do?” Hikigaya asked.

“Well, lets see.” Yukinoshita thought for a moment and said, “First, laps around the track until they die, then practice swing until they die, finishing off with practice matches until they die, maybe?”

“…..” Hikigaya was lost for words, then looked at Shishio and asked, “Oga, what about you?”

“Me?” Shishio could see Hikigaya and Yukinoshita looked at him curiously, so he answered, “Just tell them being good at tennis in the university will make you popular with women.”


“Ahh…” Hikigaya felt a revelation that he didnt know.

On the other hand, Yukinoshita was speechless.

When they wanted to question Shishio again, the door was opened, and a familiar voice sounded.


“……..” The three turned and looked at Yui while wondering what this girl was doing here.

However, Yui ignored their reaction and said, “We have a visit today!”

Then, from behind Yui, a cute girl. No, it should be a cute guy with a sports jersey that appeared.

“Ah, Hikigaya-kun?”


Shishio looked at Hikigaya and moved away slightly.


[Target has been found!]

[Congratulations, you have received a “Tennis Mastery”]

“……” Shishio.

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