I am really, really sorry that I wont be able to upload a chapter today.

Let me give you the gist of it.

Its just a sunny day like usual, but a humans curiosity is like a nightmare. It slowly gnaws you down until you know everything. I just happened to read a manga, which gave me strange info so I went to visit the hospital to check my health.

Fortunately, everything is alright, but the doctor loves to pretend which makes me want to smash him (ignoring my chats). I just got my lab results a few hours ago.

Anyway, I cant work like this. Its hard to write without a calm mind, so Ill visit him again tomorrow.

Hopefully, nothing is serious.

Once again, I am sorry.

Lastly, let me tell you not to believe something so easily.

However, I am glad to do this health check since I know that I am free from many (dangerous) diseases. The incurable one, I mean.

By the way, I am sorry again, and thank you.

As for when I am going to update again, Ill try as fast as possible, but please understand my situation.

Thank you.

From your lovely author, Akikan40.

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