Chapter 485: Tennis 2

When they heard this voice, they knew someone was interrupting their training.

Still, Miura Yumiko was stunned when she saw Shishio was there. She felt her heart beating so fast, and it made her slightly panicked, especially when she was standing right next to her crush. She was like a poor lamb who met a bad wolf. She blushed and lowered her head, wondering why she felt like this.

‘You cant Yumiko! Hes a scumbag!

However, the leader of this group didnt seem to notice Yumikos reaction.

Hayama Hayato.

If Shishio was the most popular guy in the first grade, if not in the entire school.

Then, Hayama Hayato was the most popular guy in the second grade. However, his position was shaken by Shishio, though he probably didnt really care since he was in love with someone else, and as long as that person didnt fall for someone, he wouldnt care much even if Yumiko or Hina Ebina fell for someone else.

Still, Totsuka was quite nervous, but even so, he said, “Miura-san, were not playing.”

“Huh? What? I couldnt hear you,” Yumiko subconsciously said haughtily, but then she realized her mistake.

Still, Yui and Totsuka were intimidated by Yumiko, and they could only lower their heads.

Hikigaya frowned and thought of doing something, but he knew if he moved forward, he would be just beaten up like nothing. Also, there was a Riajuu, who mingled with them, so he decided to leave this matter to “him” since he knew this guy was better than him in this situation.

“Miura-senpai, were sorry, but the tennis club is using this tennis court for training today. However, you dont need to worry since you can use the tennis court tomorrow if you want to play.”

Even if Shishio, Hikigaya, and Yui werent members of the tennis club, Totsuka was the member and the leader of the tennis club. Even if the students could use the court, they knew they wouldnt fight to use the court with the official club. After all, this was how common sense works.

As for the fact that this wasnt part of the official training of the tennis club, who cares about it?

After all, Yumiko and her group wouldnt be free enough to investigate whether what Shishio was saying was true or not, considering how polite and respectful he was toward them.

“We-Well, it cant be helped…” Yumiko knew she couldnt be unreasonable, especially when Shishio had told them this court was used by the tennis club. “Lets go back.” If she had thought carefully, she would know today wasnt the day the tennis club did their activity, but Shishios appearance made her lose her calm, and she just wanted to go back since she was afraid to do something stupid in front of him, especially when she thought how he had seen how she had berated Yui last time.

Unlike the rest, Shishio dared to say something to her, which made her feel slightly annoyed and couldnt forget about him. It made her think a lot about him, which made her wonder whether she was an easy girl who fell for a bastard.

Ebina and the guys group didnt think too much since they came here to follow Yumiko.

Still, Ebina felt happy when she saw Shishio being surrounded by two guys, so she gave him a thumbs up secretly.

“……” Shishio.

Totsuka, Yui, and Hikigaya sighed in relief since this matter ended without trouble. Even if they knew Shishio was lying, they didnt bother to fix his lie since it was working in their favor.

Still, Shishio thanked Yumiko. “Thank you, Miura-senpai. If you dont mind, how about I treat you next time?”

“No, no, its alright.” Yumiko felt her face was hot, and she just wanted to move away from him since she was afraid she would be swayed by him.

“……..” Everyone.

Yui, Hikigaya, and Ebina stared at Shishio speechlessly, thinking this guy was a bastard without a doubt.

However, someone just couldnt read the mood.

“Um, Oga-kun, right? I have heard about you before from my friends and also Tagami. However, today isnt the day the tennis club does their activity, right?” Hayama suddenly asked.

“……” Everyone.

Hayama wasnt sure why he said this, but it might be partly because of a useless youth pride. Also, it made him strange when he saw Yumiko was so obedient in front of Shishio.

Shishio only looked at Hayama and asked, “Senpai, who are you?”

“……..” Everyone.

Hikigaya wanted to laugh somehow since he knew Hayama was dumbfounded, considering how Shishio didnt know about him at all.

However, Shishio didnt know Hayama at all since he really didnt have an interest in guys and only remembered the name of a cute girl.

Hayama showed an awkward expression and said, “I am Hayama Hayato. I am from the upper class and the captain of the soccer club.”

‘Was the part of the captain of the soccer club necessary? 2x

Shishio and Hikigaya thought at the same time. They didnt care about Hayamas identity as a captain of the soccer club, and it was useless in front of them.

“Senpai, youre not part of the tennis club, right? So how do you know today isnt the day of the training of the tennis club?” Shishio asked.

“Well, I have a friend who is also a part of the tennis club,” Hayama said with a smile.

“Well, Totsuka-senpai, here is the captain of the tennis club.” Shishio held Totsukas shoulders and put him in front, so everyone could see.

Hayama knew he had lost, so he awkwardly apologized and said, “I am sorry, Totsuka-san. We dont know if youre in the middle of the club activity.”

“We-Well, its okay.” Totsuka was startled when he was pulled by Shishio, but he also sighed in relief since this matter had ended.

However, could it end so easily?

“But why didnt I see the other members?” Hayama asked.

Shishio frowned and wondered what this guy wanted to do. Still, he made a note of this guy since if this guy troubled him in the future, he would seduce his mother and lover in the future.

Totsuka was troubled by this situation, but Shishio whispered, “Just tell him the truth.” He looked at Shishio and nodded. “The truth is I am the only one who is training.”

“Oh? Alone? Why?” Hayama asked again.

Totsuka wanted to answer, but he was stopped by Shishio.

“Hayama-senpai, right? I know that my remark is quite rude, but can you not trouble our training now? Our time is limited, so if you keep asking us questions, youll trouble us from training,” Shishio said straight, politely, and told Hayama and his group to walk out since they were in trouble.

“Hey, Hayato, lets go back,” Yumiko said since she didnt understand why Hayato kept standing there, trying to ask such an unnecessary question. Even if she wanted to play, she wouldnt force herself to play by bothering other people, especially when this was an official activity of the tennis club.

Also, while Yumiko tried to move away from Shishio, she didnt want him to get a bad impression of her.

It was part of the advantage of having a handsome face, and it was part of his privilege. Many might be jealous, but similar to a beautiful girl. A handsome guy also had such a familiar privilege.

Ebina and the other guys who followed Hayama were also confused, wondering why Hayama seemed to be persistent, considering this wasnt how he used to be.

After all, in everyones mind, Hayama had always been a good boy who smiled and was kind to everyone. He had always treated everyone the same, without discriminating against them.

Yui and Totsuka also realized there was something wrong with Hayama too.

As for Hikigaya, he had realized it a long time ago. However, he was more cornered by how close Shishio and Totsuka were. He felt slightly jealous, but he knew this wasnt the time to think about this matter, considering he felt a conflict might happen between Shishio and Hayama.

However, being questioned by Shishio, Hayama didnt fluster, showing the calm of the popular guy and the natural leader of the herd. “I am sorry if my questions bother you from the training, but if youre going to train, why dont you let us join?”

“Join? You?” Shishio asked.

“Yes.” Hayama nodded and said, “I have trained under a professional tennis player in the past, so I am quite knowledgeable about it.”

“……” Everyone.

Shishio sighed and started to feel annoyed by Hayama. He didnt really like a Suneo-type guy.

Some people might be confused about who Suneo was, but Suneo was the wealthy friend of Nobita in the story of Doraemon.

Suneo came from a wealthy family, and without a doubt, Hayama should be coming from a well-off family too.

These types of people love to flaunt their skills, goods, or something in everyday things, causing people to feel awe of them.

As expected, when Hayama told them he had trained under the professional tennis player, everyone started to be in awe.

However, Shishio and Hikigaya werent affected by it.

Still, if Hikigaya frowned, thinking Hayama was flaunting, Shishio only smiled and exaggerated said, “Wow, so amazing! Have you trained under a professional tennis player?”

“Well, yeah…” Hayama was quite embarrassed when Shishio praised him so loudly, making him feel like he was flaunting.

“Thats amazing. Even many members of our schools tennis club havent received training from professionals, but you have been trained by the professional tennis player.” Shishio showed an amazing expression, then asked, “So Senpai, after being trained by the professional tennis player, have you won a tournament or something?”

“…No,” Hayama said quietly.

“Ah, you havent?” Shishio was surprised and asked, “Then, what about the professional tennis player who has trained you? Has he won a tournament?”

“No…” Hayama said.

“…….” Everyone.

Hikigaya tried to hold his laugh somehow.

“Then, Senpai, when is the last time you have trained with tennis?” Shishio asked.

“It should have been three years ago?” Hayama said after a moment of thought.

“Oh! So you havent trained for a while? And because you train under a professional tennis player, do you feel better than the leader of the tennis club?” Shishio asked innocently while showing Totsuka to everyone as if he was afraid all of them didnt see him.

“……” Totsuka.

“No, no, of course not,” Hayama quickly said since he knew if he agreed, his reputation would be known as arrogant. Still, he was slightly annoyed, so he just bit the bullet and said, “However, I feel I am better than you, and training with someone stronger is better, right, Totsuka-san?”

“Er…” Totsuka frowned since he didnt think so.

However, Shishio looked at Hayama blankly and thought this spoiled boy needed some beating.

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