Chapter 486: Tennis 3

Everyone had realized how troublesome this situation had become.

Even Yumiko, Ebina, and the rest of the extras also felt weird by Hayamas persistence. However, he was the leader of their group, so they couldnt say anything and just stood there in silence.

Totsuka, who was soft-spoken and easily pressured, didnt know what to say in this situation, but he felt a reliable hand on his shoulder. He turned his head and saw Shishio was there, standing on his side. He somehow felt relief and thought he could say anything, so he looked at Hayama and said, “I am sorry, Hayato-kun. I am happy with your offer, but I am comfortable with them.”

His voice might be soft, but it was clear and heard by everyone.

Still, not only did Hayama feel uncomfortable, but Hikigaya also felt uncomfortable since he felt something was stolen from him.

“Ah, is that so?” Hayama felt quite awkward since he didnt expect Totsuka to reject him. However, this was a normal thing since most of the people who talked with him would accept and would try to accommodate him. He had even gotten used to such a thing from his childhood time.

Usually, Hayama would back down since he knew how to read the mood. It was like how many girls bullied Yukinoshita in the past, and he kept silent about it even though the two of them knew each other.

Hayama read the mood, so he didnt do anything and just pretended he didnt see anything.

Still, it only worked for the girls.

As for the guys, Hayama felt competitive and didnt want to lose. “But Oga-kun, how about we have a match here?”

“…..” Everyone.

‘What the hell does this guy want to do?

“If I win, let us use this tennis court, but in exchange, well also train Totsuka-kun since isnt it better to train with someone stronger?” Hayama asked with a gentle smile.

However, whether it was Yui, Hikigaya, or Totsuka frowned since they didnt have merit in accepting this match.

Also, why does it seem Hayama did a favor for them?

By his words, Hayama did this to help Totsuka instead of showing his selfish desire to beat Shishio.

“Shishiron….” Yui looked at Shishio worriedly.

“You dont need to accept this unreasonable match,” Hikigaya said. While he might hate Shishio since he was jealous, it didnt mean he wouldnt help him if Shishio was troubled, especially when he saw how Hayama wanted to trouble Shishio.

Totsuka felt uncomfortable, but he didnt know what to say since he didnt feel he could win against Hayama.

Hayama was, without a doubt, the most popular guy in the 2nd grade, and all the students in this school knew about him.

It was also this reason why whether it was Totsuka, Yui, or Hikigaya felt they were weaker and lower than Hayama. While they wanted to help Shishio, they didnt know what to say, and somehow they felt the crowd would gang them up.

Also, it might be because Hayama and Shishio were there, many people started to gather around the tennis court while talking to each other, waiting for the match between the two to start.

Hayama had started the fire, and he only needed to wait for the fire to spread. The crowd was his friends, and it made it impossible for Shishio to reject his match invitation, considering how the crowd would jeer Shishio up if Shishio refused.

With the competitive spirit of the young people and the hatred of being looked down on, it was impossible for Shishio to turn down the request.

Even Zaimokuza felt his heart pounding since he was about to see the fight between two riajuus for the first time. He was so excited and wondering who was going to win this match.

Everyone was also the same, but whether it was Yui, Hikigaya, or Totsuka, they realized the situation couldnt be stopped anymore. They cast a worried expression at Shishio since they knew he had to accept Hayamas match.

That should be the case, but…

“Sorry, I will reject this match,” Shishio said politely.

“Whats wrong? Are you scared?” Hayama didnt give up and provoked Shishio.


“Yes, I am scared, Senpai. After all, I am just an amateur, and you have been trained by a “professional tennis player.” So its clear who will win between us, right?” Shishio made his voice louder, making sure everyone could hear him. “Or are you here to “bully” me, Senpai?”

The crowd, who heard Shishios voice, started to murmur and talked to each other, wondering whether Hayama planned to bully Shishio.

Hearing the murmur, Hayama frowned, and he realized the crowd had never been his friends to begin with. Instead, it was a double-edged sword that was about to stab him to death.

Whether it was Zaimokuza or Hikigaya, they felt their hearts pounding at this moment and realized how Shishio, making the crowd, became his ally.

Even Yumiko, Ebina, and the extras between them started to waver, considering how the crowd started to lean toward Shishio.

“Is Hayama-kun jealous of Oga-kun?”

“Bullying? Isnt this bad? Should we call the teacher?”

“Being the most popular guy might make him all arrogant.”

It was impossible to make everyone like you.

Even if it was Hayama, it was impossible to make everyone like him. Because of his popularity, many people were also jealous of him. It might be unreasonable, but thats how it was.

The crowd knew they couldnt compare to either Shishio or Hayama, so they acted as background characters how they should be. However, when Shishio and Hayama were in an argument, without a doubt, they would start to talk to each other, talking bad about the loser of their fight since it felt good to mock someone.

It was also the reason why people loved to talk about celebrity gossip.

Hayama knew this situation was dangerous, so he quickly apologized. “I am sorry if I have trouble you, but I am not here to bully you. Im really sorry. Well go back now.” He decided to leave since he knew if he continued to stay here, his reputation would be destroyed.

In return, Shishio showed a gentle smile that smitten all the girls around and said, “Its okay, Senpai. I know that youre not thinking anything like that, and you just want to help us. After all, youre the “good guy” Hayama-senpai.”


The girls, who happened to watch on the side, felt an arrow pierce their hearts, and they knew they had fallen for him.

Still, whether it was Hikigaya or Zaimokuza felt Shishio was a demon!

The two swore at this moment that they shouldnt make this guy an enemy!

Hayama could only show a bitter smile since he knew he had lost.

However, how could Shishio let Hayama leave just like this?

“Totsuka-senpai, I am going to be selfish now. Can you forgive me?” Shishio whispered to Totsuka.

“Eh?” Totsuka was startled, but he nodded subconsciously since Shishio had helped him a lot.

“By the way, Senpai, I changed my mind,” Shishio said.


Not only Hayama but the rest also felt confused by Shishios sudden words.

“I accept you play a match in tennis,” Shishio said.

Hayama frowned and asked, “Are you sure?” He didnt know what Shishio was planning, but somehow he felt wary.

“Yes.” Shishio nodded and said, “After all, I am not someone who is going to back down against a challenge. I know that my skills might not be much, but I wont back down from a challenge.”

“Is that so? Then, lets play a match.” Hayama was eager to do it since this way, as long as he won, he could regain the face he had lost after losing to Shishio.


“But isnt it unfair that we wont receive anything if we win? After all, if we lose, you can borrow this tennis court,” Shishio said with a sigh.

“Youre right.” Hayama was fair, and he was a good guy, so he nodded at Shishios words. “If you win, as long as it is within my power, Ill do my best to satisfy your request.”

“Thats what I want to hear,” Shishio said with a smile.

However, whether it was Hikigaya or Zaimokuza, they knew Hayama was going to suffer, especially when they saw Shishios smile.

As expected, Shishio pointed his finger at Yumiko and said, “Then, if I win, can I bring Yumiko-senpai on a date?”


The whole space was devoid of noise.

No one could say anything, and they were too stunned to say anything.

Even Hayama, Hikigaya, and many people in this place were just too dumbfounded!


Then it wasnt until the girls squealed that everyone started to awaken since they didnt expect Shishio was going to ask Yumiko on a date!

Their faces were red, and they somehow felt jealous of Yumiko.

After all, even if Shishio was a scumbag, his popularity didnt even decrease. Instead, many girls were curious about him since he could keep his girlfriends even if he was known as a scumbag.

Still, Yumiko was dumbfounded before a blush covered her face. “Wh-What?!”

However, Hayama was depressed, and somehow he felt regret for provoking Shishio at that moment. Even if Yumiko wasnt his girlfriend, many people knew she had a crush on him, and it was also because of Yumiko that no one would come to confess to him.

In other words, Hayama used Yumiko as his protection, so no girls would bother him.

As for his feeling toward Yumiko, Hayama didnt feel anything at all, and he just felt Yumiko was convenient to be on his side.

Even if Yumiko had a boyfriend, Hayama didnt feel anything. However, it would be a different matter if it was done in public like this since he would lose face!

However, Hayama had a way to solve this problem.

Still, Shishio beat Hayama first by apologizing. “I am sorry, Yumiko-senpai. Its quite abrupt and quite rude of me to ask you as part of the bet since youre not a thing and youre a special individual. Let me apologize.”

“No, no, its okay,” Yumiko subconsciously said with a blush.

“But…” Shishio was quite embarrassed, showing a slight awkwardness and nervously while saying, “But itll be great if you can agree to go out with me during the weekend if I win this match since I want to know you better.”

“I-Ill think about it…” While Yumiko said those words, she felt her heart was about to jump out, and she was so nervous. However, inwardly, she felt so happy!

“Thats great.” Shishio smiled happily, then looked at Hayama and said, “Then, Senpai, how about we start our match?”

“…” Hayama.

“….” Yui.

“….” Ebina.

Still, watching the confrontation between Shishio and Hayama, Hikigaya and Zaimokuza had to admit Shishio was a devil with a pure black soul. However, they must admit that they felt scared, and they supported each other by hugging each other.

‘Humans are scary! 2x

They thought at that moment.

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