I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 490: Jimbocho in Love 1

Chapter 489: Next Trial

The time passed quickly, and before long, it was a Friday.

Hina looked at the apartment building in front of her while on her phone. “Um, I am in front of the building.”

“Wait a moment. Ill be there shortly.”

“Okay.” Hina thought Shishio would stay in Sakurasou, but she didnt expect him to stay in an apartment. She knew he came from a wealthy family, so she didnt feel that surprised when she saw his apartment building, especially when the location of the apartment was in Ebisu, Shibuya. However, somehow, she felt it would be great if she could live in this place too, especially when this place was far from her home, and close to the place where she worked, which was a great thing.

It might seem strange, but Hina just wanted to get closer to him after all.

Also, while she might not have said anything, she felt uncomfortable with the thought of staying with her family, especially when she could see Rui every day.

They shared the same boyfriend, after all.

However, Hina knew she was doing this behind Ruis back, and even if Shishio had agreed to their relationship, Rui didnt know about their relationship at all.

While Hina had confidence in Shishio and knew he would do something about it, she could see Ruis contempt for her if their relationship was revealed. It was also because of this that she lowered her head depressedly until she heard his voice.

“What are you doing? Come in.”

Hina looked up and saw Shishio was there.

Shishio looked casual in a loose crew neck, track pants, and black sandals.

Hina was in a daze and thought this guy was really handsome. Frankly, she wanted to jump into him at that moment, but when she thought about their status as a teacher, she knew she couldnt show such an embarrassing state.

The two stared at each other for a moment and walked side by side without hesitation before they hugged each others arms after they entered the lift. They were silent, and neither said anything, and it wasnt until Shishio closed the door of his apartment that the two couldnt hold back anymore and just wanted to become even closer. They let go of their break and just followed their instinct before falling into immoral pleasure.


“I am hungry.”

“Me too.” Hina touched her stomach and realized she hadnt put anything there besides his white thing. She let out a satisfied sigh, then asked, “Shishio-kun, what time is it?” While she was too lazy to move, considering how tired she was, she still asked. However, her body was overturned by Shishio, and she hugged his arms, making her blush.

“Its eight at night.” Shishio looked at Hina, who was in his arms, and asked, “Youre going to stay, right?”

Hearing his casual invitation, Hina could only nod shyly. “Um.”

“Then, do you want to eat out? Or Ill make you something,” Shishio said. Anyway, on the outside of his apartment, there were many restaurants, and they could eat out anytime, especially when he also parked his car in the parking park below.

“Huh? Can you make something?” Hina asked while looking at Shishio eagerly. She had tasted his food before, and it was so delicious she couldnt forget about it.

“I do.” Shishio nodded. “I bought something before, but I can only make nabe (hotpot). Is that okay?

“Okay.” Hina nodded without hesitation, then asked, “By the way, is there a beer?”

Shishio smiled and caressed her head a little forcefully. “Theres a lot of it. Lets have a party tonight.”

Hina fixed her hair with a pout before beaming with a smile, then nodded. She just felt happy whenever she was with him.

Shishio then prepared to get up, picked up his t-shirt from the ground, and walked out.

However, Hina couldnt do that since she only brought her clothes from her work before. Those clothes were tainted by Shishio since he was so excited when he thought he was doing it with a teacher. “Shishio, can you lend me your clothes?”

“Just get it in the wardrobe .”

Hina didnt hesitate and opened his wardrobe and picked up his white shirt. She wore her undergarments first before wearing his white shirt. When she was done, she walked out of the room barefoot, then asked, “Shishio, is there something that I can help with?”

“Can you even stand—” Shishio stopped his mouth since he must admit at this moment, Hina was so charming. The see-through white shirt showed her violet-colored undergarments, and her white thighs were exposed. This scene was just breathtaking, and he just wanted to push her again.

“Hey, arent you tired?” Hina blushed while asked since his little Shishio had woken up again. Then, she walked up to him and caressed his big bulge through his boxer. “Be a good child, alright? Ill take care of you later.”

“……..” Shishio.

“By the way, what kind of hot pot are you going to make?”

Shishio planned to stay with her until tomorrow, so he could take care of her later. “Its an offal.”

“Offal hot pot, really?” Hina was excited.

“Yeah.” Shishio looked at Hina and said, “Its a hot pot, so it should be easy for you to help me, right?” After all, what they needed to do was just to boil the food until it was ready. It was an easy-to-make dish, and it was full of nutrition.

“Leave it to me!” Hina gave a salute.

Shishio looked at Hina, and somehow he was kind of worried. However, he was right behind her, so it should be alright, right?


Shishio was tired when he sat down on the low table in the living room.

Hina chugged the cold bear with a comfortable sigh while leaning on his shoulder, waiting to be ready. “Were going to stay together tonight, right?”

“Yeah.” Shishio looked at Hina and asked, “Have you told the people at your home?”

“Not yet.” Hina took her phone and searched for the contact number of her home. “Ill call home now.”

Shishio lowered the volume of the television since he was afraid something unexpected was happening.

Last time, it might have been Natsuo, who answered the call, but now, it might be either Rui or Tsukiko.

Shishio didnt know, but it wouldnt be bad to prepare since he couldnt predict who someone would answer the call.

It was only a moment, and the phone was connected.


Hina and Shishio somehow sighed in relief when they heard this voice.

“Ah, Natsuo-kun?”

“Ah, Hina-nee? Whats wrong?”

“Sorry, but can you tell everyone that I wont go home?” Hina said cutely.

Shishio looked at Hina and didnt say anything. He just drank mineral water silently, thinking whether it was a war or a love was cruel. Still, it might be because he saw her smiling at this moment, which made him think a woman was really a natural actor.

‘She might be able to beat Mais acting, right?

After all, even Mai might not be able to match Hinas act in this situation.

However, Shishio knew Hina didnt act, and it was all natural.

The reason why Hina could smile was that she was glad she didnt need to talk to either Rui or her mother. She was glad to talk with Natsuo, and it also showed she only saw him as a family, not something else.

“Huh?” Natsuo seemed surprised and asked, “What are you doing, Hina-nee?”

“I went to stay with my friend since it has been a while since we met.” Hina didnt lie since it had been a while since they had been together.

“I see…” Natsuo seemed to be quite disappointed, but he didnt stop her and said to be careful.

Hina nodded and felt happy she had such a thoughtful step-brother.

However, Natsuo could only smile bitterly when he heard how Hina viewed their relationship. Still, it wasnt wrong, and it was also this reason he felt quite bitter about it. Suddenly, when they talked, a thought crossed his mind.

‘Should I confess to her? Natsuo thought it would be great if he could confess to Hina. Still, she could hear the sound of someone chugging water and boiling food, which made him wonder who Hinas friend was. It was also the reason why he was quite worried since he didnt know the gender of her friend, and it was quite awkward for him to ask.

‘Was this friend the one she went with on Kamakura before? Natsuo thought, and somehow he became nervous.

“Natsuo-kun?” Hina asked in confusion since Natsuo suddenly fell silent.

“Ah, yes?”

“Ill hang up the phone then. See you tomorrow~~!” Hina didnt know what Natsuo was thinking. After all, she was in a good mood since she could be with Shishio.

“See you…” Natsuo said, and the phone closed. He looked at the telephone for a while and let out a long sigh, thinking about what he should do.

Shishio looked at Hina and asked, “Done?”

“Um.” Hina nodded and let out a long sigh. She caressed her chest, trying to calm her nervousness, but then she felt her head caressed gently.

“Its alright.” His voice was full of reassurance, and this gentleness mellowed her.

However, Hina knew what kind of beast this guy was, and it was also the reason why she just couldnt get away from him. “I love you.”


Shishio was dumbfounded for a moment before he kissed her lips gently.

This was a chaste kiss without afterthought, sensualness, or anything.

It just showed how much they loved each other.

“Me too.” Shishio pressed his forehead against her for a moment before he kissed her forehead.

Hina snuggled on his chest and hugged him with a smile.

It wasnt until their stomachs rumbled that they looked at each other and laughed before they started to eat. They ate till they filled their bellies before they lay next to each other and continued with their immoral relationship.

On the next day, after Shishio had sent Hina back, he returned to Sakurasou, and he knew there was another girl he needed to take care of. Frankly, the matter of heart was tough, but he must admit, it was fulfilling.

However, when Shishio returned to Sakursaou and saw Ritsu.

“Theyre coming too,” Ritsu said.

Shiina, Roberta, and Nanami were there, and they showed their various types of emotions.


Shishio took a deep breath and prepared for the next trial he was going to face.

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