I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 490: Jimbocho in Love 1


Still, she wondered whether it was alright since she couldnt see how Ritsus trouble would be solved in this situation, especially when the chance of Shishio and Ritsu being together was quite small with the three of them around.

“Its okay.” Even if Nanami was worried, Shiina was calm as ever. She looked at the book of art and photography intently since they were interesting.

Nanami looked at Shiina for a while before she let out a sigh. She knew she shouldnt feel worried, especially when she knew Shishio well.Well, everything should be okay, right? She glanced in Shishios direction and decided to believe him.

However, the two forgot that what they had to watch for was not Shishio. Instead, it was Ritsu.

Shishio never expected the relationship with Ritsu right away. After all, it was just a week since she had rejected Usa. While this fact didnt have a relation to their relationship, it was just strange if they forged a relationship right away. Also, it felt like it was forced.

It also wasnt suitable for Ritsus personality.

Ritsu had never taken the initiative from the beginning to the end. She had always stayed in her own world, ignoring her surroundings, and felt satisfied with it. Even if she was together with everyone and might seem to change, Shishio knew deep inside she still hadnt changed. She was still that girl who was trapped in her own world, and she was satisfied with it.

It was also the reason why Shishio felt challenged, and he wanted to be the one who changed her. He wanted her to take the initiative to express her feelings to him instead of taking the initiative.

As of now, they decided to just enjoy their time together in the Jimbocho together.

While they sipped the coffee and read the book, they talked about the place they wanted to visit. However, they were dumbfounded by Shishios words.


“Paper.” Shishio nodded and said, “I want to see a paper store.”

Paper was the most important part, so a book could be created, and without it, there wouldnt be a book.

“Why are you interested in it?” Nanami was curious.

“Are you not curious?” Shishio asked.

“Well…” It was also her first time seeing a paper store. Nanami would be lying if she wasnt curious.

When they had decided their destination, they went to the paper store without hesitation. However, when they entered, they were in awe since they didnt expect there to be so many types of paper. More importantly, all the paper was beautifully arranged in colors and types.

Also, they had never expected that there would be around 7,000 types of paper in this place!

“How could there be so many?” Even Ritsu was dumbfounded since she didnt expect the book she read every day would use a different type of paper.

“Its different, so it can help the reader so they can read easily.”

“Read easily?”

“For example, a dictionary or a thick book. Suppose the paper used in those types of books is thin and smooth. If its too thin, itll be hard to read since itll be hard to read, considering how youll see through the page behind. If its too thick, itll be costly, and it is also heavy. If its too smooth, itll be hard to turn the page.” Shishio took the paper and rubbed his fingers on it, feeling a comfortable feeling from it. “I think this company might not be different from you, Mashiro.”

“From me?” Shiina titled her head.

“You come to Tokyo, Japan, so you can get better with your painting. This paper company is the same. They also keep researching the best paper, so it can give the best experience for the reader or the people and company who need the paper. Maybe you should try a different type of paper too to see whether itll give a different experience to your painting,” Shishio said to Shiina.

Shiina was in a daze, but she nodded with a serious expression since it was her first time seeing from this angle. She felt as long as she forged her skill, she could become better with her painting.

However, even a swordsman also needed the best sword to show the best of their skill.

The painter was the same. They needed the best medium to show their skill.

Whether it was a canvas, a brush, paint, or many other things.

A canvas was made from paper, then what kind of painting could she create from the best paper?

Shiina was curious and tried to look around curiously. She was even dumbfounded when she heard she could request her own paper, and it made her excited!

On the other hand, Nanami and Roberta talked about the paper with different types of patterns and thought they were so beautiful.

As for Ritsu, she just stared at Shishio in a daze after she heard what he had said, and somehow she understood why many girls loved him.

Shishio not only saw his girlfriends from their exterior, their beautiful appearance, but he also saw them inside, thoroughly understanding them from how they could become the way they were, whether it was good or bad, before he loved them thoroughly.

Shishio couldnt say he loved someone so easily since the word “love” wasnt something that could be said casually, and it meant a lot to him.

It was also because of this reason that Ritsu knew she couldnt lie, and she was in love with this part of him.

“Ritsu-senpai, whats wrong?” Shishio asked.

“Nothing.” Ritsu showed a rare smile on her face and said, “I just want to buy some papers.”

Shishio looked at Ritsu and thought she would be okay. “Okay, I want to buy it too.” He thought for a moment and felt it might be good to write his feelings to his girlfriends through words.

With that said, they had a blast in Jimbocho.

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