I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 491: Jimbocho in Love 2

cant finish it, we can just take it home,” Shishio said. After all, there were only three desserts in this restaurant, and it made him curious too.

They agreed and ordered the food they wanted to eat.

After they ordered their food, they talked to each other as usual.

Still, Shishio was looking at the people below from his position on the 2nd floor.

Ritsu, who had been watching Shishio for a while, noticed Shishios strange action and asked, “What are you looking at, Shishio?”

“I am looking at the people,” Shishio said.

“Why?” Nanami felt strange and asked, “Do you feel happy to look down on someone from a high position like theyre trash?”

“……” Shishio looked at Nanami speechlessly.

It might seem strange, but many Japanese people were in love with a tall place. It wasnt that they loved a tall place, but it was part of their culture, considering how the people who could live in the tall place in the past were only Daimyo.

Those Daimyo lived in the tall place, in the castle, so they could overlook their people in their lands. So when the Tokugawa Shogunate ended, the people in the Meiji Restoration could live freely, and living in the tall place was akin to a new feeling to them.

Well, what Nanami said also wasnt wrong since some people also loved to live in a tall place and overlooked everyone like they were trash.


However, Shishio wasnt such a person. “Can you see it?” He pointed at the window, telling them to see.

They subconsciously looked out the window and could see many people walking on the street. After all, it was a weekend, so many people came out to Jimbicho. However, they couldnt see anything special from it.

“Whats wrong with those people?” Nanami was confused.

Shiina, Ritsu, and Roberta also looked at Shishio curiously.

“You can see that all of those people are walking, right?” Shishio didnt look at their reaction and just explained why he had been looking at those people. “Some of them are walking straight. Some of them are stopping, watching the stores, and looking around. Some people walk fast, and some walk slow. Well, you might feel confused about why I am doing this, but I just found out a fun fact.”

“Fun fact?”

“Yes.” Shishio nodded and looked at them. “Well, its like life. You know, those people might walk in the same direction, but the time, the speed, and the people they are with are different. Some of them walk slowly, some of them need a long time to arrive at their destination, and some of them are alone. However, without a doubt, they want to come to the same destination.”

“Its like life. Everyone has their own goal, dream, or purpose, but some of them are alone, slow, and alone. However, without a doubt, as long as they keep walking, they will reach their destination. On the other hand, those people that walk fast, walk with other people might change their destination and dont even reach it.”

“……” Everyone.

“But of course, some people are reaching that place fast without much of a struggle. However, even if theres such a person, dont think too much and walk at your own pace. Its okay to be slow as long as you can reach your destination.” Shishio stopped talking and saw them looking at him in a daze. “What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Shiina, Roberta, and Nanami didnt say much and just moved closer to him.

If it was with someone else, Nanami might hesitate, but she had told the truth about her relationship with Shishio to Ritsu, so everything was alright.

“Hey, hey, were in public. Wait till we get back, alright?” Shishio said while patting their heads helplessly.

Ritsu, who was on the side, didnt join them, but while she felt jealous, she didnt do anything and thought about the words Shishio had said. She was different from the rest, and she couldnt utter what she wanted to say truthfully like Shiina. She couldnt be proactive like Roberta. Nor could she persist like Nanami.

However, Ritsu knew as long as she had the will and didnt give up trying, she knew her feelings would reach him.

Ritsu took a deep breath and made up her mind at that moment.

When their order was sent to their table, they started to eat and enjoyed their time together.

Also, they must admit, even if they didnt plan to do anything special and just a normal thing like walking out with everyone, they felt today was a special thing, and they might not forget this day.

Shishio glanced at Ritsu, who enjoyed the food with everyone and even bickered with Shiina, who stole everyones dessert with a gentle smile, and he knew this girl was alright.

Still, even if this girl was alright, there was someone who had to be sacrificed.

However, this sacrifice wasnt a bad thing since it was part of the growth.

Shishio looked at the four of them and thought it wouldnt be a dream to see the scene of a fivesome. He took his fork and took a bite of the steamed potato on his plate, thinking he was really a scumbag.

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