Chapter 492: Sakurasou is peaceful

The striking sun, the windy wind, and a nice shade.

While it was a perfect time to take a nap, Nanami hummed a song she remembered from Shishio while doing laundry. It was just something normal and mundane, but she was happy with it, especially when she did his laundry, giving her a special feeling it was something that could only be done by her.

However, it was a normal thing since Ritsut wasnt his girlfriend.

As for Shiina and Roberta, it was better not to mention those two.

Still, Nanami felt it was a perfect time to do laundry since it had been a while since the sun shined this strongly.

“Hey, is it alright?” Mayumi, who was doing laundry on the side, asked Nanami.

“Whats wrong, Mayumi-san?” Nanami was confused.

“Look at that guy.” Mayumi pointed at Shishio.

Shishio lay on the edge of the corridor, sleeping contently like a cat.

Nanami chuckled and said, “Isnt it alright? Its cute, right?”

“….” Mayumi couldnt say anything since she knew this girl had already fallen for him too deeply.

It was just yesterday that they went to visit Jimbocho, and now it was a Sunday, so they still had another holiday.

If it was his usual, Shishio would go on a date or go out with his girlfriends somewhere. It might have been a while for him to stay lazy on Sakurasou like this. It might also be partly because of this reason Nanami was happy since when she finished the laundry, she could make an excuse to visit his room by saying to take care of the laundry.

Nanami realized she might have gone craftier, but she was happy about it, and she continued with her happy hum.

Still, Mayumi, who was on her side, was slightly envious of Nanamis young aura. After all, she was almost in her 30, and yet she spent her time here, on the Sakurasou, even though most people would usually go out with their boyfriends or something.

Unfortunately, Mayumi didnt have a boyfriend, and this fact made her depressed.

“Are you alright, Mayumi-san?” Nanami asked worriedly since Mayumi suddenly dropped to the ground, seemingly depressed.

Mayumi looked up at Nanami and asked, “Nanami, do you think Ill ever marry in this life?”

Nanami was stunned, then said, “Of course! Youll be able to marry in this life, Mayumi-san. I am sure anyone who marries you will be happy in their lives!”

“Re-Really?” Mayumi regained her spirit. Even if Nanami was lying, it didnt really matter since she just wanted to hear a consolation from someone.

“Of course.” Nanami nodded without hesitation since what she said was the truth. She knew Mayumi was beautiful, and she felt it wouldnt be a problem for her to marry someone, right?

On the other hand, she…

Nanami shook her head since she felt everything would be alright as long as she was with him. She didnt have much of a wish anyway since she was happy to stay by his side. “Roberta-san, can you help me pick up that basket?”

“Yes.” Roberta didnt say much and picked up the basket filled with wet clothes. She just picked it up and didnt do anything afterward since she was afraid if she squeezed the wet clothes, she might tear them apart.

When everyone was doing laundry, it was at this moment that Shiina, who was all messy, trotted to Shishio. She squatted and pulled his arm before she used it as her pillow. Her movement was so natural that it made the people around them feel speechless.

However, somehow, they didnt say anything since they knew how tired Shiina usually was, especially when she had to draw 22 pages of manga every week.

If Shishio didnt help her and Shiina wasnt a genius, the school activity would already overwhelm her.

Still, they must admit, they were so jelly of Shiina.

Whether it was Shiina or Shishio, the two were sleeping like a cat on the wooden floor of the corridor lazily, without thinking of anything.

“I want to join too!”

It was at this moment Misaki suddenly appeared and pulled his other arm before using it as a pillow.


“That girl…” Mayumis lips twitched, and she looked at Nanami. “Nanami, are you also doing it with that girl?”

“Haha…” Nanami could only laugh awkwardly and looked away.

Mayumi was in silence before she looked at Roberta. It was hard to see Robertas expression since Roberta was mostly blank, and she couldnt imagine Robertas face when Roberta moaned and let out a sexy cry.

Still, Mayumi must admit Robertas body was good.

Unlike her soft and slightly tubby body, Robertas body was well-built and full of muscles. When Shishio was at school, she would usually go to his apartment or his shooting range to train, sharpening her mind and body so she was ready to protect him when the situation called for it.

On the other hand, Mayumi was too lazy to work out, and she spent her time watching a drama on the television while eating a sweet, causing her weight to increase. She also wasnt young anymore, making her metabolism work slower than when she was young. However, it was impossible to admit such a thing, and her pride wouldnt allow it!

Mayumi looked at her body before she looked at Shishios body.

Shishio was sleeping, and his t-shirt was slightly flipped, causing the muscles on the middle part of his body to appear.

Mayumi gulped and stared at him for a while until Nanami and Roberta coughed. She noticed the two of them were staring at her, so she could only laugh awkwardly and put her sexy lingerie on the laundry one by one, trying to awaken the predator instinct on Shishio.

However, Shishio didnt care and just frowned since he felt it started to get hot. The two girls on his side didnt make his situation more comfortable. Instead, it made it harder for him to sleep.

Still, when he slept, he felt his stomach was touched by something. He was familiar with the shape of this thing and caught it subconsciously.

However, his actions caused Misakis head to fall on the wooden floor. “Ouch! It hurts!”

‘This shape, this size…

Shishio ignored Misaki since he knew he faced a more important matter. He knew this was Chihiros foot. He opened his eyes and looked at Chihiro, who was looking down on him.

“Wake up,” Chihiro said lightly.

“……” Shishio asked, “What are you doing?”

“Help, Nanami. Even if shes your maid, help her,” Chihiro said while making a gesture for Shishio to get up with her chin.

Shishio looked at Chihiro for a moment and nodded. Then, he gently moved Shiina away from him and let her sleep on the pillow he had picked before.

Shiina still slept soundly like Snow White in the story. However, unlike in the story, she didnt need a kiss to wake up. If her prince did something lewd to her, she could also wake up.

Shishio stood up and walked to Nanami after he put on his sandals. “Nanami, let me help you.”

“Um, thank you, Shishio.” Nanami nodded with a bright smile.

The two stood next to each other, but Mayumi gritted her teeth and said, “Hey, Shishio!”


“Dont you have something to say to me?” Mayumi asked, causing confusion for him.

“What do you mean?” Shishio was confused.

“Look!” Mayumi pointed at her sexy lingerie and asked, “Dont you feel anything from seeing them?”

“……” Shishio.

Chihiro gritted her teeth and said, “Mayumi, do you want me to kick you out?”


Shishio shook his head and ignored Mayumi, thinking this woman really had a problem with her head. She felt anyone who married her would be in trouble. Still, he knew someone who dared to marry her. He turned and looked at Shiro-san, who walked toward them with just a towel around his chest and lower body.

“……” Everyone.

“Ah, you dont need to worry. I wear a boxer here,” Shiro-san said and opened the towel on his lower body, but Shishio threw his sandal right into Shiro-san while protecting the eyes of Chihiro, Roberta, and Nanami.

“Thank you very much!” Shiro-san said and fell to the ground.

“……..” Everyone.

Shiro-san was about to stand up, but he saw Shishio looking at him with a cold smile.

“Shiro-san, dont show your ugly thing to everyone, alright?” Shishio asked with a smile.

“Yes! Master!” Shiro-san said with a blush on his face.

“…….” Shishio let out a long sigh and felt Shiro-san wasnt bad, but it was too much if this guy walked around with such a getup. After all, most of his women were in this place. How could he accept this guy trying to show such an ugly thing to them?

Luckily, Shiina was sleeping, so she didnt realize anything.

“Why didnt you wear your clothes?”

“Its all rainy all the time. My clothes are all wet. I just have time to do laundry now,” Shiro-san reported.

Shishio didnt say much and took off his t-shirt, giving it to Shiro-san. “Wear it.”

“…….” Shiro-san looked at Shishios body for a moment and nodded. He didnt see a chance to win, and while he enjoyed being bullied, he didnt enjoy the feeling of being beaten. Still, he wore his t-shirt without hesitation and sniffed it. “It smells like you, Shishio-kun.” His face was feverish and slightly excited.

“…….” Shishio.

Similar to Shiro-san, the women who saw his body gulped, and their faces were feverish.

While Mayumi felt her body was hot, Chihiro looked at Shishio with a complicated gaze since she knew the nephew she was close with, the one who told her he was going to marry her in the future, had already moved so far away from her.

However, Chihiro shook her head since she knew from the beginning there was only an abyss in their future. They were an aunt and a nephew. They werent cousins, and their relationship might be frowned upon.

‘If I have a courage…

If Chihiro was like Hiratsuka, who dared to move forward, she might dare to move.

However, Chihiro decided to maintain the status quo since she just didnt know how to explain to her older sister if something really happened between her and him.

“Wow…” Misaki felt her mouth dry, and she touched Shishios body without hesitation.

“……..” Shishio caught Misakis hands while looking at Misaki. “What are you doing?”

“Your body is nice. I want to touch them,” Misaki said naturally.

Shishio was speechless, then asked, “Its okay, but Ill touch your boobs. Is that okay?”

“……..” Misaki.

Then, it was at this moment that Ritsu came with her basket of laundry, watching the mess in the yard of the Sakurasou.

“…….” Ritsu.

‘Whats happening?

Anyway, Sakurasou was peaceful today.

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