I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 494: The peaceful day cant stay any longer

Chapter 493: No drama

Life wasnt just upside down.

It wasnt full of drama.

Instead, most of them were rather flat.

However, even if it was flat, his nightlife was full of excitement.

Shishio stayed in his apartment with Nana, Mai, Saki, Miu, and Shiina.

The five of them were the original members of his harem.

Roberta was also there, but their relationship was different from a normal couple since while she was his woman, she was also his maid.

Shishio was sitting on the sofa while playing his guitar absentmindedly, watching the rain drizzle, hitting the window.

The sound of his guitar mixed with the sound of the rain. Instead of a strange noise, strangely, it gave a harmony, a gentle tone that made everyone want to lazy around.

While Shiina was drawing her manga, Nana and Saki were playing games together.

On the other hand, Roberta, Mai, and Miu were reading a book, sipping the jasmine tea Shishio brewed.

It was relaxing and comfortable.

However, they knew when the night was about to come, and they had to fight a monster that terrorized the girls in Tokyo. Still, they didnt fear this monster. Instead, they were excited to defeat him since no matter how many times they challenged him, they were defeated thoroughly by him.

If it was someone else, they might have already submitted themselves to him, but they didnt give up and kept challenging him as long as they still breathed.

In other words, they would be together until they died.

A problem might appear, and they might get angry with each other, but one thing was for sure, they would be together.

Still, when Saki ended the game, she gathered Miu and Mai to talk about something.

Shiina also happened to walk out from the working room and sat on Shishios lap naturally while nibbling a Baumkuchen naturally.


Shishio was speechless, but somehow Shiinas appearance was like a cute hamster, and like a hamster, their desire to mate was good.

When they talked, the rest also became curious.

“What are you talking about?” Nana asked curiously.

“Were talking about the Workplace Tour Survey,” Miu said.

“Workplace Tour Study?” 2x

Shishio and Nana knew the high school had already paid attention to where they wanted to work in their 2nd year. Of course, it wasnt all high school, but their school was exceptional and one of the best, so they wanted the students who graduated from this high school to be better than the other high schools.

Shishio, of course, knew about the Workplace Tour Study. It was an event where the student was told to visit the place where they showed an interest in working in the future. “Where do you want to visit?”

Whether it was Mai, Saki, or Miu, they had a different class, so each of them had a different destination on the Workplace Tour Study.

“I thought about visiting Toho,” Mai said naturally. While she was an actress, the reason why she decided to visit the biggest movie company in this country wasnt because of her job. Well, partly it was also because of her job and also an interest, but more importantly, it was easy to make an appointment. She was on contract for a new movie that was about to be made soon, so she thought it was better to visit this company for her Workplace Tour Study.

They werent surprised by Mais decision, and somehow they werent surprised by Mius decision.

“I am going to visit Kodansha with Ritsu,” Miu said since she was interested in the publishing industry.

Whether it was Miu or Ritsu, they were interested in a book, so it was something natural for them to visit the publishing house.

However, Sakis choice was quite unexpected since she said, “Um, I am going to visit Kewpie.”

“Kewpie?” Nana was dumbfounded and asked, “Is that mayonnaise company?”

“Well, yeah.” Saki nodded and looked at Shishio. “Is that okay?”

“Of course.” Shishio nodded and said, “I have never forbidden you to do what you want. If you like something, you should chase after it.”

“Thanks.” Saki hugged Shishio happily.

Shishio patted Sakis back while wondering whether it was his fault for feeding her with his white liquid. He rubbed his face slightly and felt a guilty conscience in his heart, but he didnt say much since it was his fault, so it was his responsibility to take care of it.

Luckily, these companies they mentioned were all his companies, so it was easy to manage them. Still, even if he didnt do anything, he knew it was quite easy to get permission to visit those companies since those companies were welcome to let the students visit their headquarters.

“By the way, Shishio, do we have that Workplace Tour Study?” Nana asked.

Shiina also looked at Shishio curiously.

“No, we dont have it. Were still in our freshman year, after all.” Shishio shook his head.

“If youre told to visit a company, which company do you want to visit?” Mai asked curiously.

“Bank? Finance? Or life insurance?” Saki asked.

After all, his dream was to become a tycoon, and they knew his parents were working in the financial industry, so they thought he was going to visit those finance-related industries.

“Frankly, those industries are boring. If you visit them, you might only see their employees staring at the monitor screen.” Shishio didnt lie since that was what the employees financial companies usually did.

Staring at the monitor, working on their projects until late at night.

Frankly, Shishio didnt want to see such a gruesome scene, and since it was a rare event, he should have seen something more interesting.

“I might as well visit an interesting industry,” Shishio said.

“Interesting? What kind?” Saki asked curiously.

“Well…” Shishio thought for a moment and said, “Probably something like DMM or Okamoto.”

The lips of Nana, Saki, and Mai twitched, but Shiina and Miu asked innocently, “What kind of companies are those?”

“Mashiro, Miu, did you forget the brand of the condom that we usually use?” Nana asked speechlessly.

“……..” Miu and Shiina.

They were all speechless since they didnt expect Shishio to visit a condom company!

However, frankly, they were also curious when Shishio mentioned a condom company since they had never paid attention to how a condom was made.

It was quite interesting somehow.

“Leaving Okamoto aside, what is DMM?” Mai asked since they were unfamiliar with DMM.

“Its the biggest porn company in the country,” Shishio said naturally.

“…….” Everyone.

“I know that you feel weird about my decision, but you should know how booming the porn industry in our country is.”

The market for the porn industry in this country was enormous.

Unfortunately, Shishio wouldnt touch it no matter what since no matter how huge it was, it would be meaningless if it would make his image terrible.

An image was essential in society, especially in the high-class one.

Shishio was just interested, and he had never thought to enter one.

Hearing his reasoning, they also felt relief since they knew Shishio didnt have an interest in joining this industry. However, they knew with his well-endowed thing and he was simply built for this type of industry.

Well, frankly, they also had made their videos, but it was well-kept by Shishio, so they were quite nervous when he mentioned this industry.

Shishio might have made a video about them, but he definitely wouldnt share it with everyone and only kept it for himself. After all, who would be stupid enough to share it with a lot of people unless that person had such a fetish, right?

Shishio knew it might be part of his bad hobby, but he just wanted to see the eyes of the people who worked in this type of industry since he knew most of the people who worked were either forced, or something was born within them.

The financial industry in this country was creative.

As long as they could get money from their debtors, they would do anything.

Frankly, instead of entering such a movie, it was better to go to the sea to pick up crabs in Russia or Hokkaido. After all, even if such work was hard, the money was clean, and they would be isolated from society for a while during that time, they could think about many things so when they returned to society, they could become better.

It was also, for this reason, that somehow, Shishio felt to sing a song for his and Shiinas manga.

They felt dumbfounded by his sudden action.

“What are you doing?” Miu asked.

“I got the inspiration for my song. Ill sing it now,” Shishio said.

This got them interested, and they looked at him expectantly, wondering what kind of song he would sing.

“Is this the song for the manga?” Shiina asked expectantly.

“Yes.” Shishio nodded with a gentle smile and said, “Listen to it carefully, alright?”

The soft melody gave them a nostalgic feeling. It was so gentle that it made them close their eyes subconsciously, so they could enjoy this song fully.

“How much more do I have to lose before my heart is forgiven?

How many more pains do I have to suffer to meet you once again?

One more time, oh seasons, fade not.

One more time, when we were messing around.”

His deep voice gave them a chill, but more importantly, the feeling he told them from this song made their eyes wet. They could feel his regret, hope, and many other feelings he had for this someone. This someone might be them, but it might be someone else.

Or it might be the character in the story of his manga.

Hopefully, it was the latter since that way, they would feel better and thought this song was made based on his amazing creativity and talent.

Fortunately, their guess was correct.

Shishio didnt sing this song for his old flame. He had already moved on from his past. Instead of brooding over it, he focussed on the present, where he was accompanied by his women in this world.

Instead, Shishio thought about the feeling of those people who had already fallen so deep, and they wanted to have a chance to change their lives. While the feeling was quite different from how it was originally, it was quite similar since this song told about a deep regret of someone that wanted another chance to fix it.

Shishio somehow could imagine Usa would cry when Usa heard him sing this song.

When this song ended, Shishio sighed in relief, but suddenly he was hugged by all of them, including Roberta. He looked at their gazes which were full of maternal and empathic, wanting to pamper him.


Shishio felt lucky to sing this song tonight since he knew he was going to have a blast in his nightlife tonight.

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