I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 495: Detective Shishio 1

Chapter 494: The peaceful day cant stay any longer

The day passed peacefully.

Usa hadnt entered the literature club, but it was a normal thing since he still needed time to recover.

Shishio thought it should be two weeks before Usa recovered.

In the class, they still talked to each other.

Well, they mostly talked with Tagami.

While Tagami might not be the most popular guy, he had many relationships with many people. Therefore, it was possible for him to set up a group date and help Usa. However, it was hard to create a group date with Usa alone.

The girls from the other school needed bait, so they would join the group date.

Similar to a fish, it was impossible to fish without bait.

Unless one uses electricity, blasts, or trawling when fishing.

If possible, Tagami and Usa wanted to use Shishio as bait, so they could invite many cute girls from the other school for a date.

However, it was impossible since Nana and the other girls stared at the two guys like hawks. It was impossible to invite him unless they took him somewhere without any of his girls around. Still, it was impossible to take him so easily since Nana wouldnt let him go to the group date.

Shishio wasnt surprised since even he, himself, wouldnt allow his girlfriends to go on the group date.

It might seem strange to other countries, but this country had a culture known as a “group date,” where a group of strangers of the opposite gender met each other with an intention to get to know each other.

Shishios popularity was extremely high.

The students of the Suimei were sought after since they were all beautiful and handsome, but they were also smart. Of course, many of them were exceptions, but this wasnt the time to talk about this matter.

Among them, Shishio was the most popular since many students from different schools came to look at him.

Tagami knew using Shishio as bait, many beautiful girls from the other school would come to the “group date” without hesitation. However, he didnt know Shishio was a double-edged sword.

Shishio might be a sword that could slay many women, but at the same time, he could also wound his allies by stealing all the attention of girls on him.

However, similar to Usa, who didnt listen to him and just confessed right away.

People wouldnt learn until they got they hit the failure.

Well, even if they had failed, people were forgetful creatures, so after they were fine after a while, they would make their mistakes again.

Shishio must admit a human was amusing.

Shishio was on his way to the Service Club, and the path he walked was deserted as usual. He didnt immediately go to the clubroom. Instead, he went to the ice cream vending machine and got his favorite mint chocolate-flavored ice cream.

Shishio was quite late since he had talked with Ayaka Sunohara, telling her his plan to skip school, so they could stay together.

While Ayaka felt conflicted by this fact, she agreed since the thought of monopolizing him and staying with him alone in her dorm was kind of immorally exciting.

Shishio was full of excitement when he thought about it. His body was quite giddy, but he knew this wasnt a time to get excited, so he calmed it down by eating his ice cream. The mix of the sweetness of the chocolate and the tingling feeling from the mint hit his tastebuds at the same time, but then, someone called him.

“Huh? Oga?”

Shishio turned and saw Hikigaya. “Senpai.” He nodded and asked, “How about ice cream?”

Hikigaya looked at Shishio for a moment and asked, “Where did you get the ice cream?”

Shishio only pointed his finger at the vending machine, which was located at the blind spot of the school. He wasnt sure why the school staff put the vending machine here, but he wondered whether the school made it into some kind of a treasure hunt.

It was Hikigayas first time knowing about this vending machine. Hikigayas lips twitched, wondering what he was doing in the past year. He put his money in and chose the chocolate flavor without hesitation. He looked at Shishio and asked, “What taste did you choose?”

“Mint chocolate.”

“…” Hikigaya must admit this guy was really individual.

Still, Shishio must admit many things could be learned from the small things he saw in his everyday life. Even when Hikigaya decided to buy the chocolate flavor, he could learn something worth learning.

“By the way, why are you here?” Hikigaya asked after he tasted the chocolate flavor. “Its quite rare for you to be late.” He knew, usually, this guy would spend his time with Yukinoshita, flirting around.

“I was talking with my girlfriends before.” Shishio looked at Hikigaya curiously and asked, “What about you? Being called by a teacher again?”

“…” Hikigayas lips twitched, and he asked, “How did you know?”

Shishio gestured Hikigaya to walk with him with his chin and said, “Was it Workplace Tour?”

Hikigaya walked next to Shishio and became even dumbfounded, wondering whether this guy could read his mind.

“I cant read your mind.”

“…..” Hikigaya.

“Its just my girlfriend talking about this matter a few days ago. They discuss where they want to visit.” Shishio looked at Hikigaya and said, “So did you get permission to do a workplace at your home?” He knew Hikigayas dream was to become a household husband, so his workplace had always been his home. He wondered whether Hikigaya could get permission to do a workplace at his home.

“Why do you think I chose my home as my workplace?” Hikigayas lips twitched, and he sighed. “Well, you werent wrong, but I didnt get permission.”

“Isnt that the matter, of course?” Shishio rolled his eyes and said, “Still, the real problem is the fact it has to be in a group of three. Youre a loner. Its quite hard to get into a group.”

“…” Hikigaya was at a loss for words before he got angry. “Shut up!”

Shishio shrugged his shoulders and said, “But you wont be alone, right? After all, you can also invite Totsuka.”

“Eh? Totsuka?” Hikigaya halted his step and suddenly imagined his time with Totsuka in the workplace together.If its Totsuka, I dont mind bringing him to my home. After all, his choice of work was at his home, so it wouldnt be bad to bring Totsuka to his home. Instead, he was excited to do so!

“Dont bring him to your home.”

“…Can you not really read my mind?” Hikigaya was at a loss.

“Still, why not go to the ward office?” Shishio looked at Hikigaya and asked, “Isnt your dream to let the taxpayer support you.”

Hikigaya thought for a moment and felt it wasnt a bad idea. After all, if he couldnt become a household husband, becoming a public servant.

Still, the image of the public servant wasnt good in this country.

Japan was a country that was heavily influenced by the Chinese. Therefore, many people in this country learned from Confucius, and it was also the reason many smart people would work as scholars or workers under the daimyo instead of creating a business or developing something, and because of this, this country stagnated.

It wasnt until later that America came with a black ship, destroying the harbor and a lot of things, forcing this country to submit.

This accident was named the “Black Ship.”

It was also because of this that the people in this country knew the reason why the people in this country lost to America was that their country stagnated, and all the smart people would curry the favor of the daimyo or other high position people.

The people in this country changed, and slowly it became a country of capitalism.

It was also because of this that many people in this country despised the public servants.

Part of it was that they didnt like the fact that public servants could live with taxes, and others were jealous.

It was also because of this reason many people said the job of the public servant was being scolded.

Still, in the job, it was impossible for one not to be scolded.

However, Shishio could imagine how Hikigaya would be scolded by the people who came to the office, which made him grin. Still, when he thought about Hikigayas willpower and inner strength, he felt Hikigaya would feel nothing even if Hikigaya was scolded by the people.

Hikigaya didnt know why, but he felt this guy was thinking something rude

The two walked together, and before long, they arrived at the clubroom.

Yukinoshita was there, sitting in her position as usual while reading a book. “You two are late. Where have you been?”

“Buying ice cream.” 2x

The two answered naturally and sat in their usual spots.

“Still, didnt you meet her?” Yukinoshita asked while looking at Shishios ice cream.

“Her?” Shishio was confused.

However, before Yukinoshita answered, the door of the room was opened.

“Hey, where have you been? I have been calling you, you know? Why did you ignore me?” Yui said while looking at Shishio and Hikigayaa.

“You two took too long, so Yuigama went out to bring you two,” Yukinoshita said naturally.

“Ah, how unfair! You two even bought ice cream here!” Yui stared at Shishio and Hikigaya in disbelief since the two were late and bought ice cream, but more importantly, they didnt share anything with her!

However, Shishio and Hikigaya only shrugged their shoulders and didnt say much. They shared each others phone numbers, but it might be because they were preoccupied with having a conversation before they ignored Yuis call.

After complaining for a while, Yui forgot all of her matters before her phone trembled. She took her phone and couldnt help but frown. She let out a long sigh, showing an uncomfortable expression.

“Whats wrong?” Yukinoshita asked.

“Ah, nothing, but…” Yui hesitated, but then she said, “Its just I got this weird text, so I was like all, “Whoa.”

Yukinoshita lowered her head and said, “Hikigaya, unless youd like to end up in court, you should stop sending those vulgar texts right now.”

Shishio took his phone and called someone. “Hello, is this a police officer?”

“Oi! Oi! Stop this blatant accusation! Also, stop calling the police, bastard!” Hikigaya quickly stopped Shishio and felt tired somehow.

“Yui-senpai, can I see the text?” Shishio asked after he stopped joking around.

“Ah, sure.” Yui nodded and showed her phone to Shishio.

Shishio looked at the screen phone, and it might be because the phone was small, so Yui moved closer to him.

Their distance was so close, and a sweet aroma from her body invaded his nose.

Shishio looked at Yui, who seemed to be preoccupied with the text and didnt seem to notice their distance.

“…….” Hikigaya and Yukioshita.

Still, Shishio looked at the text, but he didnt realize Yui was blushing at this moment.

“Oh, its not Hikigaya-senpai,” Shishio said.

Hikigaya looked at them with a snort, but Yukinoshtia asked, “Why can you be so sure?”

“Its because the text is about the class. Hikigaya isnt included in Yui-senpais class, right?” Shishio said.

“Thats true.” Yukinoshita nodded.

“……” Hikigaya let out a long sigh and wanted to say he was part of Yuis class, but he gave up since he just wanted to finish his ice cream. Luckily, this ice cream tasted nice, and it made his heart feel comfortable. If not, he might unseal the dark power inside his body, letting rampage on this school, destroying everything.


Hikigaya took a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief since he had almost reawakened his past.

‘I have graduated, so lets forget about it.

Hikigaya shook his head, but then, his mood became better, especially when he saw the person who entered this clubroom.

The sound of knocking on the door was heard, and a figure appeared in front of them.

“I have a…. request.”

Shishio looked up and wondered whether this person was a masochist.

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