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Chapter 496: Detective Shishio 2

Chapter 495: Detective Shishio 1

If it was before, Hikigaya would lower his head while showing a humble reaction. However, after he saw what had happened a week ago, he just didnt care about this guy anymore and just acted like how he usually was.

Still, Hikigaya wondered whether this guy was a masochist.

Hayato Hayama.

Everyone in the club room was familiar with this person since he was the most famous figure in the 2nd grade.

What had happened in the tennis club was still fresh to everyone, and it was also because of this reason that they felt strange and frowned when Hayato Hayama came into their clubroom.

Yui might be a good girl, but she was also part of Yumikos clique. Yumiko was in love with Hayato, so she also often talked and joined Hayamas clique.

While it was quite hard to say since Hayama was the leader of her class, Yui didnt feel comfortable talking with him, especially after Hayama provoked Shishio at that time.

Luckily, after that tennis fight, the relationship between Yumiko and Hayama turned quite stiff, so they rarely talked to each other.

However, it didnt really matter since even if neither of them talked to each other, they were still the most popular clique in the class.

Still, without a doubt, the members of the Service Club didnt have a good impression of this person.

However, even if they didnt have a good impression of him, it didnt mean they were going to reject him since they werent that petty type of someone.

While Hayama was stunned when he saw Shishio, he quickly showed his usual warm smile. “I have got a request. This is a Service Club, right?” However, if someone looked at him carefully, they could see how rigid his smile was.

“Yes.” On the other hand, Hikigaya was surprised that he could handle this Riajuu easily. He glanced at Shishio, who read a book as usual in a calm posture and couldnt help but sigh. While this junior of his wasnt cute and often talked bad about him, he must admit, being by his side made him able to learn many things. He even got immunity for the Riajuu.

However, Hikigaya felt it was a normal thing since he knew compared to Shishio, Hayama or something was nothing.

Still, as Hayama received his answer, he started to talk about his purpose even if one of the four people in this place didnt seem to look at him.

“Hiratsuka-sensei said I should come here if I want to talk to anyone about my problems, so here I am. But I had a hard time getting my club to let me go.”

Shishio looked up and thought Hayama really didnt change. He could tell Hayama wasnt that confident. Instead, he tried to cover his lack of confidence by saying how important he was by showing how important and how busy he was.

Usually, the people who heard it would nod and show an understanding toward Hayama and even treat him in a better way since Hayamas words told them how busy and important he was, yet he still came here.

Hayama wanted them to treat him better.

However, it only worked for the majority of people, but it definitely didnt work for Yukinoshita.

“I dont care.” Yukinoshita looked cold as usual and said, “You came here with a reason, right, Hayama Hayato?”

While Hayama was overwhelmed that he was almost perplexed, he was a good guy by nature, so after a dumbfounded moment, he didnt seem angry and quickly told his need. “Well, about that…” He quickly took out his phone and showed them what he wanted to discuss with them.

“Oh, those weird texts…” Yui also showed an uncomfortable expression.

Shishio, Yukinoshita, and Hikigaya looked at each other and knew the situation was more serious than they had thought.

If it was only Hayama, they might not care much, but it was a different matter if Yui was related to this problem.

While they wanted to resolve this matter, they needed to know the ins and outs of what had happened, so all of them read all those weird texts sent to Hayama and Yui.

Still, Shishio must admit that Hayama was really a good guy since even after what had happened between the two, Hayama still dared to ask for his help to solve his problem.

However, Shishio could also think that Hayama was already out of ideas about what to do about this problem, so in the end, even if their relationship might not be close, Hayama still dared to ask him since Hayama thought he was someone who might have an idea to solve this complicated situation.

Shishio had read the texts before, so he understood the content. While his reaction might not have been much before, he must admit that he really hated the type of someone who sent this type of text.

Still, Shishio thought he might think too much since he could see Hayama trying to ignore him, the same as how he ignored Hayama.

‘Now that you mention it…

Shishio realized that even if Hayamas clique was destroyed because of this rumor, Yumikos clique would be alright. After all, the clique of boys and girls had always been different in the class. Some of them might join together, but in essence, it was hard for a boy and a girl to be together since there were many types of conversations that were quite hard to talk in front of different genders.

Shishio thought for a moment and decided to ignore this matter before calmly reading his book again.

“Toge is delinquent. He took out people from West High at an arcade.”

“Yamato is three-timing. Hes the biggest douchebag ever.”


While Toges news was one thing, they doubted Yamatos news since the biggest douchebag ever was right beside them.

“Hey, why are you looking at me like that?” Shishio felt he was being insulted.

“Nothing.” 3x

Whether it was Yukinoshita, Yui, or Hikigaya, all of them said in sync.

Only Hayato laughed awkwardly and also felt a bit jealous since he could see how close they were.

“Ooka deliberately injured the opponents star player.”

Yukinoshita read all of the texts one by one and came to a conclusion. “So theyre chain text?”

Hayama sighed and said, “Since they started circulating, the mood in the class has become worse and worse.”

‘It wasnt your class, but only your clique. Shishio thought, but he didnt say much since he could see that even with the chain texts circulated in the class Hikigaya was alright.

Hikigaya wasnt sure, but he could tell Shishio was thinking something rude about him.

“And, well, Im pissed theyre talking bad about my friends.” Hikigaya let out a sigh before he quickly said, “Oh, but I dont want you to search for the culprit. I just want to find a way to sort it out. Could you all help me out?” He smiled and showed his good-natured expression, making it hard for people not to be affected by his smile.

If it was before, they might have been affected, but with Shishio around them, they didnt feel anything when they saw this smile. After all, if they compared his smile with Shishio, it was like an explosion from a small cracker and a nuclear bomb.

Could the small cracker match the ultimate destruction of the nuclear bomb?


However, neither of them mentioned this matter since they were more cornered about the chain text.

“So basically, you want us to set the record straight?” Yukinoshita asked.

“Yeah, pretty much.” Hayama nodded while showing a gesture with his body language.

Yukinoshita stood up and tidied up her skirt. “Then we have no choice but to look for the culprit.”

“Okay, Ill leave to—” Hayama was stunned. “Eh? Wait.” He looked at Yukinoshita in disbelief and asked, “Why?” Frankly, he really felt uncomfortable staying in this place, but it couldnt be helped since his wit was at the end to solve this matter.

“Sending out chain texts is a despicable act that tramples over another persons dignity. Extreme slander is meant to hurt others, while the sender gets to hide in the shadow of anonymity. The only effective way to stop this is to eradicate the cause,” Yukinoshita said calmly while looking out the window as if she was reminiscent of something.

Shishio looked at Yukinoshita and wasnt surprised by her answer. After all, she might have been a victim of chain text in the past, so her answer to solve this problem was to eradicate the source.

“Source: Me.” Yukinoshita looked at everyone.

“Speaking of an experience, huh?” Hikigaya murmured with a scare.

“You eradicated them…” Yui was lost for words.

“Anyway, someone like that deserves to be destroyed. This is how I do things.” Yukinoshita looked at Shishio for a moment before she said, “Ill look for the culprit. Theyll stop once I have had a word with them. Ill leave everything that follows at your discretion. Is that okay?”

Hayama hesitated for a while before he looked at Shishio. “Um, Oga-kun, if its you, whatll you do?” He didnt know why he asked this question to Shishio, but he just had a feeling Shishio could solve this problem discreetly without interrupting the harmony in his clique.

Whether it was Yukinoshita, Yui, or Hikigaya, they subconsciously looked at Shishio.

Shishio didnt close his book and looked at Yukinoshita.

Yukinoshita nodded without hesitation.

Shishio closed his book calmly and calmly looked at Hayama. He crossed his legs with his hands on the top of the book, which he placed on his lap. His posture was elegant and full of class as if an intellectual scholar, yet they didnt know why it felt like they were looking at the hidden boss behind a huge criminal organization.

“Take a chair first. You should sit down since it might take a while for me to solve this case,” Shishio said.

Hayama was stunned and asked, “Are-Are you going to help me?”

“You dont want to?” Shishio asked.

“No, please help me.” Hayama took the free chair and sat in front of Shishio, but he forgot it was Hikigayas chair.

“……..” Hikigaya.

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