I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 498: Hero Vs Demon Queen

Chapter 497: Just like everyday

It was like any other day.

It was a peaceful day where people went either to school, work, or take care of their house if they were a housewife.

For everyone, this day was no different from any others.

Still, it might be quite special for the students of the 2nd grand of Suimei since they went on the Workplace Tour Event, visiting various companies or places they were interested in working in the future.

However, it had nothing to do with Shishio.

One thing, Shishio was only a freshman, so he couldnt join this event, and the other was because he was skipping school and visiting a place he shouldnt visit.

“Welcome, Shishio-kun,” Ayaka Sunohara greeted Shishio with a happy smile.

Shishio didnt immediately enter. Instead, he appreciated this woman, thinking how lucky he was.

Ayaka didnt tie her hair in her usual ponytail. Instead, she tied her hair in a braid which she draped lazily over her shoulder, making her even more charming.

After a moment of appreciation, Shishio entered the Sunoharasou naturally, “Thanks for having me, Ayaka.”

“Come in. Everyone has gone to school, so theres only the two of us now,” Ayaka said with her usual tone and hugged his arm naturally while she whispered those sweet words right into Shishios ear, so he would understand they were free to do whatever they wanted right now.

Shishio also didnt want to waste his time and hugged this woman directly.

“Kyaa~~!” Ayaka let out a coquettish scream and hugged him subconsciously. “Wait! Wait!” While she didnt fight back, she quickly asked him to stop when he was about to bring her to her room.

“Whats wrong?” Shishio stopped and asked since he almost couldnt hold on anymore.

Ayaka might not be different from usual. She was still wearing her usual caretaker clothes that gave people a homey and cozy feeling like any housewife in the area, yet somehow it was also different. It might be because she was the one who wore those clothes. She looked so seductive. More importantly, the apron she wore added more charm and made people could only look at her in a daze.

Also, while it was faint, Shishio could see Ayaka put on her make-up carefully. He was raring to go, and it was already impossible to stop him.

“Lets talk later after this.”

“Eh…Eh?!” Ayaka naturally couldnt fight him, and she just let her body succumb under him, writhe, and cry in the immoral ecstasy.

After a few hours, Ayaka was released by Shishio. She lay on the bed, exhausted. She opened her mouth, showing her pink, small tongue, panting, yet a satisfying expression couldnt be hidden on her face.

However, Ayaka hid her face on his chest since she realized what kind of naughty woman she had become.

The two had been doing this immoral act many times, especially when he stayed on the Sunoharasou.

However, it was the first time she was able to scream heartily without caring about anything.

After all, whenever they did it, Ayaka had to kill her voice, so no one would hear what they were doing. She knew it was an impossible feat, especially since his skill in that area was so good!

While it was embarrassing, Ayaka must admit that she loved to do this with him, and she wanted to do this with him forever.

‘Lets have him stay.

Ayaka made up her mind.

Her mind was struggling when she heard him going to skip school, so he could stay with her. However, after he messed her up, that struggle disappeared, and she just wanted him to stay with her as long as possible.

As for her tenants that would come back later, anyway, it wasnt her first time to stay, so everything would be okay.

“Do you want to do it again?” Shishio whispered.

Ayakas face flushed red, but she quickly pushed him away since she was afraid to succumb to him again. “Wait a moment! Lets have lunch first.”

“Well…” Shishio touched his stomach and nodded. “Lets have lunch.”

Ayaka smiled, then said, “By the way, theres something that Id like you to do.”

“Oh? Do you want me to help you with something?” Shishio asked.

“Yes.” Ayaka nodded and thought it was great to have a man around.

“…..” Shiina Aki.

‘Am I not a man?

Unfortunately, Shiina Aki couldnt complain to Ayaka since he was at school.

On the other hand, Aki listened to his teacher about the mathematic formula and questions that would appear on the mid-term exam. He was, after all, a good boy, and of course, he wanted to have a good score on his exam.

Still, Aki didnt know what had happened on the Sunoharasou, nor did he realize what had happened.

However, Aki must admit that the knowledge of mathematics of a middle school student was tough, and he felt he needed to study harder.

‘Ah… itll be great if Caretaker-san can teach me…

Aki imagined how Ayaka would teach him in the teacher uniform happily before he focused on his teacher again since he was afraid of getting reprimanded.

While Aki was studying, Ayaka hummed a nostalgic song happily. Her soft bottoms swayed right and left, cutting the vegetables such as onion, carrot, and cabbage rhythmically.

“Hmm… Hmm…”

“Ayaka, I have changed the lamp. Do you need me to do anything else?”

When Ayaka heard this voice, her body shuddered slightly since when her name was called by someone younger than her, without any honorific, it made her body tremble. She wondered whether she was a masochist, especially when she thought about how she had always wanted him to be rough on her. She thought she might be one.

Shishio was behind Ayaka, holding a large ladder and a lamp in his other hand. He looked at Ayakas back and sucked his breath since watching Ayaka from behind was just breathtaking.

“Thank you, Shishio-kun.” Ayaka washed her hands and dried them on her apron. She then approached him and said, “The lamp has been dead for a while, but no one can help me. I am glad youre here.” She was glad that someone was there to help her since if no one helped her, she could only ask someone to help, and it wouldnt be cheap since this type of work would cost money.

The income of the dorm, while it was good, it wasnt much either.

Ayaka relied on renting and cooking expenses, so her money wasnt that much. It would be okay if she could take care of the problems in the dorm by herself, but if she couldnt, she could only rely on someone, and it needed money.

However, the reason why Ayaka felt grateful toward Shishio wasnt because of the money. Instead, she felt happy he was by her side, and she could rely on and depend on him.

“Its okay. I am happy that I can help you.” Shishio rubbed his face against her soft palm, which she placed on his cheek. “Let me help you maintain the other things since I am here.”

“Okay.” Ayaka nodded, then kissed his cheek happily. “By the way, are you alright with yakisoba? Dont you want something else?” While the yakisoba tasted good, she felt it was too simple.

“Well, how about you add a soup?”

“Okay, wait a moment. Itll be ready soon.” Ayaka kissed his cheek again and walked to the kitchen again. However, her waist was pulled by Shishio, which caused her to be startled.

“How about we do it in the kitchen?” Shishio whispered.


Ayaka knew she should resist, yet she must admit, she was intrigued by his idea and wondered how it felt to do it in the place where everyone was eating.

“No… not here…” Ayaka still had her last struggle, especially when she thought all four of her tenants usually stayed in this place to eat.

“Are you sure?” However, Shishio wouldnt let go of her easily. It was a rare chance for them to be together, and frankly, he just wanted to spend all of his days doing naughty things. He placed the ladders down and the dead lamp to the side and pulled her into the kitchen.

Ayaka could only sigh and say, “Geez… only this time, alright?”


Shishio was glad he skipped school today.

It was time for the middle school students to go home.

While usually Yuzu, Yukimoto, Sumire Yamanashi, and Yuri Kazami stayed at the school to work on their duty as members of the student council, they decided to return to their dorm quickly.

Aki, who also happened to go home, was surprised to see the three girls since they usually returned at a different time. “Huh? Kaichou? Yamanashi-senpai? Kazami-senpai? Whats wrong?”

“Whats wrong? What do you mean?” Yuzu asked aggressively.

While Aki was slightly overwhelmed, he asked, “Why did you come back so early? Do you have student council duty?”

“What? Do you want us to come back late? Or do you not want us to go back?” Yuzu asked suspiciously.

“Of-Of course not!” Aki shook his head furiously since it was impossible for him to admit he wasnt good with Yuzu and her group. He let out a sigh, wondering why the girls he met couldnt be as gentle as Ayaka.

The four of them didnt talk much and walked back to Sunoharasou as usual.

However, Yuri glanced to the side and smiled before she hurriedly entered the Sunoharasou. “Ayaka-san! Shishio-nii! I am back!”

“Shishio-nii?” 3x

Whether it was Yuzu, Sumire, or Aki were surprised, while Yuzu and Sumire were surprised for the same reason, Aki was surprised for a different reason.

Still, even if Yuri didnt receive her answer, she quickly dashed in the direction of the kitchen.

On the other hand, Yuru, Sumire, and Aki also hurriedly came after her.

When the four of them came to the living room, they saw Shishio was there, sitting on the sofa. He greeted them naturally. “Yo!”

“When did you come, Shishio-nii?” Yuri asked excitedly and sat next to Shishio. Still, she glanced at the glass door connected to the yard, wondering why Ayaka had opened the glass door. However, she didnt think too much and talked with Shishio.

“Geez, Yuri-chan, you should wash your hands first,” Ayaka said helplessly in the kitchen. She just entered the living room and seemingly just came out of the bathroom. “The three of you are also the same. You should wash your hands and change your uniform first. You can talk with him later.”

“Yes~~!” 3x

The three of them didnt fight back and returned to their room since they knew they had to change their uniform.

On the other hand, Aki sighed in relief since he didnt see anything unusual. He also wanted to change his uniform too.

The four of them felt there was a strange smell in the living room, but it was faint, almost unnoticeable, so they didnt think too much.

Everyone was about to return to their room, but Sumire stopped and looked at Ayaka, squinting her eyes as if she had noticed something.

“Whats wrong, Sumire-chan?” Ayaka asked calmly.

“Theres a hair on the corner of your mouth, Ayaka-san,” Sumire whispered and asked, “Is that your nose hair?” After all, the hair on her mouth was a different color from Ayakas hair, so she thought it was Ayakas nose hair.

“…” Ayaka quickly wiped her mouth and said, “Thank you, Sumire-chan. I hope you dont tell anyone since it is pretty embarrassing.” Her face flushed red, showing how embarrassed she was.

Sumire nodded with a smile, thinking Ayaka was cute. “Okay, you dont need to worry. I wont tell anyone.”

“Thank you.” Ayaka nodded with a gentle smile before she looked at Shishio helplessly.

Shishio only shrugged his shoulders and didnt say much.

It was like any other day.

The Sunoharasou was so peaceful today.

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