I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 499: Sumires secret

Chapter 498: Hero Vs Demon Queen

While Shishio was a bastard, he still had a bottom line, so when the four of the middle school students returned, he taught them so they could do well on their mid-term exams.

Whether it was Yuzu, Sumire, Yuri, or Aki, they were all happy to receive his teaching since it was easy to understand, and they felt they could see their progress, which made them even harder to study.

On the other hand, Ayaka was happy when everyone relied on her man, which made her proud. When she saw how hard everyone was studying, she thought to make a dinner that would give a lot of “stamina.” She made the “stamina” meal because she was cornered about the health of everyone, and it had nothing to do with a different reason.

Ayakas humming sounded, and the cozy living room became even more comfortable.

Still, Shishio looked at Ayaka and must admit that this woman was really a natural succubus. Even after what they had done half an hour ago, she could act nonchalantly in front of everyone as if nothing had happened.

Even if Shishio was an actor, he must admit a woman was a natural actor. He looked at Aki, Yuri, Yuzu, and Sumire, who listened to his explanation and teaching carefully, without realizing what had happened a few moments ago.

Shishio wasnt sure how to describe this feeling, but he had felt this feeling in the past when Sorata was still in Sakurasou or when he did it in Ruis home.

However, Shishio must admit he felt this place was like a “home,” even if he had many houses and apartments in this world. It might be because of Ayaka, but he knew it wouldnt be fair for him to say this, especially when many of his other girlfriends werent lost to Ayaka. However, he must admit Ayaka had this charm that made him feel this place was his home and this was the place he should return to.

Shishio let out a sigh inwardly, thinking this woman was really amazing.

Well, her personality and charm were one thing, but her body was even more amazing.

“Shishio-nii, are you going to stay?” Yuri suddenly asked.

When this question fell, whether it was Yuzu, Sumire, or Aki, also looked up, waiting for his answer.

Aki wasnt sure whether he was a small-minded person for thinking this, but he must admit, he didnt like to see Shishio stay.Am I really that small-minded? For some reason, he felt guilty and didnt dare to look at Shishio again.

Shishio didnt know what Aki was thinking and thought about Yuris question.

Should he stay?

Shishio didnt say anything for a while and looked in Ayakas direction since he knew she had heard Yuris question. Even if he wanted to stay, he wondered what kind of reason he should stay. After all, if he didnt have a good reason, it would be weird for him to stay.

There was a school tomorrow, and he didnt really want to skip again. It wasnt because he couldnt do it, but he knew his aunt would trouble him if he really skipped school again.

In the worst case, Chihiro would report this matter to his parents.

Shishio didnt really want to trouble his parents. While he could accept the existence of his parents, he still wanted to hide many things from them since he knew if they knew what he did in Tokyo. After all, it would be surprising if they didnt disown him after knowing what he did in Tokyo.

‘Well, they might only scold me.

After all, he was the only son, and even if he was a “Chuunibyou,” he was well-loved by his parents. Also, when he thought about it clearly, everything that he did would make his parents proud instead of unhappy.

While it wasnt impossible for him to skip school again to visit Ayaka when all of the middle school students went to the school, it didnt mean he could go to visit Ayaka every day.

‘If possible, it should be once or twice a week. He thought.

“Its already dark. You should stay, Shishio-kun. Its dangerous to go out at night after all,” Ayaka said naturally.

‘Is it dangerous?

If it was told to Aki or the other things, they would nod. However, when they looked at Shishios body, they felt the one who would be in danger would be the one who would assault Shishio. After all, his well-built body was obvious to all, and with his towering height, most people would try to avoid him.

In the fight, even if martial art was useful, it was only useful for a master.

As for normal people, a huge and taller body was obviously more advantageous since it could intimidate the opponent.

Shishio was tall, and he had an absolute advantage in fighting, so walking out at night wouldnt bring him a danger.

However, all the girls agreed to let him stay. After all, danger came in many different forms, whether it was an accident or other things, so it was better for him to stay until tomorrow, and he could go back early.

It definitely had nothing to do with the fact they wanted him to stay.


Especially Aki since he couldnt say anything and could only let Shishio stay helplessly. Still, suddenly he felt something strange, but he didnt know what kind of feeling it was.

However, everything had been decided, and Shishio decided to stay.

Strangely, there was even his uniform in Ayakas room, so he could go to school peacefully.

While many of them felt weird, they didnt question this matter and thought it might be because he had left his uniform in the Sunoharasou before, so Ayaka took care of it.

As for his books, he left everything on his school desk, so it was alright even if he didnt bring anything.

Still, they didnt know Ayaka had prepared everything, so she could have him stay with her all the time.

However, Ayaka wouldnt tell this and kept this a secret from everyone since, right now, she still wanted to maintain the image of a good, gentle, and virtuous caretaker in front of everyone.

As for in front of Shishio, Ayaka decided to let go of everything and became a woman who had been conquered by him.

“Alright, lets eat,” Ayaka said with a gentle smile.


Hearing Ayakas words, everyone also stopped studying and went to have dinner. The dinner was extremely sumptuous, with the tonkatsu as the main meal. Their mouths were watery, and they wanted to eat directly.

After all, who didnt like a hot, oily, and fatty meal?

Ayaka also loved it, but she knew she was sensitive to her weight. However, with Shishio around her, she didnt need to worry about it anymore since she could ask him for an exercise.

On the other hand, Shishio looked at the sumptuous meal before he looked at Ayaka, who smiled at him sweetly.


Shishio took his chopsticks and started to eat heartily while thinking he was glad to have a system, or else he might have trouble fighting this succubus tonight.

Tonight, he wasnt a beast.

Instead, he was a hero who fought bravely against the Demon Queen.

Still, when Shishio ate, Sumire suddenly whispered, “Shishio-nii, can you come to my room later?”


Shishio looked at this middle school student and just stared at her in silence.

Sunoharasou was separated by two floors.

The first floor was for everyone, and it was a place like a kitchen, living room, and a bathroom located. The rooms of Ayaka and Aki were also on this floor.

On the other hand, the second floor was used for the girls rooms.

Whether it was Yuri, Yuzu, or Sumire, they were living on the second floor. It was also because of this reason that Aki had never entered the second floor and just stayed on the first floor.

It was quite similar to Sakurasou, which was separated by a female and a male area.

After all, even if Aki was a kid, he was still a boy.

Ayaka, as a caretaker, knew even if nothing happened, she still needed to think about the feeling of Yuzu, Yuri, and Sumire, whether they were comfortable with Aki or not. It was also because of this reason that Aki had always been on the first floor and had never entered the second floor.

However, the matter would be different if someone was invited.

Shishio felt weird at why Sumire suddenly invited him to her room. After all, Sumire was different from Yuzu or Yuri. Among all the three girls, Yuzu and Yuri were the closest to him. As for Sumire, he thought his relationship was just so-so.

However, Shishio thought Sumire might think otherwise.

Naturally, even if Sumire whispered those words to Shishio, everyone had heard what this girl was saying.

However, Sumire didnt let everyone ask, and she returned to her room hurriedly.

“Shishio-nii, why did Sumire ask you to come to her room?” Yuzu asked with a frown. Her cute nose wrinkled, showing suspicion, wondering whether Shishio and Sumire had a secret tryst.

After all, even if Sumire was a middle school student, her body was like an adult.

Or rather, Sumire was an adult!

Of course, this was on Yuzus mind.

However, Yuzu knew how Sumire had always been obsessed with her, and she just didnt know why Sumire suddenly invited Shishio to her room. While she felt strange, she felt she was being left out.

“Shishio-nii, did you seduce Sumire-chan secretly?” Yuri whispered while blowing hot air on his ear, poking his cheek several times, and asking him this question.

“How do I know?” Shishio was speechless. He then looked at Ayaka, who was just smiling.

“My, my, Shishio-kun is sure so popular,” Ayaka said with a laugh.


Shishio rolled his eyes, then said, “Then, do you think I should visit her room?” He looked in Ayakas direction, waiting for her answer.

“Why not?” Ayaka said naturally.

“Ill visit her room now,” Shishio said and left them without waiting for their response.


Yuzu, Ayaka, and Yuri were stunned, but they let out a sigh and knew what type of guy he was, but it was also because of this that they were kind of worried about letting Sumire stay with him!

As for Aki, no one asked his opinion.

Shishio was right in front of Sumires room, and he knocked on her room. “Sumire?” The door was opened, and a hand pulled him inside. He didnt even fight back and saw Sumire was there, closed the door of her room naturally.

Shishio had many things that he wanted to say, but he just kept quiet, waiting for Sumire to say something.

“Shishio-nii…” Sumire took a deep breath and looked at his face for a moment before she said, “I like you, Shishio-nii.”


Shishio was in a daze since he had never expected he would be confessed.

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