I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 500: Theres a saying…

em needed to say anything, and being together made them happy. It was what they felt at this moment, and they hoped for the time to stop, so this could remain forever.

However, they knew it was impossible, and they had to part.

Still, there was something Shishio had to ask, “So youre okay with it?”

Ayaka pouted and flicked Shishios forehead. “You can even date us two sisters together. Whats wrong with you dating my tenants too?”


Shishio just didnt have anything to say at this moment.

“By the way, Shishio.”


“Do you want to go on a trip again?” Ayaka asked.

Shishio looked at Ayaka and nodded. “Why not? Just with the two of us?”

Ayaka thought for a moment and said, “I have heard you have women around my age, right? Why dont you bring them on this trip too?”


Shishio opened his eyes and mouth wide since he didnt expect to hear such a wonderful proposal from Ayaka.

A trip with many older women?!

Shishio had never thought such an exciting thing existed!

Still, even if Shishio was eager to do so, he still showed concern about this trip. “But is it alright with you?”

“Why not? Its hard to communicate with someone around your age since they cant drink alcohol, but it is different if its someone around my age.” Ayaka didnt really want to talk with his girlfriends who were around his age. Instead, she wanted to talk to his girlfriends who were around her age.

As for a reason, partly Ayaka was curious, but there should be a deeper reason for it, but she wasnt going to say it.

“But can you take a trip? Youre a caretaker, after all, so youll have to stay every day unless your tenants go home.”

Unlike Hiratsuka or Hina, who were a teacher, and could get a holiday during a weekend.

Ayakas work might not be much since she only needed to take care of her tenants and her dorm. However, it was also because of this that she couldnt leave her dorm, especially when her tenants were all middle school students. They werent a high school that she could leave anytime. If she left her, what would they do for food?

The trip might only be for a few days, but what should those tenants do when Ayaka leaves?

However, Ayakas answer was surprisingly easy. “I dont mean it now. After all, theyll go home during their break, so lets go on a trip during that time. By the way, whats the profession of your woman?”

“A teacher.”

Ayaka looked at Shishio thoughtfully and nodded. “A teacher, eh? Should I dress like a teacher scolding you since you did something bad today?”

“……..” Shishio felt his throat was dry, so he just kissed Ayakas lips to moisten them.

Their lips were deep before they parted when Ayaka lost her breath.

“Ill be the teacher. Ill come to visit you again. Bye, Ayaka.” Shishio left decisively since he was afraid he might become a hero again.

“Bye.” Ayaka waved her hand gently, feeling reluctant to part, but she knew she couldnt handle being tossed by him again. She covered her mouth to cover her yawn and kept standing, watching his figure disappear along with the sound of his motorcycle. While she had prepared, she let out a sigh since she had missed him already.

Ayaka then stretched her hands and said, “Lets work hard!” She thought instead of sleeping, she went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, and when everyone went to school, she went to sleep for a while before finishing the rest of her work.

However, when Ayaka was about to close the door, she was startled when she saw someone was there. “Akkun, why are you here?”

Aki was at a loss, but he was also startled when Ayaka noticed her. “Ah, um, I went to the toilet before.” He had an excuse hurriedly, and because of it, his voice sounded quite nervous.

“Ah, I see…” Ayaka sighed in relief, but she wondered whether Aki had noticed what she was doing with Shishio. However, she decided not to mention anything and just changed the subject. “By the way, Ill cook breakfast soon. You should prepare to go to school.” She might notice or might not notice how nervous Aki was, but she was also nervous, so she didnt intend to clear up anything.

“Ah, um, Ayaka-san!”

When Aki saw Ayaka was about to leave, he felt he needed to say something.

“Yes?” Ayaka halted her steps and looked at Aki.

Watching her gentle expression, Aki felt his throat dry, and he knew he needed to say something, but no words came out of his mouth since he just didnt know what to say at this moment.

“Do you need to go to the toilet?” Ayaka asked with a smile. “Is it the big one?”

“NOOOO!!!” Aki denied it fervently and felt slightly annoyed since he was treated as a child.

Ayaka smiled and laughed. “Hurry up and be prepared, alright? It might still be early, but you often hear a saying about an early bird that will get the worm, right? So change to your uniform and wait for the breakfast to be ready, alright?”

“…Yes.” Aki nodded and could only watch Ayaka, who walked to the kitchen while humming happily. He let out a long sigh depressedly and knew he was the late bird who didnt get the worm.

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