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Chapter 503: Parents and Hikigayas tangled past

Chapter 502: The complex feelings of siblings

The members of the Service Club didnt expect to meet Hikigaya in this place after all. Whether it was Yui, Yukinoshita, or Shishio, they didnt invite Hikigaya.

However, Totsuka didnt know that and asked happily, “Hikigaya-kun, youre also invited to the study group, right?”


“…No?” Totsuka showed an awkward smile.

“Hikigaya-kun, are you stalking us?” Yukinoshita asked.

“Heck no! Its all just a coincidence!” Still, even if this was a coincidence, Hikigaya must admit he felt hurt being left out. “Youre in the study group together?”

“No.” Shishio shook his head and said, “We also happened to meet each other.”

“Oh.” Hikigaya somehow understood the ins and outs even if they didnt explain them to him. Unlike Yui, Yukinoshita, and Totsuka, who went on a group study, Shishio was like on a date with all of his girlfriends, which made him speechless.

They had already known each other. After all, Hikigaya had joined the trip to the theme park before.

“What? Theme park? Why didnt you invite me?!” Yui cried when she heard the fact Hikigaya was invited to the theme park.

However, Hikigaya felt happy when he saw he could make Yui frustrated, so he showed a smug expression.

“You…!” Yui was vexed when she saw Hikigayas smug expression.

Yukinoshita, on the other hand, let out a long sigh while holding her head. “Can you two be quiet? Lets focus on the study. Do you want to get a bad score on the exam?”

Hearing Yukinoshitas words, their expression quickly became serious. After all, unlike the other schools in this country which tell everyone about a free education where they dont need to study hard and just have fun. On the contrary, their school was serious about education, and they had to study hard. After all, who wanted to have a bad score on the exam?

Shishio also didnt bother with Yukinoshita, Yui, Hikigaya, or Totsuka since he was more focused on his girlfriends.

Also, their grades were different.

Shishio was still a freshman after all, so their exam had nothing to do with him, even if it was easy for him to solve their problems. Still, Saki, Miu, and Mai also asked him questions about their exams. As for the pride of being a higher grade from Shishio, they didnt have it since on the bed, they had been mercilessly taken care of by him, and their pride had shattered. They just wanted to stay by his side and relied on him.

However, in public, they still wanted to maintain their image, so they wouldnt show it.

Still, it was just when Shishio taught his girlfriends that he heard someone call his name.



“Someone is asking for a request.”

Shishio looked up and didnt expect the group of four to become a group of six. However, the two people that joined Yukinoshitas group werent high school students. Instead, they were middle school students.



Shishio was dumbfounded when he saw what his rewards were. His physical ability was three times those of a normal adult. Even if it was only three times, he felt great, and he didnt need to worry too much about anything. It was also enough to take care of all of his women with ease.

However, suddenly, the system told him he could double his physical ability again?

Shishio wanted to roar and felt his luck was awesome!

Still, Shishio didnt immediately accept his reward. Instead, he looked at the two middle schools, a boy and a girl. The guy felt familiar with him, but he ignored him. Instead, he looked at the girl more.

The girl might not be the most beautiful, but she had this distinctive charm that made her cuter. She had this medium-length black hair, and, somehow similar to Hikigaya, she had a strain of hair that stood straight from her head like an antenna.

It might seem strange, but somehow Shishio felt this girl resembled Hikigaya for some reason.

Shishio gave this girl a gentle smile.

The girl was stunned and blushed before she shyly nodded while brushing her hair with her fingers, wanting to appear more beautiful.

“……..” Everyone.

Whether it was Yukinoshita or Yui, they looked at Shishio helplessly.

Totsuka could only laugh awkwardly.

On the other hand, if a look could kill someone, this was how Hikigaya appears now.

“Shishio, what about this problem?” Mea asked while looking at Shishio.

Shishio just patted Meas head gently and said, “Solve it first. Dont give up so easily.”

“Ok-Okay.” Mea nodded with a red face.

“……..” Everyone.

The middle school student, who was blushing when she saw Shishio, pulled Hikigaya closer and whispered, “Onii-chan, who is he? Hes so handsome!” It was her first time seeing someone as handsome as Shishio, and she was in shock.

Hikigayas lips twitched, and he wondered why his little sister had come to this place.

‘If only they didnt meet each other…

However, Hikigaya knew it was impossible, and the only thing that he hoped was that Shishio didnt show interest in his little sister. Still, somehow, he felt slightly annoyed with the thought of Shishio not showing interest in his little sister, which showed that his little sister wasnt attractive. In other words, his feelings were complex, and he just didnt know how to convey his feelings which contradicted each other.

“So, whats wrong?” Shishio was confused at why Yukinoshita called him.

“Let me introduce you to each other first.” Yukinoshita then looked at the two middle school students. “The girl is Hikigaya-kuns little sister, Hikigaya Komachi.”

“He-Hello.” Komachi gave a reserved and shy nod.

“The boy is Komachi-sans friend from the cram school, Kawasaki Taishi,” Yukinoshita said.

“Hello.” Taishi nodded reservedly, too, since he could feel the riajuu aura from Shishio, and he could also see how powerful Shishios body was, and Shishio was also older, so he showed a respectful expression.

“And this is Shishio Oga. Hes a freshman and also your sisters boyfriend,” Yukinoshita said while looking at Taishi and pointing at Shishio.



Even Saki, who was busy studying, also looked up, wondering what was going on.

The group of six became the group of eight.

However, the rest of the girls also looked at the group of eight curiously since they didnt expect there to be a showdown between a family. They had heard about Sakis family situation, and they also had seen her little sister.

Still, personally, the situation of Sakis family wasnt that much different from Mius family.

Their families had a lot of children, and they came from middle-class families.

“What are you doing here?” Saki asked since she didnt understand why her little brother suddenly came to ask for help from the Service Club. She didnt notice her little brother before since she was busy studying. She knew it was quite hard to admit it, but her head wasnt that bright. If she wanted to get a good score, she had to work harder.

Saki somehow realized the importance of genes. While she didnt want to admit it, her parents were normal. They werent that smart or that bright. While a mutation could happen, she knew a mutation didnt happen to her, so she had to work harder.

As a human, of course, Saki wanted her children to be better than her, so without a doubt, having Shishios gene was a good thing, considering she didnt want her children to have the same hardship as her.

Saki might still be in high school, but her mind was more mature, and she had thought about the future with him and their children.

Some people might doubt this gene thing.

However, it was the truth since the children of a handsome guy and a beautiful woman would usually have beautiful children, right?

It was something similar to that.

Still, what was important was to know what Taishi wanted to ask the Service Club.

“Nee-chan, you have always been late, so I wonder what youre doing, and I ask the Service Club to ask…” Taishi lowered his head and felt embarrassed when he said the reason why he came to the Service Club and discussed this matter with Komachi. However, even if Saki didnt answer his question, he understood why Saki often went home late and even decided to stay outside.

The girls were quite perspective about this matter, so whether it was her little sister or mother, Saki knew they understood her. However, her little brother was different since he seemed quite oblivious, but after this, he understood everything.

Saki let out a long sigh and said, “You dont need to worry about me. Mom has said that I am alright, right?”

“Well, but I cant help it, alright? I am worried,” Taishi said since he had never seen her boyfriend, wondering whether he was a delinquent or something since this boyfriend often took his sister out.

Saki wanted to say something, but her head was gently patted by Shishio. “Shishio?”

“Ill talk to him.” Shishio looked at Saki.

Saki looked at Shishio and nodded.

“Taishi-kun, was it?”

“Ah, yes, Oga-san.” Still, even if Taishi was quite dissatisfied, he was quite respectful to Shishio. More importantly, he felt afraid of him.

“I know that youre worried about your sister, but you dont need to worry. I am here with her, so right now, you should focus on your exam since youll face your high school entrance exam, right?”

Strangely, even though Taishi had some dissatisfaction, he felt relief to know her sisters boyfriend. Fortunately, he didnt know that all the girls behind were Shishios girlfriends, or else everything wouldnt be so smooth.

However, Hikigaya felt complex since he somehow understood Taishis feelings. Right now, even though he hated to admit it, Komachi, his little sister, was the closest person he was with. However, in the future, his little sister would marry someone, and she would be part of that mans family. He knew it was inevitable in life, but he hoped she would be able to meet someone who could treasure her well.

“Whats wrong, Onii-chan?” Komachi asked, but this time, she didnt say “gross” or anything like that since the expression on Hikigayas face somehow moved her.

“Its okay.” Hikigaya somehow patted Komachis head gently and said, “Just dont grow up quickly.”

Komachi stared at Hikigaya in a daze before she stuck out her tongue cutely and said, “Komachi is already an adult!”


Hikigaya was in shock, and his pale face became paler. He suddenly felt he was trapped in a spiral, and the word “Komachi is already an adult” kept reverberating through his mind. It wasnt until everyone decided to go home that he woke up, but somehow he wanted to cry if his little sister really had become an adult.

The feeling of an older brother was extremely complex. While they might seem didnt care about their siblings, they would be lying if they didnt care about them, especially their female siblings, who went to marry someone else. However, they knew it was impossible for their sibling to stay single, so all they could hope was for their sisters to meet someone who could treasure them dearly.

Still, when they went home, Shishio looked at Hikigayas back for a moment and felt it was necessary to talk about the truth that had happened to him, or else everything would still be kept a secret. However, it was better to talk about this matter after the mid-term exam, or else this guy might keep thinking about what he was going to say and get a red score on his exam.

“Shishio-kun, whats wrong?” Miu looked at Shishio curiously.

Shishio looked at Miu and patted her head gently, then said, “As a reward for my teaching, I want you to try the nurse uniform later.”


Miu was in a daze, but she would do her best!

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