I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 504: Just like that

Chapter 503: Parents and Hikigayas tangled past

After talking with Sakis little brother, Shishio knew it was normal for a family to worry about each other. However, when he thought about a family, his mind turned complex. After all, he had never tried to become the previous Shishio Oga.

When Shishio became Shishio Oga, he became himself. He was pragmatic and would try everything, so they would move in his favor. He didnt want to be at a loss, and he would try everything to win.

However, the matter of emotion wasnt so simple.

Unlike math, which only had one answer, an absolute answer, the emotion was different.

It was something that had many answers.

There wasnt a wrong or a right answer. Everything was based on what you wanted to do and what kind of people you were.

This also made him confused about what he was going to do with his parents in this world.

Were they happy with how he had become like this?

Should he become the previous Shishio Oga?

Personally, Shishio didnt care how the previous Shishio Oga acted. He became his own, and it was also the reason why he came to Tokyo, so he didnt bother to meet with his parents in this world.

It might seem strange for him to say this so suddenly, but he knew he needed to get used to their love for him.

After all, the love of parents was different from the love of lovers.

The love of his parents was unconditional, especially when he was the only child of their parents.

However, Shishio definitely wasnt the previous Shishio Oga, and he was himself. It might seem cold, but he didnt bother to try to become the previous Shishio Oga for his parents since he knew it was impossible. Even if the habit of the previous Shishio Oga was still ingrained in this body, he was a different person.

Shishio often did not think about it, and he was more focused on his relationship with his girls since they were the relationship he had created in this world.

On the other hand, his relationship with his parents in this world was because of the previous Shishio Oga.

While Shishio wanted to not bother about this troublesome relationship, he knew he couldnt since blood was thicker than water. He had to get used to the presence of his parents, so usually, he talked with them over the phone, talking about his experience and his life in Tokyo. Still, while he didnt mention a girlfriend much, he had told them that he had a girlfriend. However, he didnt tell them about how many girlfriends he had.

After all, Shishio was afraid they might come to Tokyo when they heard what kind of debauchery life their son was living in this city.

As for why Shishio mentioned this, it was because he knew his parents would come to Tokyo later.

The talk about his future would happen soon, and his mother would probably come to Tokyo to talk about this matter.

Shishio would be lying if he wasnt nervous, but it was impossible for him to share this matter with someone. Whether it was his girlfriends or others, it was impossible for him to tell them he transmigrated into Shishio Oga and had a system, right?

Having the system was great and all, but having a companion who could be shared with a lot of things would probably be even better.

Still, one usually had to sacrifice something to achieve something.

If possible, he didnt want to sacrifice anything, he wanted all of them, but he knew it would be tough since he wasnt a god. He was a mortal, but still, even if he was a mortal, he was unrivaled under heaven.

It was just right after the mid-term test.

Shishio told everyone to wait for him at the apartment while he went to buy ice cream at the usual vending machine. He picked the chocolate mint ice cream and ate it with relish while sitting on the bench absentmindedly.

The sound of the rain sounded, and everything was drenched with the rain.

It was so peaceful that it made him sleepy.

However, Shishio thought it might be better if he was reincarnated into Shishio Oga from an embryo to now instead of being transmigrated into the 15-year-old Shishio Oga since even if he had many experiences in many things, it was his first time to become someone else.

The sweetness of chocolate and the cool feeling of the mint enveloped his tastebuds.

Shishio just stared at the zelkova tree, which swayed right and left because of the wind and the rain. The drizzle had become a hard rain, but even so, the zelkova tree still stood in a place, and the rain was unable to shake it from its root.

Shishio felt he had found something.

However, Shishio felt glad that his girlfriends had gone to his apartment, or else they would have been trapped in the rain.


Shishio looked up and saw Hikigaya was there. He looked at him for a moment and ignored him.

Hikigayas lips twitched, and he asked, “Whats wrong? Are you in a bad mood? Do you think youll get a bad score on the mid-term exam?” The mid-term exam had just ended, so he wondered why Shishio sat in this place alone while eating ice cream when the temperature was quite cold because of the rain.

“You know thats impossible, right? When the result comes out, youll see I have become rank 1st again,” Shishio said calmly.

“…..” Hikigaya stared at Shishio for a moment before he shook his head and bought the chocolate ice cream. He then sat down next to Shishio and also stared at the scenery drenched with the rain absentmindedly.

“How is your test?” Shishio just asked for the sake of erasing the awkwardness.

“Just so-so,” Hikigaya said while eating.

“How about the last Workplace Tour? Where did you go?” Shishio asked.

Hikigayas lips twitched, and he said, “We went to the ward office.”

“Oh!” Shishio was surprised and asked, “Im surprised that you didnt bring your group to your home.”

“I still have some common sense, alright?” Hikigaya was speechless. He might want to become a household husband, but it didnt mean he was going to bring his group to the Workplace Tour.

“So how was it? The ward office?” Shishio asked.

“Well…” Hikigaya thought for a moment and said, “Its a normal place, but I have found out whats the real job of those public servants.”


“Being scolded.”

“….” Shishio.

“Being scolded is the real job of the public servant,” Hikigaya said with a sigh since while becoming an adult was something inevitable in life, he felt his current life wasnt bad, and he didnt want to become an adult soon.

Still, Hikigaya suddenly realized a shocking fact.

In the past, Hikigaya knew he wouldnt say something like this. He hated school, he hated society, and he hated youth. However, he realized he didnt have such a rage toward the “youth” anymore.

While Hikigaya felt he was terrible at it, he didnt hate it anymore. He glanced at Shishio to the side and felt this guys personality might be deeper than one thought. Everyone might think of him as a scumbag and most popular guy, but what if that was his charade so he could control this whole school?

If so, Hikigaya must admit this guy was amazing.

Hikigaya could only live by how he was, so it made him incompatible with many people.

On the other hand, while Shishio was also the same and didnt try to accommodate the others, he could control those people and made them move like a marionette.

It was amazing, but Hikigaya knew it was impossible for him to mimic Shishio since he didnt have a knack for it.

“By the way, why are you here? Usually, you will go home directly, right?” Shishio felt weird by Hikigaya, who came to this place after the exam since he knew about this guys personality. After all, going home directly was the best thing.

“I just want to eat an ice cream since I wont be at the school for a while,” Hikigaya said.

“Youre going to become a “hikikomori”?” Shishio asked curiously.

“No.” Hikigaya looked at Shishio speechlessly, then asked, “What about you? Dont you go home with your girlfriends? Its rare for you to stay at this place alone.” After all, usually, he would be accompanied by his girlfriends. Still, his mood grew worse when he thought about Komachi, who often asked him about Shishio.

However, Hikigaya ignored his little sister and told her he was going to focus on the mid-term exam.

Komachi also knew the importance of the study since she was also going to have an entrance exam. Her target was the Suimei, and of course, she had to work harder.

Still, Hikigaya was worried somehow, but this time, he looked at Shishio, wondering why this guy was alone.

“You know, sometimes I want to be alone,” Shishio said calmly, ignoring Hikigayas shocked expression.

“…….” Hikigaya stared at Shishio for a moment, then asked, “Should I go out then?” He could feel the complexity of Shishios personality, so he felt it was better for him to leave him alone. Still, he also realized even Shishio had a problem, and Shishio wasnt much different from the others.

“No, its okay.” Shishio shook his head and said, “I want to talk with you too.”

“What do you want to talk about?” Hikigaya asked curiously and hurriedly ate his ice cream. The sweetness of the chocolate slightly recovered his exhausted brain, but right now, he was more curious about what this guy wanted to tell him.

“Well, you know that Yui-senpai is the owner of the dog that you saved in the past, right?”

Hikigaya felt weird, but he nodded. “Then?” His matter with Yui had ended since she had apologized, and he had accepted it, so he didnt see Shishios points.

“Then, do you know the person who has hit you?” Shishio asked.

“Do you know?” Hikigaya was in shock.

“Do you want to listen to it?” Shishio didnt answer Hikigayas question and asked him back.

Hikigaya looked at Shishio for a moment and nodded. “Let me listen to it.” While he pretended that he didnt show any interest in it, he would be lying if he didnt have an interest in the person who had hit him. He wanted to know who this person was, but why he had a feeling this person would be someone he was familiar with.

If his intuition was right, then what should he do?

How should he interact with this person in the future?

Anyway, Hikigaya decided to shut his mouth and listen to Shishio first.

Shishio nodded and started to tell Hikigaya about what he knew about Hikigayas last incident.

Along with the sound of the rain, the two talked to each other, untangled Hikigayas tangled past.

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