I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 507: Just a happy trouble

Chapter 506: Shishio: “Rain is my friend.”

“Shishio, let me hold the umbrella.” Futaba felt uncomfortable if Shishio had to hold the umbrella even after he lent it to her. After all, she felt she owed him, and if she did nothing, she felt uncomfortable.

“No.” However, Shishio refused without hesitation.

“Why?” Futaba was quite dumbfounded by his response.

“Youre a little short. If you hold the umbrella, I have to duck down.”

“…” Futaba was lost for words, but she became annoyed. “I am not that short!” She wanted to yell, but when she looked at how tall Shishio was, she knew he had to duck down if she held the umbrella. “How tall are you?”

“184 cm.”

“…” Futaba realized how tall Shishio was, and there was a 29 cm difference in height between them!

“Its better for the taller one to hold the umbrella,” Futaba said unwillingly. What could she do? Even if she was unwilling, she knew it was better for Shishio to hold the umbrella.


Shishio let out a helpless sigh and said, “Okay, okay, you can hold it.”

Futaba smiled and took the handle of the umbrella from Shishio.

Still, if someone saw her at this moment, they would open their eyes wide.

Even Sakuta, who always had this bland expression on his face, would be dumbfounded if he saw Futaba at this moment since she was so different!

Futaba didnt like to talk too much except if she explained something. Even if her classmates tried to approach her because they were interested in her, they quickly moved back. It wasnt that she didnt want a friend, and she was okay with being alone, but she just didnt know how to communicate with people. Even if she was surrounded by many people, she would only feel uncomfortable.

However, it was just different from being with him.

It felt like he could understand her and every moment with him was just so fun.



Futaba looked at Shishios head which was stuck on the top of the umbrella, which forced him to duck down. She knew that she was at fault, but she couldnt help but laugh hard.

Shishio was speechless and asked, “Do you have enough?”

“No, leave it to me.” Futaba stretched her hand high, so Shishios head wouldnt stick on the top of the umbrella. However, she underestimated the difference in height between them, and in the end, even with her limit, his head was still stuck on the umbrella. She even made his shirt drenched with rain, which made her guilty. “Sorry.”

“Its okay. Leave it to me.” Shishio took the umbrella again and was glad this girl had given up.

The two walked together under the umbrella with the rain that kept pouring on top of them. Even though it had been raining for a while, there was no sign the rain would stop.

Instead, Shishio could tell the rain would probably continue until night.

However, it didnt bother their conversation.

They talked about many things together, whether it was the weather, the exam, or what they did a week ago. Their conversation was just endless.

Futaba also didnt realize how talkative she could be with someone since it was just so enjoyable to be with him.

Before long, they were about to arrive at Futabas house.

However, Shishio must admit Futabas house was massive. The size alone wasnt that much different from Sakurasou.

Still, unlike Sakurasou, Futabas house was located in the district where the rich people were living.

“Are your parents inside?” Shishio asked when they were about to arrive at Futabas house. Even if there was a distance, he could see her house already.

“No, I am alone.” Futaba shook her head and said, “My father attends a conference in Germany, and my mother has a business in Europe.”

“….” Shishio was speechless and thought a Suimei was a place where a crouching tiger and a hidden dragon gathered together.

Whether it was Futaba, Yukinoshita, Shiina, or Mai, they were children of wealthy people, famous children.

Shishio wouldnt be surprised if there was a child of the CEO of a company that was included in 225 Nikki (Japans stock market index for the Tokyo Stock Exchange).

“Who would expect youre a rich lady,” Shishio said with a sigh.

“Are you seriously saying that? Youre not much different from me, right?” Futaba was speechless. If it was someone else such as Azusagawa, Hikigaya, or even Kunimi who were saying that, she might not say much. However, the one who said those words was Shishio, who was also the child of a famous bank director.

It might seem surprising for Futaba to know this, but when they talked to each other in the past, they also asked what their parents did, so she knew what the profession of Shishios father was.

Shishio only chuckled, but he didnt say much.

Futaba also became gloomy since she knew their time together would end soon. They would have a weekend after this, and they wouldnt meet each other again for a while.

Futaba looked at her spacious house and felt she didnt want to enter.

Her house might be beautiful and huge, and many people would envy her when they saw her house.

However, Futaba felt the little space under the umbrella by his side felt hundreds of times more comfortable than her large house.

“Well, we have arrived. Ill go back now.” As a scumbag, Shishio had never initiated anything. He just prepared all the important tools and let his target do it by themselves. He made the girl take the initiative instead of himself.

“Dont you want to stay for a bit? Your shirt is all wet because of me,” Futaba said while looking at the left side of his uniform, which was drenched from the rain. The size of the umbrella was just that, and with his huge body, he could only sacrifice his left side, so she wouldnt be drenched with the rain.

While inwardly Futaba wanted him to stay, she was quite embarrassed to say it. Fortunately, she saw his side was drenched by the rain, so she thought to help him to dry it.

However, Shishio didnt intend to enter. “Its okay. The rain only hit my arm.” While he was greedy for Futabas body, he knew once he entered her house, many things would happen. He didnt mind changing the shape of their relationship, but he wasnt going to do it now. After all, there were many things that he needed to do at that moment.

Shishio was also sure that if he entered, he might be unable to hold himself.

“…I see.” Futaba was disappointed, but there was nothing she could do. However, she was startled when she was hugged by Shishio so suddenly!


A strong and reliable arm wrapped around her waist.

A manly yet warm scent invaded her nasal cavity.

While Futaba was startled, she felt happy and wanted to hug him back.



The car suddenly passed right on the puddle near them and splashed the water toward them.

Shishio had noticed it before and protected Futaba, but because of this, his entire back was drenched wet.

“Fuck! Are you blind or something? Can you slow down near the puddle?!” He cursed the driver of the car. After all, who would feel comfortable when someone had dumped water on them?

Shishio wasnt a saint, and he was a scumbag. It would be amazing if he could swallow this anger!

After cursing, Shishio didnt forget to remember the number of the car and made sure the one who drove had karma.

“Are you alright, Shishio?” Futaba quickly asked worriedly when she realized a car had splashed water on Shishio. However, she also knew he had protected her from the water, which made her happy and also worried since his entire body was drenched by the water now.

“I am alright.” Shishio calmed down after he heard Futabas question. He looked at this petite girl whose chest was so huge that it could even match Nana and Ayaka, which was unreasonable. “Are you alright?”

“I am okay.” Futaba shook her head and asked, “You should worry about yourself. What if you get a cold?”

“I am alright. You dont need to worry.”

Futaba was annoyed and said, “Of course, I am worried about you. You get drenched because of me, after all. Now, enter my house and take a bath. Ill wash your clothes!”


Shishio looked at Futaba for a moment and nodded. “Okay.” After all, she had invited him, and he wouldnt refuse the ladys invitation.

‘What should I do?

Futaba held her head as she realized what kind of absurd thing she had done. She had invited him to go inside her house and right now she was alone with him. Her face started to get hot, and her heart began to pound hard, especially when she thought about what she had done earlier in the clubroom of the science club.

Futaba held her cheeks like a sandwich with her hands, wondering whether they would do something like that after that.

The sound of the shower sounded, and the steam from the warm water made the frosted glass become foggy.

However, Futaba could see Shishios silhouette through the door. Still, she must admit his body was so good. Unfortunately, unlike Hina, who could see his long phallus standing tall, she could only see his long phallus dangling down.

Futaba tried to cover her eyes, but she made a huge gap between her fingers, trying to study the difference in anatomy between a male and a female.

On the other hand, Shishio, who was taking a bath, felt the rain really helped him to get a girl. The first was Miu and the second was Hina. Those two had fallen for him when they tried to protect themselves from the rain.

This time, it was Futaba.

Shishio wondered whether the rain tried to assist him in becoming a scumbag.

‘Or even nature has decided to help me?

Shishio really felt he had become unrivaled under heaven. He shook his head and decided to stop, thinking about a stupid thing.

“Shishio, your uniform will take a while to be ready. I have taken some clothes from my father. I am not sure whether the size fits or not. Let me know if the size doesnt fit.”


Shishio answered absentmindedly while looking at Futaba, who didnt intend to move away from the outside. However, he didnt say anything since he knew even a girl was a pervert. Still, he suddenly thought about what had happened on Sunoharasou, where he was confessed by Sumire so suddenly.


Shishio was silent before he shook his head.

‘Theres no way, right?

Anyway, Shishio made sure that he wouldnt do anything.


Please believe in him.

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