Chapter 507: Just a happy trouble

“…Its too small.” It was Futabas opinion when she saw Shishio.

“Thats true. Its too small.” Shishio let out a sigh after he wore Futabas fathers clothes. While he could wear the shirt, it showed his navel and his abs. The pants were also in a similar state since they showed most of his thighs which made him speechless. After all, he was a man, so he didnt care much. Fortunately, there was only Futaba right on his side. If it was Masaki Kobayashi, he wouldnt dare to wear these clothes.

Still, Shishio wondered what Futabas father would think when his daughter let someone stay in the house and also lent his clothes. It wouldnt be surprising if he was told to marry Futaba directly.

Shishio looked at Futaba and must admit it was his first time to see her in casual clothing. She only wore a normal t-shirt and shorts, yet strangely enough, it was so sexy. Her white and plump thighs seemed so soft that he wanted to rub her face there. She also tied her hair in a bun, showing off her slender neck that was usually hidden. Still, what was even more amazing was her two busts which were so huge. He sighed, wondering whether all the nutrition she ate was absorbed in her brain and breast.

On the other hand, while these clothes were quite strange, Futabas face flushed red, especially when she saw his abs and the thing between his legs, which was hard to hide.


However, suddenly the two were in silence when they heard this noise.

Shishio was quite embarrassed while touching his stomach. “Sorry.”

Futaba chuckled and said, “I have many ingredients in my fridge. Do you want to cook something?”

“…Isnt it suppose youre going to cook me something?” Shishio was speechless.

“It cant be helped.” Futaba let out a helpless sigh. “Your food is too good. Its better for you to cook instead of me.” When she thought about the food cooked by Shishio, her mouth became watery, and even if it was embarrassing, she wanted him to be the one who cooked. It had also been a while since she had eaten his food, so she quite anticipated it. “In exchange, Ill iron your uniform.”

“Can you do an ironing?” Shishio was genuinely surprised since he thought this girl was a spoiled lady.

“Who do you think I am?” Futaba was speechless and pushed his back. “Come on. Youre hungry, right? I am also hungry.”

“Okay. Okay.” Shishio agreed and wondered whether Futaba could really iron his uniform.

When the two had made up their minds, they started to do their own job.

The light was turned on, so even if the rain covered the sunlight, the room was quite bright.

Futaba took the ironing tool and his uniform to the living room. While she ironed his uniform, Shishio was in the kitchen and started to cook. She could see his back from her position, cracking the eggs and beating them on the bowl with a chopstick. His movement was so smooth as if he had done it several times.

“Futaba, wheres the salt?”

“Its on the shelf on the top.”

The two talked to each other while doing their own tasks.

It might be something simple or something mundane. It was something that the majority of people had experienced in life, yet it was the first time Futaba had experienced something like this.

Wearing her uniform, walking to the school, and staying at the school without anyone, alone, was something painful to her, but Futaba was glad that she came to the school, enduring the pain and the loneliness since because of it, she could meet him.

The sound of the steam from the iron, the soup that was boiling, and the chopping onion on the cutting board mixed with the rain might make a strange sound, yet it gave a harmony that one never thought of.

After Futaba was done with the ironing, she helped Shishio prepare the food for the two. Her eyes brightened when she saw the food that he had made.

Shishio made several dishes for the two.

The main dishes were brightly colored omurice painted with red ketchup, salad, and soup.

Futaba took the barley tea from the fridge and poured it for two.

Shishio and Futaba then sat at the low table while eating the foods he made, talking to each other about many things. Their conversation might be something that the smartest students in the school might talk about, but even so, they had fun.

Futaba wondered when was the last time she had laughed this hard. Her life had always been monochrome, alone, without anyone by her side. Whether it was her parents, friends, or any others, it had never entered her heart. She had always felt she was alone.

However, Futaba was alright with it. She was okay staying alone, and she was okay with being alone. She didnt want to change and didnt have the courage to change.

Still, everything changed when Shishio appeared in her life.

His food was also delicious, but Futaba felt there was something special about this meal. The taste was one thing, but she knew what made this meal special was because he was there with her, staying by her side, eating together, accompanying her in this isolated space.

However, Futaba must admit this was the most delicious meal she had ever had.

Before, everything was so dim. Even if the light was turned on, it was still dark and frightening.

However, it was different when he was there.

Even if the light wasnt turned on and they used the natural light that came from the outside, it was so bright.

Everything was so bright.

‘I think this might be… the happiest time of my life. Futaba secretly glanced at Shishios side profile with a smile as she continued to eat.

When they finished their meal, Futaba offered. “Do you want a coffee?”

“Can you?” Shishio asked.

“Yes.” Futaba nodded and said, “My father is a professor, and he is quite helpless at household chores, but his coffee is the best.”

Shishio might have often tasted Futabas coffee when he played in the science clubroom, but it was his first time hearing where she learned her craft from. It seemed like the relationship between Futaba and her parents wasnt as distant as he thought it to be. He could also see it seemed her parents were also in love with each other. However, it might be because they were too busy that they neglected Futaba and made her alone.

As for what Shishio thought about Futabas parents, he didnt think anything. After all, everyone had their own family situation, and it was impossible to impose his view about a family on Futabas family.

Still, Shishio must admit Futabas parents shouldnt neglect Futaba even if they were busy.

For him, who was transmigrated to this world felt a family was important.

The process might not have been told in the previous story, but when he became Shishio Oga, it wasnt so smooth. His thought was filled with many things, whether it was the present or the future. Even if the memory of the previous Shishio Oga was present, it was hard to live in this world as Shishio Oga, especially when the system only activated when he came to Tokyo.

It was hard to accept the fact he was dying and couldnt meet his loved ones, whether it was his lover, parents, or many others in his previous life.

However, Shishio knew he couldnt stay depressed, especially when he had to face the parents of Shishio Oga in this life.

Even if Shishio had become a Shishio Oga, it was still hard to say his parents in this world were his real parents. After all, he had just been in this world for a while, and even if they showed his love to him, it was impossible to treat them as his real parents.

However, Shishio would try to become their son since he had become their son. He had become Shishio Oga, and even if it was uncomfortable at first, he would do it since he felt it was part of his responsibility after taking the body of Shishio Oga.

“Heres your coffee.” Futaba gave a cup of coffee to Shishio.


Shishio sipped the hot and bitter coffee. His slightly sluggish mind awoken when the bitter taste hit his tastebuds. He sat on the soft carpet, watching the window, which splattered with the rain from time to time.

‘The family situation…

Shishio somehow hoped Futabas parents could be together with Futaba more since, unlike him, he couldnt meet his parents in his previous life, but they could still meet each other, and he would be lying if he didnt feel envious about it.

Still, Shishio also understood that people could only realize the importance of the happiness they had taken for granted after they lost it.

However, Shishio also knew he couldnt look at the past all the time, but just today, it was okay, right?

On the other hand, Futaba sipped her coffee while staring at Shishio. The steam of the coffee made her glasses foggy, but she kept staring at him since she saw an unexpected side that she had never seen in him.

Shishio had always been confident, and he was firm, showing a manly side and a warm side to everyone. He appeared unbeatable and without any weakness, but Futaba only realized he was similar to her. He also had her own problems, and he could appear weak.

Futaba somehow felt jealous of his girlfriends since she knew those girls had seen this side of him, and they could also help him.

However, Futaba had seen this side of him now, and she wanted to help him, so at this moment, she said what was inside her heart. “Shishio.”

“Hmm?” Her voice awoken him, and Shishio turned his attention to Futaba. “Whats wrong, Futaba?”

Futaba didnt show any embarrassment. Her expression was natural. She looked straight into his eyes, then, without hesitation, she said, “I think I have fallen for you.”


Shishio was stunned, and he must admit he was blushing at this moment since he didnt expect such a sudden confession from Futaba at this moment.

A silence permeated between them, and countless emotions brewed in their hearts.

Still, Shishio must admit this was really a happy problem that only a scumbag like him could experience.

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