Chapter 508: Mud

Shishio must admit he was blushing, but then he calmed down and wondered how this girl could fall for him so easily.

Whether it was Sumire or Futaba, those two confessed to him without hesitation.

While Shishio didnt accept Sumire because of her age, should he accept Futaba so easily?

Should he just nod, and they confirm their relationship?

It was so easy!

However, Shishio didnt want to have such an easy relationship. If he wanted to, he could sleep with any other woman as long as he wanted to, but he didnt do that since if he did that, he knew he would change and he wouldnt be able to appreciate the feeling of the woman who had decided to entrust their loves and lives to him.

Shishio knew he was being an idiot at this moment. He could just nod, and they could roll on the bed together right now.

Frankly, Shishio must admit he was thinking too much. After all, he knew even if he accepted Futaba, he would treat her dearly. He put his cup of coffee on the table and said, “Thank you, Futaba. I am happy with your confession, but can I ask you something?”

“What?” Futaba was so nervous when she realized what she was saying. She knew if she was rejected, everything would end, and that bright day would end. She was quite pragmatic, after all, and she felt she was unattractive if she compared herself to her girlfriends. However, hearing his voice, she calmed down, waiting for the question he was going to ask.

“Why do you like me?” Shishio asked.

“….” Futaba.

“I admit I am handsome, smart, and even rich. Its normal for girls to fall for me,” Shishio said calmly while joking.

“….” Futaba.

“However, you should know that I am a scumbag, right? I have dated many girls. You should know that I cant be yours alone.” Even if Shishio wanted to close the deal immediately, he needed to tell Futaba about the risk of dating him. While dating him gave a lot of advantages, there were also a lot of disadvantages.

Shishio waited for Futabas answer, but Futaba didnt answer him and just stood up. “Follow me.”


Shishio was confused and looked at Futaba, who opened the glass door that connected to the yard without hesitation.

The rain was heavy, the wind blew inside, and the rain drenched the carpet inside the room.

“What are you doing?” Shishio asked quickly.

However, Futaba ignored Shishio and sat down, ignoring the wet carpet. She didnt even say anything and just sat there, letting the wind and the rain hit her. She pulled the hair tie, letting her hair fall on her face.


Shishio was lost for words and wondered whether this girl had gone crazy. However, he couldnt leave her and followed her. He didnt sit down and look at Futaba, but it was hard to see her expression when her glass was covered in the rain and her face was covered by her hair. He let out a long sigh before he sat next to her in silence.

Similar to her, Shishio sat on the drenched carpet and let his feet touch the wet ground.

The ground was wet because of the rain, making the earth become mud.

When his feet touched the mud, Shishio felt his feet were sticky and uncomfortable. However, he didnt say anything and sat next to Futaba in silence, watching her, who seemed to be trying to convey her feeling. Still, his feet felt uncomfortable, so he raised his feet slightly so they wouldnt touch the mud ground.

Shishio looked at Futaba awkwardly, and he knew this wasnt the time for this, but her red-colored bra was shown through because of her wet t-shirt, and it made him wonder why she wore such a provocative bra.

Was it done deliberately?

Or was it her hobby?

Frankly, there were still many things Shishio didnt know about this girl, and it was also the reason why her random action caused him to be confused.

“Hurry up and enter! Youll catch a cold!” Shishio said, but Futaba was still silent.

“How do your feet feel?” Futaba asked after a while.

“Feet?” Shishio looked at his bare feet, which were covered in mud. “It feels uncomfortable.” He might be able to say something nice and might be able to lie, saying it was comfortable to let his feet touch the mud like this. However, this time, he didnt lie and tell the truth since he didnt feel comfortable, and he was just confused at this moment.

“I am like this,” Futaba said.

“Like this?” Shishio was confused for a moment before he asked, “You mean, you like the mud or my feet?”

“Your feet.”

“….” Shishio.

“I know you think its weird to make such a comparison between my life and your feet,” Futaba said without looking at Shishio. She looked at her feet which were covered in mud, without letting him see her expression or see his reaction.

Shishio shrugged his shoulders and didnt say anything since he acquiesced to her words.

“However, my life before I met you was like this. I am covered in mud and rain. It was uncomfortable, and it was hard to breathe.” Futaba lifted her face and looked at Shishio. “However, I am fine like that. I have gotten used to it. I dont want to change either.”

“….” It was his first time hearing such a thing from Futabas mouth, and Shishio thought the neglecting case from her was more serious than he had thought.

“However, it was even worse when I entered high school.” Futaba frowned.

“Whats wrong?”

“My chest.”

“Your chest?”

Futaba was slightly embarrassed and looked at her breasts. Then, she realized her red-colored bra was seen through because of her wet clothes. She was quite embarrassed, but she didnt say much since she knew it was her weapon to get the man she loved. “You like my chest, right?”


“The others are the same. However, I am uncomfortable by their gazes.” Futaba frowned, then looked at Shishio. “However, I am not uncomfortable with your gaze on my chest.”

“…” Shishio wondered whether it was so often of him to gaze over her chest. He let out a sigh and thought he might need a long training, so his gaze wouldnt be drawn over that huge chest, or should he gaze over, he should be more subtle, so no one would know what he was doing.

Still, hearing the reason why this girl fell for him was that she was comfortable with his gaze, making him slightly strange somehow.

“Of course, that isnt the reason why I fell for you.” As if reading his mind, Futaba quickly said.

‘Thats good. Shishio nodded in relief inwardly.

“You might be handsome, smart, and rich, but those are not the reasons why I fell for you.” Futaba shook her head since those werent the reasons why she fell for him. While she must admit his face was her type, there was something deeper about why she fell for him. “You free me from the mud, the rain, the gaze, and even the loneliness that traps me. Thats the reason why I fell for you.”

“I cant be with you all the time, though.” Shishio objected.

“Being with you doesnt mean I want you to be with me all the time.” Futaba thought for a moment before she shook her head. “No, I want to be with you all the time, but I also understand the situation and condition.” Still, she showed a dissatisfied expression and said, “Anyway, I have said all of this! I love you! Can you be a man and just accept me?” She was so embarrassed at this moment, and her mind was numb, so she just wanted him to answer her question about whether he agreed or not.

Also, this guy was a scumbag, so shouldnt he feel happy to have her in his harem?

Futabas mind was a mess, and she just didnt know what to do.

“Futaba, I think you misunderstood something. I might be a scumbag, but you should know I dont do it just with anyone.”

“…” Futaba also knew this since if Shishio wanted to, this guy could get all the girls in the school. However, his answer shocked her since she knew this guy had done “it,” and it made her curious even though she knew this wasnt the time to think about that matter.

“You know most men will just accept you if you confess to them so suddenly, but when they feel bored, theyll throw you away.”

“Are you like that?”

“That depends.”


“If its other girls, it might be like that, but youre different. Youre special to me,” Shishio said and took Futabas feet gently, cleaning them up from the mud with his bare hands.

Futaba blushed, feeling his strong palms on her feet which made her realize the difference in physical ability between him and her. She knew if he attacked her, she couldnt run or fight back. However, even if he was powerful, it didnt scare her. Instead, he brought her a sense of security and dependability. “Special? Whats so special about me? My brain? Boobs?” She asked while looking at him curiously.

“…Those parts of it,” Shishio said frankly. “However, I think what makes you special to me is the fact we have spent so much time together. If its only your brain or boobs alone, there wont be any special relationship between us, and I dont think of you as a special girl. It is because I have known you, and you have known me. We have been together for so long, so I dont want to answer your confession with a half-assed feeling where I just feel lust toward your body.”

Shishio cleaned up his hands with the rain while Futaba looked at her feet which were cleaned by him. She was shy and didnt dare to look at him, only staring at her feet where she could feel his warmth from them.

They were in silence, letting the rain hit their bodies, yet their hearts were rumbling like a storm.

“So…?” Futaba raised her head slightly, peeking at him, waiting for his answer.

“I am not stupid enough to reject a beautiful girl like you, alright?” Shishio said with smile.

Futaba laughed and just lunged at him, hugging him tightly to confirm everything was real and this wasnt a dream.

Shishio also hugged Futabas back and let him warm to connect her body. “Lets enter, or youll catch a cold.”

However, Futaba pushed him to the ground and pressed him, staring at his face.

Shishio was speechless.

They were in silence, and there were many things they wanted to say at that moment, but no words came out of their mouths. It was like eons, but in reality, it was only for a moment before they started to kiss each other. They hugged each others bodies deeply, without letting each other, clashing with each other as if trying to show whose love was stronger.

It wasnt until Futaba lost her breath that she rested on his chest, breathing heavily. “Dont go back tonight.” She hugged his neck tightly as if trying to strangle him.

Shishio knew he had caught a wild woman, so he reassured her and said, “I am not going anywhere tonight.”

Futaba blushed and rubbed her face against his neck.

Shishio looked at Futaba for a moment and whispered, “Lets take a bath together.”


Shishios smile brightened, and he carried her in his arms without hesitation and closed the glass door with his foot.

Futaba kept hugging him without letting him go. “I am not going to let you go. I am yours.”

“Yes, yes, youre mine.”

Futaba smiled, then whispered, “…Can… Can we do “it” tonight?” All the bottled-up emotions had burst out. She was like a broken dam, her emotion flooded out, and it was impossible to stop her.


Shishio looked at Futaba and thought this girl was asking for trouble. Still, even though she was covered by mud and rain, he must admit this girl was just bewitching.

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