I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 510: Everything is just going with the flow

Chapter 509: Messy

Everything was so messy.

Whether it was the living room, the bathroom, or even Futabas room.

Shishio and Futaba left their marks everywhere.

Also, it seemed Futaba loved it messy.

After that confession, they didnt take a bath immediately since Futaba attacked him first. However, even if she attacked him, she was a novice in this area, so in the end, she could only let him attack her while begging for mercy.

Still, Shishio wasnt that cruel, so when he was slightly satisfied, he brought Futaba to the bathroom to wash up and clean up.

After all, even if the rain had cleaned their bodies up, their bodies were still dirty because of the mud. It was also uncomfortable to lay down when their bodies were drenched with the rain, so they took a bath together while talking to each other before they did it again together.

Shishio had a master deflowering skill, and along with his Hamon, it could heal and make Futaba more comfortable.

The two were glued against each other, and Futaba wouldnt even let him go and kept him inside. However, he didnt mind since it was warm, tight, sticky, soft, and felt nice.

In the early morning, Shishio had woken up. Futaba was still sleeping, using his chest as a pillow. Her bushy gray hair was messy and stuck on her face, but even so, she seemed to be so satisfied and comfortable.

Shishio must admit this girl was attractive, whether it was her appearance or large busts. They were so huge that he buried her face there and even used it for other things. He looked at the ceiling and thought that this experience was quite strange since they slept in the living room.

After all, almost all of his experiences were mostly down in the room, especially for the first time.

However, they did it in the living room, which made this experience quite bizarre for him.

Still, Shishio didnt have anything to complain about since it felt nice, and he wanted to do it again if possible. However, he knew it was impossible to do it today since it might be quite hard for Futaba to walk, considering how fierce they were last night.

Whether it was Shishio or Futaba, they didnt have self-control last night, and they did it as much as they wanted to, enjoying their every moment together.

Shishio didnt move and lay on the futon brought by Futaba from her room in silence since he didnt want to wake this girl up. Instead, he looked at the system that had given him rewards. Frankly, it had been a while since he saw the system, and he would be lying if he didnt feel excited about it.

The feeling of guilt had disappeared from his heart at this moment, and since the system had given him rewards, why should he reject them?


Tsukasa must admit that no matter how long it had been, he was still surprised at how luxurious the rewards from the system were.

Whether it was the assets or the skill type of rewards, they amazed him greatly that he could only stay in silence.

‘Lets focus on the assets first.

There were many assets he had received. Whether it was 33% shares of ENEOS Corporation, land in the Hokkaido, DIC Corporation, or 16% shares of Rio Tinto, they were all amazing.

The first thing was the land in Hokkaido.

Still, it was just land, and Shishio wasnt sure what to do besides using it for a farm. Hokkaido was, without a doubt, one of the largest islands in Japan.

However, the population was pale apart compared to Tokyo.

The land he received from the system was huge, but it was a deserted area without many people.

Shishio thought there was something happening on this land, but it seemed that wasnt the case since it was mostly used for farming or something. He must admit farming was an important thing since it could produce food for the people in this country. However, the profit for this type of thing was low. Unless he dared to use genetically modified crops, making a lot of money was impossible.

Still, even if farming didnt make a lot of money, it gave him a lot of benefits that were different from money. After all, in this world, money might be important, but a resource is even more important.

Shishio then thought for a moment, wondering whether there was something he could use other than a farm on this land.

‘I can probably do an experiment to send a rocket to space. Shishio thought inwardly.

Shishio then looked at his next reward, which was 33% shares of ENEOS Corporation. Many people would be unfamiliar with this company, but it was the biggest petroleum company in this country, and its business included exploration, importation, and refining of crude oil. There was also the manufacture and sale of petroleum products, including fuels, lubricants, and other energy-related activities.

Shishio must admit this reward surprised him since he knew he had become an oil tycoon. His feelings were mixed, but he should just be happy to become an oil tycoon now. The only thing that he regretted was the fact this country lacked a resource.

Japan was a small country in the middle of the sea.

While there were many mines in this country, their production was small, and many of them had been mined to empty.

If Shishio wanted to mine something, he could only look at the deep sea.

While Japans land was quite small, its sea area was vast.

The sea was vast.

Food, mining, and many other things could be found on the sea.

However, the technology of the deep mining sea wasnt so developed, and it took a lot of money just to mine something in the deep sea.

Still, Shishio believed it wouldnt be a problem for him in the future.

The next reward was DIC Corporation. It was just a chemical company but specialized in the development, manufacture, and sale of inks, pigments, polymers, specialty plastics and compounds, and biochemicals.

Shishio thought it might be possible to create a good color for Shiinas painting in the future.

‘And, lastly…

Shishio looked at the last reward of the asset, and he could only suck a deep breath.

‘16% shares of Rio Tinto…

It might be only 16% shares, but this company would give him a lot of power.

After all, Rio Tinto was the worlds second-largest metals and mining corporation. Whether it was aluminum, iron ore, copper, uranium, or diamonds, this company mined all of them.

Shishio had said previously that his country lacked a resource, but he had a resource now.

In other words, the power and the authority under him became stronger!

If someone tried to threaten him, Shishio could stop his mining company from supplying the important resources, and by then…


If someone couldnt have a resource to support their company, then their companies would become bankrupt.

It wouldnt be weird to call this company dead.

Still, if possible, Shishio also wanted to have a steel company, but he shouldnt be greedy and decided to check his other rewards.

The first skill he accepted was “Glass-making Mastery.”

While this reward seemed weird, Shishio felt he should be glad to accept it since he knew there were many things he could do with this skill, especially to make money and protect his home. It might even be possible for him to create a glass that is capable of defending against a missile. He might also be able to craft the legendary flexible glass too.

The next one was enhanced bones. It was clear from its name alone what kind of reward it was. However, Shishio didnt dare to accept it now since he knew it would give him a painful process if he dared to accept it.

Still, Shishio was looking forward to accepting this reward later.


Shishio looked at his last reward and accepted it without hesitation.

‘Fighting Spirit…

The name alone was like a superpower from a “Shounen Manga.”

Shishio thought this reward was just a joke, but who would expect he would get a superpower similar to the “Shounen Manga”?

This ability was extremely simple since it gave him a power-up through the damage he received intake and his anger buildup.

In other words, even if he was beaten up and got angry, Shishio would become stronger.

Still, Shishio was in silence since right now, he didnt think anyone in this world could defeat him. There might be a few people, but he didnt think they were capable of killing him.

‘However, it might be good to prepare instead of waiting.

Shishio knew what kind of maniac those people were, and it was better to end their lives since that way, the world would be more peaceful.

While Shishio was in the middle of a thought, he felt someone had touched his little Shishio.


Shishio was in silence and opened the blanket directly, watching Futaba, who had this blank expression on her face, while pressing her two huge boobs on his little Shishio.

His little Shishio was extremely healthy, and it awoke from its slumber.

“Its so healthy,” Futaba murmured at the growth of the little Shishio

“Rio, what are you doing?” Shishio was speechless.

“You dont like it?”

“I like it very much.”

“Then, whats the problem?”

‘Whats the problem?

There was no problem, so Shishio just enjoyed it.

However, Shishio suddenly thought about the “enhanced bones” he could receive anytime. He looked at his little Shishio and wondered whether it was also part of his bone.

Shishio sucked a deep breath and caressed Futabas hair gently, making her even more vigorous at her action. He must admit, he didnt regret accepting this girl.

The days passed, and it was fairly peaceful in the Fujii household.

Natsuo was watching television while eating ice cream. Frankly, when his father remarried, he didnt think too much. However, who would have thought he would receive two step-sisters, and one of those sisters was his teacher, whom he had a crush on.

Natsuo thought the relationship between them would become closer.

However, who would have thought the relationship between them didnt even become closer, and they were just mere siblings?

While Hina might seem alright with it, Natsuo was depressed, especially when he saw her keep going out from time to time and even staying out. Her expression was so happy, and her skin was so charming, making him wonder whether she had a boyfriend.

His stepmother asked Hina whether she had a boyfriend.

However, Hina only smiled and laughed before she changed the topic of the conversation. She changed the topic of the conversation and acted as if nothing had happened.

Still, this made Natsuo frustrated.

‘She shouldnt have a boyfriend, right?

Natsuo thought, but suddenly his thought was broken when he heard Hinas voice.

“Mom, I am going out with Rui first,” Hina said.

Natsuo quickly turned and saw Hina and Rui were there, and he must admit they were so beautiful today.

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