Chapter 510: Everything is just going with the flow

“Huh? Where are you going?” Tachibana Tsukiko asked curiously.

Not only Tsukiko but Natsuo and Akihito Fujii were the same since they could see something special in Hina or Rui. In other words, they were all so beautiful today.

“Are you two going on a date?” Tsukiko asked with a smile.

“Yes.” Rui just nodded.

Hearing Ruis answer, Natsuo felt slightly uncomfortable, but he didnt say anything since he didnt have a right to stop Rui from dating someone, even if that someone was a scumbag. He felt uncomfortable, but what could he do?

Even if Natsuo talked about this matter to his friends, their friends only shrugged their shoulders since they knew well that a girl in love was just unstoppable. The more he tried to stop her, the more she fought back and even hated him.

Frankly, Natsuo didnt like the fact Rui dated Shishio, and he wanted to stop her. After all, Rui was his step-sister, and they had become a family. It was impossible for him not to worry about her.

However, after that incident, when Natsuo happened to hear what Rui was doing with Shishio, he just couldnt see her in her eyes. When she looked at him, he would look away subconsciously as if afraid she would know what he was doing.

Natsuo was still a virgin, and he didnt know anything about that kind of thing. However, he had friends who were experienced with this kind of act, and when he asked whether a woman would scream so loudly during the act, his friend would say he was watching too much porn. After all, in reality, not many women would moan as loudly as these pornstars.

However, Natsuo didnt believe his friends and thought about the reality, the voice he had heard. He heard how loud Rui did it with Shishio and knew the things that happened to the porn were real, and his friend might just be bad in that area.

After all, there might be many guys who became a fuckboy, but most of them only thought about their personal pleasure, ignoring the pleasure of the woman.

For the women who were tricked by the fuckboy, they might not cum, but the pleasure wasnt something they sought. What they sought was just attention that could be given by those fuckboys.

It was also the reason why a man like Shishio was rare.

Natsuo knew that whether it was Ruis body or heart, all of them were owned by Shishio. Even if they had become a family, in Ruis eyes, he might not be much different from the other boys in the class. Well, they might be closer since they had become step-siblings, but even so, he didnt think their relationship was really that close.

Natsuo wanted to say something to Rui, but he couldnt, so he just silently endured everything. After all, even if he cared about Rui, he put more attention on Hina, and it was also the reason why his heart almost stopped when he heard Akikos question to Hina.

Hina was so beautiful today. She carefully put on her make-up, and even if her clothes might seem casual, they enhanced her beauty even more.

Natsuo was naturally drawn toward her.

If Newton was still alive, he might add this fact to the law of universal gravitation.

If Hina dressed because of him, Natsuo would be happy to see nine clouds.

However, if it was for someone else…

Natsuo suddenly thought about the friend who usually Hina stayed with her. Even if Hina didnt say much about this friend, he could see how happy she was with her friend.

‘No, no, this friend is female, right?

Natsuo felt his chest tighten, and it was so hard to breathe. He also felt his stomach was uncomfortable, but even so, he was in silence, waiting for Hinas answer.

“I am going to celebrate Tanabata,” Hina said with a cheerful smile.

“Tanabata?” 3x

Tsukiko, Akihito, and Natsuo only remembered today was Tanabata.

Some might be unfamiliar with this celebration day. However, it was one of the most famous celebration days in this country, and if not the most romantic one.

Still, if this was the only explanation, it might be hard for people to understand.

Tanabata, also known as the Star Festival, is a Japanese festival originating from the Chinese Qixi Festival. It celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi (represented by the stars Vega and Altair, respectively).

According to legend, the Milky Way separates these lovers, and they are allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunisolar calendar.

In Japan, people generally celebrate this day by writing wishes, sometimes in the form of poetry, on tanzaku, small pieces of paper, and hanging them on bamboo, sometimes with other decorations.

However, it was usually celebrated in schools, shrines, shopping districts, or even some huge companies.

On the other hand, a single household wouldnt celebrate this celebration at all. After all, it was troublesome to bring bamboo or even make a decoration. Moreover, most of the people in this country were also from middle-class families, which made it hard for them to celebrate such a celebration since it would take a chunk of money on their account.

If Hina wanted to celebrate it at the school, they wouldnt say much, but her words intrigued them.

“Leaving Rui, who is going on a date with Shishio.” Tsukiko looked at Hina and asked, “Where are you going to celebrate? The school is on holiday today, right?”

“Of course, I am going to celebrate it with Rui,” Hina said.

“Rui?” Tsukiko looked at Rui.

Rui nodded simply.

Tsukiko felt weird and asked, “Are you two going out with Shishio at the same time?”

“…” Natsuo and Akihito.

Rui looked at Hina in silence, but she didnt say anything.

“Hey, hey, Tsukiko-san, its impossible, right? How can Shishio-kun date Hina-chan and Rui-chan together?” Akihito said with a laugh, thinking Tsukiko was joking.

However, Tsukiko didnt really joke around since even she could tell how dangerous Shishio was.

Shishio was like a viper. No, it should be a phyton or boa if she thought about his size. Of course, she didnt think about the size of that part. Instead, she thought about the size of his body since he was huge for someone around his age.

Please dont misunderstand her.

“Well, thats true.” Tsukiko looked at Hina, who lowered her head slightly and said, “You mean, youre going to join the celebration of Tanabata, which is held by Shishio-kun, right?”

“Yes, yes, thats right!” Hina nodded several times.

“Hmm…” Tsukiko thought for a moment and asked, “Is it only the three of you?”

“No, theres a lot of people. He has a lot of “friends,” after all,” Rui interjected while staring at Hina.

“Is that so? Then be careful. Dont go home too late,” Tsukiko said while staring at Hina, who lowered her head and laughed awkwardly from time to time. If it was only Shishio, Rui, and Hina, she thought it would be possible for them to bring Natsuo with them. However, there were many other people at this celebration, so she didnt say anything about Natsuo since she was afraid she might trouble Shishio.

“Okay, mom.” 2x

Rui and Hina excused themselves after they said goodbye to their mother, Akihito, and Natsuo before they left.

Akihito didnt say much since he was happy as long as he could be with his new wife.

However, Natsuo was slightly gloomy since he was left alone. He wanted to say something, but he couldnt since his relationship with Shishio wasnt that particularly close, and he also felt he would trouble him.

Still, was it hard for them to invite him on the pleasantry alone?

Natsuo was alone before he decided to return to his room since staying with his father and stepmother was horrible, considering how flirty they were. Still, the word that came from his stepmother made his heart pound.

What if Shishio also dated Hina?

Somehow the voice of Rui being pounded by Shishio that day changed into the voice of Hina.


Natsuo felt horrible at that moment, but strangely, he felt something strange was slightly awakened at that moment.

On the other hand, because of her mothers words, it was hard for Hina to face Rui. However, with her natural cheerfulness, she talked about the Tanabata and many things with Rui along the way.

Rui only stared at Hina and asked, “Hina-nee, are you dating Shishio too?”

Hina stopped talking and looked at Rui in silence. It wasnt until a moment later that she asked, “What made you think of that?”

Rui didnt look at Hina, and the two kept walking while talking, “You know, I have had this type of conversation with Shishio before.”

“What kind of conversation?” Hina asked after a moment of shock.

“Well, did you know Shishio dated Nana and her older sister?” Rui asked while looking at Hina.

Hina was dumbfounded and asked, “Really?” She had never heard this from Shishio. While she knew he had an older woman other than her as a lover, she never knew he also dated two sisters together.

“Yes.” Rui nodded and said, “Compared to your previous boyfriend, I feel it is better for you to date Shishio.”

Hina was dumbfounded and asked, “Are you okay with that?”

“Why not?” Rui looked at Hina with a smirk and said, “He might be a scumbag, but I know that he can take care of us, and it feels good with him, right?”

“……” Hina blushed, stuttered, and wasnt sure what to say since her sister was just too lewd!

“Anyway, lets just follow the flow. You dont need to be in a hurry, especially when youre close with this “friend” of yours, right?” Rui said while staring at Hina.


Hina wasnt sure what to say since it was hard to tell whether Rui knew the truth or not. Her head was in a mess, and she wondered what Rui meant by those words.

On the other hand, Rui only hummed happily since she had made a prank on Hina. However, she knew that bastard might have done something to Hina. Still, she wouldnt be surprised if they had done it. However, it also annoyed her since neither of them talked about their relationship with her.

Still, Rui also knew how hard it was to talk about their relationship.

Rui thought for a moment and wondered whether the three of them should make a trip together to talk about their relationship further.

However, before that, they were going to celebrate the Tanabata and also punish this scumbag along the way.

“Achooo!” Shishio rubbed his nose and felt it was quite itchy.

“Whats wrong, Shishio-kun?” Nanami asked worriedly.

“Its okay. Someone might talk about me,” Shishio said jokingly.

“…” Everyone.

Anyway, they decided to ignore his narcissistic words, but they felt his words were right since they must admit his appearance with a cute bear apron was just too cute somehow.

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