I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 512: Ora! Ora! Vs Muda! Muda!

Chapter 511: Tanabata

Shishio didnt know where this tradition came from, but Sakurasou had a tradition of holding the Tanabata.

The tenants set up many things to celebrate the Tanabata, and many children in the neighborhood would come to celebrate together.

While Shishio didnt feel surprised, the group of children came to Sakurasou, especially when he had made the image of the Sakurasou better by befriending the housewives in the neighborhood. He felt curious about how the group of the children would come to Sakurasou to celebrate the Tanabata last year, especially when the image of Sakurasou was bad because of its tenants.

When Shishio didnt stay in Sakurasou, there was Shiro-san, a pervert, and Mitaka, a playboy. There was also Misaki, hyperactive, Mayumi Nishikino, a drunkard, and many others.

It was surprising how those parents could let their children come to Sakurasou, especially when the tenants were so quirky.

However, the past was the past.

Sakurasou was different from last year, especially when few tenants had walked out of this dorm.

Shishio also invited all of his girlfriends since it was a rare chance for them to celebrate the Tanabata.

Everyone was also happy to come since it seemed fun.

After they changed into the yukata that was brought by Shishio, they also started their party, sitting together, talking, and enjoying food together. It might seem like their imagination, but somehow they felt like they were at a private festival held by themselves.

The only strange thing was the choice of food.

“Why Chinese food?” Yukinoshita asked while eating the shumai on the paper plate.

Shishio made various dim sum, mapo tofu, banbanji, and various other Chinese foods.

Tanabata was the celebration of the meeting between Hikoboshi and Orihime, but why did they eat Chinese food?

“You dont like it?” Shishio asked.

Yukinoshita looked at the shumai and said, “I like it.”

“Then, whats the problem?”

Yukinoshita nodded since she knew there was no need to argue about this matter as long as the taste of the food was good.

“Still, I also prepare some festival foods, right?” Shishio said while looking at Misaki, Shiina, Nanami, Nana, and Futaba, who were grilling the corn together.

When they had decided to set up the celebration for Tanabata, everyone decided to go all out.

Whether it was Shiina or Misaki, they made a design for the brochure for the festival and also made various small games that could be played by the little kids around the neighborhood.

It might be because those little kids, whether it was Mea Uchifuji or Maiko Osonoi, were excited and joined the celebration without hesitation.

“…….” Shishio and Yukinoshita could only look at this scene in silence.

Shiro-san was also excited since he made various games and other important properties for the private festival. “Come on! Come on! If you hit the doll, you can bring it back home!” He loved this type of unexpected event since it cleared his mind, made him able to have better creativity, and gave him an idea for his novel, so he went all out for this festival.

On the other hand, whether it was Chihiro, Hiratsuka, Mayumi Nishikino, Sayaka Watanabe, Roberta, or Hina Tachibana drank a beer together while eating snacks and many others.

Shishio wanted to invite Ayaka, but it seemed she couldnt come out of her dorm, especially when she still had to take care of the dorm. However, it couldnt be helped, so he decided to focus on the girls who were around him. He looked at Mai and asked, “Youre not in a hurry to go for the filming, right?”

Yukinoshita also looked at Mai since she would be lying if she wasnt curious about the movie process.

“I am going out soon, though.” Mai showed a bitter smile since she knew she would part with Shishio. Even if it was for a while, she was reluctant to do so, but it was for her dream, so it couldnt be helped. Still, when she thought about her current life, she wondered whether it was necessary to chase after her dream. After all, she already felt comfortable with her life, and with him beside her, she didnt need anything.

Still, Mai had wanted something in her life, but it wasnt something outrageous or luxurious. Instead, she wanted to get pregnant with his child. However, she also knew it was still too early and felt it might be better to have it later when she was 20.

Shishio didnt know what this girl was thinking and said, “Ill visit you later.”

The filming was right before the summer since when the summer came, the Izu, which was a place where the filming was located, would be full of people, and it would be hard for the crew to film the movie.

“Ill be waiting.” Mai smiled and rubbed her face against his neck. She couldnt help but chuckle so suddenly since she remembered something.

“Whats wrong?”

“I recall the time when we visited Odaiba together, and we also wore yukata together at that time,” Mai said, recalling their first meeting. When she had given up, he didnt give up and kept staying by her side no matter how long it was. He also helped her so she could recover from her condition. Even if all of the people in this world didnt believe her, he believed in her and stayed with her until she was alright.

It was also the reason why even if this guy was a bastard, Mai knew she couldnt get away from him. Her body might not be part of him, but her heart was already stuck in him, and it was impossible to forget about him.

Shisho smiled and rubbed her hair gently. He saw her slender and white neck, which was so sexy. He wanted to kiss it, but he knew the time, and the occasion wasnt right.

“……” Yukinoshita.

While they talked to each other, Nana and Futaba seemed to argue about something, but it was something normal since they wanted to show who was the best among them on the mid-term exam.

However, Momo Kashiwabara only smiled and thought she was going to surprise those two. After all, even if she might not like it, she was smart, and her rank was around the top ten among her grade. Unfortunately, she was in the 2nd grade, and she couldnt join the confrontation between Nana and Futaba, which made her sigh.


When Shishio talked with Mai and Yukinshita, Shiina came with corn in her hand. He looked at her mouth, stained with corn. “Look, how messy youre.” He felt helpless and wiped her lips with his hand.

Shiina only smiled and let him clean her mouth. She loved this feeling, and she even rubbed her cheek against his palm.

“…….” Mai and Yukinoshita.

“Whats wrong?” Shishio asked.

“Corn.” Shiina showed corn that had been baked to Shishio.

“For me?”

“Um.” Shiina nodded several times.

“Thanks.” Shishio accepted the corn, then asked, “Mashiro, do you know how to eat corn cleanly?”

“How?” Shiina asked since she must admit it was hard to eat corn. Her mouth was all messy, and some parts of the corn stuck on her teeth, which made her feel uncomfortable. However, even if it was uncomfortable to eat, she still wanted to eat it since it tasted so sweet and delicious.

“Its like this.” Shishio opened the husk, showing the beautiful cob hidden under. Then he used his thumb and pushed the kernels from the cob, cleanly taking out the kernels.

However, whether it was Mai, Shiina, or even Yukinoshita, they were dumbfounded since the kernels could line up together so neatly.

“Open your mouth, Mashiro,” Shishio said.

“Ahh…” Shiina opened her mouth obediently, showing her cute pink tongue to Shishio.

Shishio looked at Shiinas mouth and tongue for a moment before he fed her the kernels.

Shiina chewed the corn, and somehow it tasted better.

“How is it?” Shishio asked.

“Um!” Shiina nodded several times and wanted to say it was delicious, but she couldnt say words since she was in the middle of eating.

“I know. I know. You dont need to force yourself to talk. You can talk after you eat it cleanly,” Shishio said helplessly, but then his side was nudged. He turned and saw Mai open her mouth too.”

“Ahh…” Mai opened her mouth.

“……” Shishio.

“Ahhh…!” This time, Mai made a louder voice.

Shishio was speechless and also fed Mai, which made her satisfied. He then felt a gaze at him, and he knew whose gaze it was. He turned to look at Yukinoshita and asked, “Do you want me to feed you too, Senpai?”

“…No, its alright.” Yukinoshita shook her head gently after a moment of struggle.

Shishio looked at Yukinoshita for a while, but he didnt say much. However, it might be because his actions were seen that his other women also asked the same, and in the end, he didnt even eat single corn. However, he didnt mind and just relaxed while watching the scenery before him.

Shishio looked at Ritsu, who was looking at him, and asked, “Do you want me to feed you too, Senpai?”

“…….” Ritsu.

Everyone was having fun together. Even Ryuunosuke, who was always holed up in his room, also came out helplessly.

Still, the only thing Shishio felt weird about was why Ryuunosuke wore a female yukata and even tied his hair in a bun, which made him speechless.

“Shishio, dont you want to write your wish?” Mea asked.

“Yeah, Mashiro, you havent written anything either, right?” Maiko asked.

Mea and Maiko seemed to be satisfied after playing with the children, and after helping the children to write their wishes and put their wishes on the bamboo trees, they realized some people hadnt written their wishes, including Shishio and Shiina.

“If I have a wish, Ill do it on my own instead of making a wish,” Shiina said calmly, without stuttering and full of conviction.


They were in a daze and looked at Shiina in amazement. They knew this girl had always been in a daze, and they often thought of her as a little girl. However, they knew this girl was amazing, and her mind might be even more mature than all of them in this place. It was just that she had a short-memory loss, which made her say something misleading from time to time, making Shishio feel helpless.

“How about you, Shishio?” Nana asked.


Frankly, Shishio didnt think whether it was Hikoboshi or Orihime could grant him any wishes. After all, those two could only meet each other once a year, and even after so many years, this fact had never changed.

How could someone who could only meet each other once a year grant the wishes of the people?

If they could, it was better to make a wish for themselves, so they could meet each other every day.

Shishio was also similar to Shiina since instead of wishing for something, it was better to work hard by himself to get what he wanted. However, he decided to follow the mood since everyone was having fun since they made a wish, so he also did the same thing. He took a piece of paper and wrote his wish.

Everyone was curious about what kind of wish he was going to ask.

However, they felt speechless by his wish.

“Let me have a peaceful life.” Hiratsuka shook her head.

Shishio looked at Hiratsuka and asked, “What? Do you think Hikoboshi or Orihime cannot grant me this wish?” Maybe, he should change his wish, so he could see Orihime. He wanted to test the love of Orihime for Hikoboshi, whether her love was powerful enough to defend against his seduction.

“Yeah.” Hiratsuka nodded without hesitation and said, “I think your life will be even more chaotic from now on.”


Shishio looked at Hiratsuka for a while and shook his head.

‘No way, right?

Shishio tied his wish to the bamboo tree and hoped he would have a peaceful life.

However, could he?


Probably not.

Anyway, Shishio must admit the celebration for the Tanabata was so fun.

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