I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 513: Natsuo: I have to talk with him.”

Chapter 512: Ora! Ora! Vs Muda! Muda!

When the party ended, every one helped to clear up everything before they returned to their home. While they wanted to stay, there werent many rooms on the Sakurasou, and the rooms were fully occupied. They also had to go to school tomorrow or go to work tomorrow, so it was better for them to go home.

Still, some people decided to stay, like Hiratsuka, who decided to stay in Chihiros room.

As for the people who decided to go home, Roberta sent them with a car.

Shishio cleaned up all the things which they used for the party, and since many people had helped before, it only took him a short time to clear up everything. His body was also several times stronger than an average human, and he had a “household chores mastery,” so everything was just an easy peasy.

Still, Shishio didnt stay in his room after he finished the cleaning. Instead, he sat in the corridor near the living room of the Sakurasou while watching the night sky absentmindedly. He held a glass filled with ice and grape juice, thinking this might be a time when someone smokes.

Shishio might not be smoking, or he hated it since it smelled so bad and also made ones health bad. More importantly, it would make the sex performance of someone horrible. Having a healthy body was the best.

However, Shishio also knew life couldnt be so smooth.

One needed something to support themselves. It could be a cigarette, food, or something similar, which could make one forget their problem for a moment.

Shishio knew he had to face Rui and talk about his relationship with Hina, especially when he could see the slight change between the two sisters. He knew he couldnt hide their relationship anymore, and he needed to break this wall, so he could have the three of them in a fair manner.

Shishio rubbed his temple and thought to relax a bit. He sipped the grape juice silently while thinking about who would sneak into his room tonight, but who would expect someone would prank him.

“Who am I?”

Shishio pulled the hands which covered his eyes and said, “Misaki-senpai, what are you doing?”

Misaki pouted and sat next to Shishio. “Youre not fun, Shishio-kun!”

Shishio only smiled and showed a bottle of grape soda to Misaki. “Do you want some?”

“Thanks.” Misaki took his glasses and just drank from them, ignoring the fact they had an indirect kiss.

“…” Shishio stared at Misaki for a moment, but he didnt say anything. The indirect kiss aside, he wondered what he wanted to ask. “Have you finished your anime?”

“It should be ready soon.” Misaki let out a comfortable sigh since the taste of the grape juice was tastier than she had thought. She traced the mouth of the glass, feeling the coldness transmitted from the ice. The sweet aroma of the grape juice and the freshness of the soil of the yard mixed together.

“Is that so? I cant wait to see the finished result then.” Shishio took the glass again and sipped the grape juice.

However, Misaki looked at him, drinking from the position where she had drunk before. His expression didnt change as if he was just drinking from an ordinary glass. Still, it made her pout, feeling unhappy since she hoped he would show some kind of reaction when they had an indirect kiss.

Unfortunately, Shishio was too mature to blush or get embarrassed for having an indirect kiss, especially when the partner of this kiss was this crazy girl.

They stayed silent for a while, and Misaki took his glass again and shared another indirect kiss with him.

“…You okay?” Shishio asked after feeling speechless at Misakis action.

“Okay? Do you think I am not alright? I am 100% healthy!” Misaki might often stay overnight for her anime, but she was as fit as a bull!

Even her breasts were as huge as a female bull too!

Shishio only smiled and said, “You know, I am not talking about that, right?” Sometimes even someone who seemed healthy was sick, especially when ones habits in life interfered with sleep like work and others.

However, Shishio also knew that sometimes even sleeping was taxing for someone with a lot of problems on their mind. He wasnt sure whether Misaki was part of this group of people, but what he could do was to show her that he was worried about her.

Misaki was in a daze, staring at Shishio, who gently patted her head and told her with a gentle voice.

“Everything is going to be alright. You dont need to worry.”


It might be Misakis first time not wanting to say anything and just sitting there in silence, enjoying this quiet moment, which was quite rare. Still, in the end, she couldnt stop, talk, and say, “Are you going to make this defenseless girl fall for you, Shishio-kun? Or will you attack my boobs when I let my guard down?”

“….” Shishios lips twitched, and he asked, “You still have a grudge over that?”

Misaki gritted her teeth and said, “Of course! I might seem vulgar and might show you fan service from time to time…”

‘Fanservice… Shishio just swallowed the complaint in his heart.

“But I take care of my virginity well!”

Shishio almost coughed the grape juice in his mouth, but fortunately, he was able to hold it. Then, he looked at Misaki and said, “Its great to know that.”

“…Dont you feel guilty?”

“Say someone who has always pulled my towel and even wants to draw my wee-wee. You should know the grudge on my heart is deeper than yours!” Shishio snapped back and complained about the grievance he had felt in the past.

“What? Dont you feel happy a beautiful girl like me to see your wee-wee?” Misaki didnt want to lose and fought back even with her blushing face.

“Beautiful girl? Who? Where is that girl?” Shishio was confused and looked around.

“Ora! Ora! Ora! Ora!” Misaki couldnt handle it anymore and wanted to pull Shishios nipples several times annoyedly. If possible, she should also pull his wee-wee since it was longer and bigger. However, she was embarrassed to do that, so in the end, she had to settle with his nipples. However, Shishio was tougher than she had thought.

“Muda! Muda! Muda!” Shishio deflected all of Misakis fists with one hand while his other hand leisurely held the glass. He showed an overwhelming power which was enough to crush Misakis spirit. “Too slow! Too slow!”

“Kuuh!” Misaki felt she could see a giant fortress that was impossible to penetrate right in front of her.Hes strong! She was shocked by the difference in power between them. Whether it was his speed, power, reflex, or many others were overwhelmingly stronger than her.

However, could she give up?




“Ora! Ora! Ora!”

“Muda! Muda! Muda!”

‘What should I do? Misaki knew she couldnt continue to do this since, with her stamina, it would be soon before she couldnt even lift her arms!

Misaki knew she had to do something, so she leaped into him and hugged him!


Even if Shishio had read this situation, he was still speechless by this action. He let out a sigh and put the glass on the wooden floor.

This made Misaki happy since Shishio had been fighting her by using one arm, but this time, he used his two arms. She hugged him tightly as if she tried to crush her own body on him. She didnt even care if it might suffocate her, and she kept hugging him.

However, this huge feeling was different from what Shishio felt.

It might seem Misaki tried to defeat him with a bear hug, but in Shishios eyes, he felt this girl was scared and needed someone to console her, so he patted her back gently. “Its okay. Everything is going to be alright. I am here right beside you.”

“…Youre going to be with me?”

“Do you want me to leave?”

“No, stay with me!” Misaki didnt dare to show her face at that moment and buried her face right onto his shoulder. She wasnt sure what her expression was at that moment, but she knew she was in a mess. She was sure she had tears and snot. Without a doubt, she was ugly. However, she didnt hear a complaint from him, and she just heard his soothing comfort, which made her hug him tighter.

Misaki felt if Shishio wanted to touch her boobs, she would be okay with it.

“Do you want to touch my boobs?”

“?????” Shishio was so confused, but before he reacted, he was dragged by Misaki to the living room, and she closed the door without hesitation.

Misaki then sat in front of him and closed her eyes, waiting for him to touch her boobs.

“So, thank you.”

Misaki was dumbfounded by his decisiveness and closed her eyes, but who would have thought she would hear the sound of the sliding door. She quickly opened her eyes and saw him walking out of the room. “Youre not touching them?”

“Not now.”

“Then when?” Misaki grabbed his wrist and wouldnt let go of it no matter what.

“When you have finished your problem.” Shishio looked at Misaki and said, “When your mind doesnt change, let me hear it again. Still, it feels weird when what I want to do is just rub your boobs.”

Misaki laughed and jumped into his back. “Its alright. You have messed me up once. Twice doesnt really matter.”

“…Watch your words. If someone hears it, they might think I have molested you.”

“Well, you have molested me, right?”

“You also molested me, right? So its fair,” Shishio said of his sophistry.

“…” Misaki couldnt deny his words since she knew this guy was right. However, she also felt it was kind of unfair too.

“Have you talked with him?” Shishio asked. He didnt need to explain the “him” on his mouth since he knew Misaki must understand.

“Um.” Misaki nodded and said, “He has texted me before. I know I cant run away forever, and I need to face this.”

“Is that so?” Shishio didnt really have much of a say in what Misaki would do. After all, Misaki was Misaki. She had her own free will, and no one should tell her what she should do. He was different from others who thought it was better for Misaki and Mitaka to be together.

If Misaki could move on, that would be great. If she couldnt, then that was it.

There was no need to force her to make a decision that made her unhappy.

As long as Misaki was happy, Shishio felt it was enough. Still, suddenly he felt two soft yet elastic things pressed against his neck.

“Do they feel good?”

“…..” Shishio felt he needed to teach this woman, so she wouldnt tease a beast like him, or else…

“By the way, what is this? “Ora! Ora! Ora!” and “Muda! Muda! Muda!” Misaki hugged him tighter and asked, “Is it your new story?” Her eyes shone, and she was curious!

“….” Shishio.

Anyway, it was enough for him since, right now, all of his women have gone home.

That also included Hina and Rui, the two went home, but no one expected someone was waiting for them.

“Huh?” 2x

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