s out at anytime.

Ritsu felt regret for joining him on morning jogging and wanted to tell him to leave her, but who would have thought she would be piggybacked so suddenly.


“Just rest.”


Ritsu was dumbfounded, but she quickly realized one problem!

Ritsu was all sweaty!

Ritsu was afraid that she was smelly and didnt want him to get close to her!


“Or do you hate me for being sweaty?” Shishio asked.

“Huh?” Ritsu was surprised before she shook her head. “No, no, no! I dont hate it.”

Hearing that answer, Shishio looked at Ritsu with a subtle gaze. “Hmm… so you like my sweat?”

“…Whats what that? Why did your words become so weird?”

“No, I just dont expect Ritsu-senpai to have a sweat fetish…” However, before he finished his words, he quickly tapped Ritsus arm, which wrapped tightly around him. “Senpai! Senpai! Stop! I cant breathe!”

Ritsus face turned crimson, and she was so embarrassed. However, she was also annoyed since this bastard teased her!

However, in the end, Ritsu gave up and let loose the arms around his neck. She was slightly nervous, but she leaned on his shoulders.


Shishio was silent since even if Ritsus size wasnt big, they were a nice size.

“Is it alright?” Ritsu asked timidly.

“Its alright. Also, I cant leave you here.”

“Wont I bother you with your morning workout?”

“Youre not a bother, and its also a good thing to relax once in a while,” Shishio said calmly while walking with Ritsu on his back.

Ritsu, who was nervous, also slowly calmed down, feeling comfortable on his back, and leaned into him more relaxedly.

Shishio felt something soft behind his back, but as a gentleman, it was better not to say anything, but frankly, he loved it.

The two continued to walk while talking to each other.

Frankly, it was easy for him to talk with Ritsu even if she was known as a quiet type of person.

The key to having small talk was to find an interest.

Whether it was a job, life, living place, hobby, or many others, there were many things that one could talk about with someone as long as they were interested in that person, and from that one topic, it could continue to many things.

As they continued to talk, they arrived at the riverbank.

Shishio somehow smiled when he saw this riverbank since it gave him many memories. “Do you remember this riverbank?”

“…Ugh…” Ritsus expression was quite complex, but she nodded. “Theres no way I can forget about this place.”

It was the place where they met Mayumi Nishikino, who just happened to find out her boyfriend had cheated on her, so she spent her entire day sitting on the riverbank, drinking a lot of alcohol. Then, she met Shishio and tried to seduce him before she was stopped by Ritsu, who happened to walk nearby.

A lot of things happened, and in the end, Mayumi and Ritsu slipped from the handrail, and they hit Shishio at the same time.

When Ritsu thought of his brushed face and his nosebleed, she felt so guilty. However, she must admit, it was also the reason why she started to get conscious of him. “Can we move on?” Still, she felt so awkward staying in this place, and she wanted to continue to walk.

“Dont be in a hurry. Lets stay here for a moment. You can see something interesting here.”

“Something interesting?” Ritsu was confused, but she listened to him.

The two stood on the concrete bridge on the riverbank.

Ritsu followed Shishios gaze, wondering what he wanted to show here.

They waited for a while before Shishio said,” Ritsu-senpai, its here.”

Ritsu was confused, but then she gasped when she saw the scene before her.

The sun rose, and the darkness slowly disappeared because of its light.

Whether it was a building, tree, bridge, or even benches on the side were clearly visible because of this light.

Everything was enveloped by the orange-colored illumination.

The river even showed the reflection of the sun, making an illusion there were two suns right in front of them.

It was just so beautiful that it took her breath away.

The cold slowly disappeared because of the warmth from the light, making her body so comfortable.

“Its beautiful, right?”

Ritsu, who enjoyed this moment, turned and looked at the young man who had brought her to this place. She could see he just enjoyed this moment with a gentle yet lazy expression on his face. She couldnt see his face fully. Only his side profile could be seen, covered by the morning sunshine.

Ritsu took a deep breath and knew there was doubt about her feelings at that moment.

‘I love him.

Ritsu thought at this moment, but she couldnt utter those words out of her mouth. Instead, her mouth squirmed several times before closing them, then said, “Yes, its beautiful.” She moved closer to him and wanted to lean on him, but she gave up since she was embarrassed. However, even so, she treasured this moment so much and was glad to meet him.

Shishio looked at Ritsu for a while, but he didnt say anything.

Neither of them talked to each other again, and they just stayed side by side, feeling each others warmth and watching the sunrise together.

They might not voice their feelings into shape, but somehow, at that moment, they were sure they had become closer.

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