I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 516: Shishio: Why are you here?”

Chapter 515: Pocari is nice

After the result of the mid-term test came out, many things happened.

“No way…” Nana was at a loss when she saw the result.

Futaba didnt say anything and just pushed the frame of her glasses.

Shishio was behind them, looking at the result of the exam. While he didnt feel surprised by his result since he was ranked 1st, he was quite astonished by Futabas comeback.

Usually, Nana would beat Futaba and get the 2nd rank of the entire grade.

On the other hand, Futaba would get the 3rd rank of the entire grade.

Yet now, it was different.

Futaba took revenge by taking the 2nd rank on the entire grade, beating Nana.

The difference in their score might not be much, only one point, but the difference between the 2nd and 3rd ranks was obvious to all.

If this wasnt in the atrium of the school, Nana would be all four, showing remorse for her defeat.

“Its something I expected.” On the other hand, Futaba showed confidence that it couldnt be hidden. It might be because her relationship with Shishio had been confirmed, she was so happy, and she had always been in a positive mood.

Futaba also often stayed in Shishios apartment, living with Nana from time to time.

His apartment might be spacious and more sophisticated.

However, what Futaba loved about his apartment wasnt the size or how luxurious it was. Instead, it was because of the people who she lived with. While her house was as empty as a haunted house, his apartment was rowdy, which made her not have time to be gloomy. Nanas mood also affected her, which made her more cheerful.

Still, while Futabas mood became cheerful, Nanas mood became gloomy, especially when she had lost through Shishio and Futaba. While she had expected she would lose to Shishio, her bet was just an excuse for her, so she could let him punish her or ask for some perverted requests. However, Futaba was different, and she didnt expect she would lose!

“Uwaa… Shishio…!” Nana cried and hugged Shishio naturally.

“There. There.” Shishio was speechless and just comforted Nana perfunctorily by caressing her hair.

“…..” On the other hand, Futaba looked at this scene in a thoughtful manner.

“Cough! Cough!” Nanami suddenly coughed and reminded them. “I dont think this is a place for you to show such intimacy.”

Many students were also at the atrium since they wanted to see the result of the mid-term test, but their lips twitched when they saw how Shishio and Nana flirted with each other. Still, what could they do?

They couldnt say anything, especially after they saw the result of the exam. They felt they were slightly lower than them, and it was hard to say anything.

It might be hard to describe this situation, so Shishio named this situation “the zone.”

If Shishio had to explain, it was like when one felt reserved, worshiped, or even lowered their heads when they saw someone whose standing was on the top of them, whether it was because of their achievement, career, or wealth, or even because they were older.

It was their situation at this moment, but frankly, the girls around Shishio didnt care much since they saw their man didnt even seem to care about the people who glanced at him from time to time.

Still, Shishio realized someone hadnt gotten used to the stare. “Are you alright, Futaba?”

Futaba felt his hand on her shoulder and took a deep breath before she calmed down. “I am alright.” She might have forgotten it before she was right beside them, but she realized there were many people who looked at her. Fortunately, she saw Nana, Nanami, Mea, and even Maiko realize this, so they moved around her to cover her from the people.

Futaba looked at them and realized it was good to have people around her. Still, she wondered when Shishio was going to make a move on Mea and Maiko. Anyway, they decided to move to the side first, sitting on the bench nearby to rest.

“What do you want to drink?” Shishio asked while putting his money on the vending machine.

“Tea.” 5x

The five of them answered together. It was still early morning, so they didnt want to drink something strange.

Shishio let them choose what they wanted to drink before he took a pocari for himself.

They looked at the drink Shishio had chosen, and in the end, they changed their decision and chose the pocari.

“……” Shishio.

They opened the capped bottle and drank it together. Sweet, slightly salty, with a hint of grape flavor from the beverage hitting their tastebuds. While it didnt taste bad, they somehow could tell it would be even better when they drank it after they ended their workout.

“By the way, has Mai-senpai gone to Izu?” Maiko asked curiously.

“She left a few days ago,” Nana answered since she often lived with Mai.

“Really?” Maiko was dumbfounded and asked, “Why didnt she tell us anything?” She had thought of Mai as her friend, and wasnt it too cold of her not to say anything?

Mai had decided to stop her hiatus, so she went to Izu to do her first comeback movie.

Frankly, Shishio missed Mai, and Mai also missed him, but work was work. There was nothing they could do, especially when Mai had signed a contract to become the main character of the movie.

Also, Shishio must admit that the night before she left was so hot that it made his expression become subtle.

“Well, it is because a certain someone made Mai so tired the day before she went for her job,” Nana said subtly.

“…….” Nanami, Mea, Maiko, and Futaba.

“Can we not mention this?” Shishio sighed and asked, “Anyway, are you okay with going out to Izu next weekend?”

As the monitor teacher of the literature club, Kiriya had told everyone that they would go to Izu to watch the movies shooting. They also decided to stay there in the name of the training camp.

Frankly, it would be expensive to stay at Izu.

Fortunately, Shishio had a villa on the Izu, so they could stay. Naturally, he anticipated this trip and wanted to go with all of them, but somehow he felt weird when he thought Kiriya would also stay at his villa.

However, a day before, Kiriya had told him that he was going to stay in the hotel where the movie crew stayed.

Shishio gave a thumbs up to Kiriya and agreed without hesitation.

Still, it made Kiriya feel conflicted since, in Shishios mind, his position wasnt so important, which made him sigh.

“……..” Shishio.

Hearing his question, they nodded without hesitation since they also wanted to visit Izu. They even went on their own to do research on what kind of place they should visit on their trip.

However, before that, there was something that they had to face.

“By the way, Shishio, are your parents going to come to Tokyo?” Nana suddenly asked.

Hearing this question, they also looked at Shishio curiously.

“Well, my mother should come.” Shishio nodded and didnt hide anything since, in a few days, the parents meeting would be held. His mother had told him that she was going to Tokyo for this meeting to talk about what he planned in the future with his teacher, and also wanted to know about his daily life.

Still, hearing his answer, everyone started to become tense since even if they had expected Shishios parents would come, they felt nervous regardless.

“What to do…?” Maiko was slightly panicked.

“Why are you nervous?” Nana looked at Maiko suspiciously.


Shishio was speechless and said, “Its okay. You dont need to worry too much. Also, it isnt like my mother will meet you, okay?”

Still, his answer caused unexpected displeasure, so Nana asked, “You dont want your mother to meet us?”

Shishio looked at Nana, Nanami, Futaba, and even Mea and Maiko, then asked, “You want to meet my mother?”

Hearing this question, they hesitated for a moment before they nodded.

“Are you sure?” Shishio asked.

“What kind of person is your mother?” Nanami asked curiously. After all, she was curious about what kind of mother could give birth to Shishio?

They tried to imagine many things, whether his mother was strict, kind, gentle, or even unique, but one thing was for sure, they could tell that his mother should be a beautiful woman.

“Hmm…” Shishio thought for a moment and said, “Well, shes normal.” What could he say? He felt his mother was like an ordinary mother. She was strict, caring, and showed a characteristic that usually showed in a mother who cared about her son. “Anyway, I am not sure how shell react when she knows that I have dated a lot of girls, so I want to take it slow.”


They were silent since they also werent sure how his mother would react when she found out her son had been dating so many girls.

“Anyway, youll probably meet her when she comes to the school for the parents teacher meeting,” Shishio said.

They nodded and somehow felt slightly nervous.

Shishio looked at the five girls and didnt feel surprised by the reaction of Nana, Futaba, or Nanami. However, he felt weird at Maiko and Mea since why were those two nervous?

They talked for a while before they decided to return to their class.

Shishio looked at Nanami and asked, “Nanami, how about you? Is your parent going to visit the school?”

“Well, my mother will also come,” Nanami said after a moment of thought.

“Do I need to talk with her?” Shishio asked.

“Its okay. I know what I should say,” Nanami said calmly since when she thought about it clearly, she knew the reason why her parents disagreed with her decision to become a Seiyuu was that it was an unstable job, and there was no proof whether she could succeed or not. She was also quite extreme since she had almost given up studying, betting her entire life on Seiyuu.

Nanami somehow also understood why her parents were worried and didnt allow her to become a Seiyuu. However, she knew it was different now since the result of her test wasnt bad. Therefore, if she wanted to, she should be able to enter a good university, which would please her parents.

If there was something that had changed after she was with him, Nanami was sure it was her confidence since she believed as long as she was by his side, she would be alright. It was also the reason why she thought to give him a little surprise at night.

They talked for a while before they returned to their class.

Futabas class was different, so they had to part. When she entered her class and sat down on her seat, she noticed Sakuta Azusagawa looking at her, which made her feel creepy. “Its creepy if you keep staring at me like that.”

Sakutas lips twitched, and he asked, “Did you enter his harem?”

“…Dont say something like that.” Futaba frowned since she didnt like how this guy was so rude.

Sakuta could see a slight change in Futaba, and he knew he might have said too much, but it was hard for him to apologize, so he said, “Congrats.”

“Thanks,” Futaba said simply before she took out her book since the teacher had come. As for Sakuta, she didnt glance at him again.

Sakuta glanced at Futaba for a while and shook his head. He could feel a slight distance between them, but was it his imagination?

Sakuta didnt think too much since even if Futaba had become part of Shishios harem, she was still his friend, yet strangely, he felt so weird at that moment.

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