I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 516: Shishio: Why are you here?”

son because of how thirsty she was.

Chihiro: “I did.”

However, how could Chihiro admit that?

It was also because of this reason when Shishio picked his mother up, the people in the Sakurasou were strangely solemn, and no one dared to break the silence since, from what they had heard from Chihiro, they knew how strict her older sister was.

If her older sister was angry, she could destroy this place directly, which somehow frightened many people, especially Shiina, Nanami, Ritsu, and even Misaki.

Shiina was strangely quiet and just sat in seiza, even if her legs were numb.

On the other hand, Misaki even wore a kimono and acted like a graceful lady.

Nanami and Ritsu were much calmer since they only read a book on the side, yet they didnt realize their books were upside down at this moment.


Chihiro looked at the four of them speechlessly, but she didnt say anything and just sipped her alcohol, so when her older sister came, she didnt need to be sober and pretended to sleep since she must admit she was scared of her older sister!


Chihiros face turned crimson when she recalled what she had done with Shishio that time.


Chihiro shook her head and hoped nothing was going to happen.

Now, back to Shishio again, and after he had brought his mothers suitcase, he asked, “Do you want to go to Sakurasou to rest?”

“No.” Shishios mother shook her head without hesitation. “Lets walk around the city. It has been a while since I have been in Tokyo. Lets walk together.” She linked her arm around his sons arm without hesitation. “Also, I wont stay in Sakurasou.”

“…Then where are you going to stay?” Shishio asked, but frankly, he didnt really want his mother to stay in Sakurasou, especially when there was a pervert there.

“Your grandfather has a hotel, right? Lets stay there.” Shishios mother said naturally.

Even if his grandfather was a general, he also had a business, and that business was a hotel. The hotel had a good reputation and was often used by officials, business associates, or other businessmen during the trip.

In other words, it was good business.

However, this wasnt the thing that shocked him.

“Huh? Am I also going to stay?” Shishio was dumbfounded.

“Are you going to leave your mother alone?”

‘Youre not a child. Shishio thought, but he shrugged his shoulders, then said, “Well, I dont bring my uniform.”

“You can ask Roberta to send your uniform to you.”

Shishio looked at his mother and thought she might know a lot more about him, but she didnt mention anything to avoid awkwardness.

‘Or she might not know anything?

Shishio wasnt sure and just didnt think too much before he accompanied his mother to walk around Tokyo for a trip.

It might be too late to say this, but his mother was also Chihiros older sister. Her appearance was slightly similar to Chihiros, but there was a slight difference. As for who was more beautiful, it was hard to say.

Before, she was called Sengoku Shioriko, but now, she is called Oga Shioriko.

Still, it was impossible for Shishio to call his mother by her first name. After all, she was his mother.

The two went to the department store and entered the most famous pastry store.

“Whats with that expression?” Shioriko looked at her son, whose lips twitched when he saw her ordering many western pastries.

“No, but can you eat all of them? You have ordered so much,” Shishio said speechlessly since his mother had ordered so much.

“Its okay. If I cant eat them, you can finish it.” Shioriko rubbed her sons arm and said, “You might seem healthier now, but you should eat more.”

“…….” Shishio.

“Its also rare for me to be in Tokyo, so lets just have fun, alright? Also, tell me many things you have done after youre here,” Shioriko said while eating her cake.

“Well, I dont mind, but before that…” Shishio took his phone and told everyone that he wasnt going to go home.

On the other hand, Chihiro, who received his phone call, was dumbfounded, and her legs were weak, but when she heard the content of his call, her lips twitched, and she just nodded.

However, her words caused everyones attention to turn toward her.

“Whats wrong, Chihiro-sensei?” Misaki asked after Chihiro ended the call.

“Shishio wont go home, and hes going to stay with his mother,” Chihiro said with a sigh of relief since she didnt need to meet her older sister.


Hearing the news, they felt so complicated somehow.

Coming back to Shishio, he talked about many things with his mother. He knew that his mother wouldnt stay too long in Tokyo and would go back tomorrow after the teacher-parent meeting. After all, his father would miss her if she was gone too long.

Frankly, the relationship between his mother and father was so good that he didnt think it would be weird if suddenly he heard the news he had a new sibling or something. However, he felt instead of having a small sibling. They might receive grandchildren first.

It was just they didnt expect someone would interrupt them when they talked to each other.

“Huh? Shishio-kun?”

Shishio turned, and his lips twitched, but if someone looked closely at his face, they could see he was stunned, and there was one question that appeared clearly on his face even if he didnt say anything.

‘Why are you here?

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