because her uncle was a famous painter, and most of her family worked in the art sector.

His mother might have also worked in the art sector before, but she became a housewife after she married.

Shishio looked at his mother and thought his father was quite lucky. After all, even if his mothers personality was quite strong, she was docile in front of her husband, which made him sigh.

Still, if only his mother didnt tell his secret before he became a high school student, he would be happier to have her as his mother.


Shioriko and Haruno laughed together and were so close right now, making him speechless.

The two walked together and checked many things together, shopping.

As for him, what could he do?

Shishio could only lower his position as a gofer right now. When he sighed, Haruno approached him and said with a smile, “Still, I dont expect you were like that in your middle school time.”

“Everyone has their ideal self. I was just a kid back then, and it was fun to act onto my ideal self.” Shishio felt there was nothing wrong with being a Chuunibyou since being someone you werent made you feel good.

However, hearing his answer, Haruno was silent for a while, staring at Shishio in a daze, before she smiled. “So, have you gotten tired of acting?”

Shishio looked at Haruno for a while and wasnt sure what to say for a while since he knew this young woman in front of her had always been masking and acting, but this was her way of life. They might be close, but he didnt think it was good of him to comment on her way of life.

Haruno had been choosing this way of life, and she stuck toward it even now.

Strangely, Shishio felt whether it was Yukinoshita or Haruno, they were similar to each other. He knew it was quite strange to say this. After all, Yukinoshita had always been living in an upright manner, without lying, walking in a straight manner, and ignoring everyone who told her she was walking on the wrong path.

On the other hand, Haruno made everyone follow her, and she stayed in a place, letting them do what she asked them.

Their method might be different, but without a doubt, they walked toward the same destination.

As for which one was harder, it was hard to say.

Shishio only looked at Haruno with a smile before he rubbed her hair gently. “Is there something that you want? I can treat you as a thank you for accompanying my mother.”


Haruno was in a daze since she didnt expect she would receive a pat on her head from a boy who was several years younger than her. Well, he might not be a boy any longer, but she must admit it felt weird. It felt strange that she loved this feeling, but also, she was a bit scared somehow since he felt this boy could enter her heart like it was nothing, wrecking her heart apart.


Haruno smiled and thought it was fun. She felt challenged somehow, and she wanted to try what would happen if she fell deeper into this abyss.

“Dont dodge my question. Lets see… is it like this?” Haruno acted like she was a Chuunibyou while saying, “I am the queen of the darkness?”


The sound of the camera sounded.

It was part of the law of this country that the phone and the camera couldnt be muted, and whenever one took a picture with a phone, the sound of the camera would be noticeable.

Instantly, Haruno realized her picture doing an idiotic act was taken!

“I wonder how Yukino-senpai reacts when she sees this?” Shishio said with a smile.

“……..” Haruno was speechless and tried to grab his phone without hesitation. “Delete it!”

The two fought with each other, and if his mother didnt stop them, they might continue. Still, in the end, he deleted the photo under the persuasion (force) of his mother, which gave Haruno a smug expression and hugged his mother intimately.

“……..” Shishio.

The three had fun together, but they didnt notice a certain blonde-haired boy happened to see them with a complicated gaze.

In the end, the fun time ended quickly.

Haruno sent him and his mother to the hotel before she left while also exchanging contact info with his mother.

“……..” Shishio.

When Haruno left, Shishio and his mother entered the hotel together.

“Haruno-chan is a good girl,” Shioriko said while looking at her son, wondering what kind of expression he would show when she asked this question.

“I know.” Shishio nodded and calmly said, “But if you want her to become my wife, itll be hard since it is impossible for me to become the son-in-law of the Yukinoshita family. Come on. Lets enter.”

Unlike Yukino, the future of the Yukinoshita family was on Harunos shoulders. It was also the reason why she had to act, especially when everyone had an expectation of her.

Whether Haruno was sad, crying, depressed, or many others, she couldnt show it and had to mask it with her smile.

That way of life was suffocating, and it was impossible for him to do that.

However, under responsibility and expectation, it was a path that Haruno had to take, and she also had chosen this path.

Shishio wasnt sure what kind of man that would be by Harunos side, but he knew the man wouldnt be in the dominant position if he dated Haruno.

On the other hand, Shishio felt Yukinoshita was several times cuter.


Shioriko stared at her sons back in a daze before quickly chasing after him since she realized her son was more mature than she had thought!

“Shishio! Wait for mom!”

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