I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 519: My mother-in-laws heart

Chapter 518: Shishio: “I want to become a prime minister.”

The next day was the parent-teacher meeting.

Shishio came with his mother to the school, and of course, many of his girlfriends saw his mother. He could see how nervous they were, but he felt it was natural since it had always been nerve-wracking to appear in front of the parents of someone they loved.

Still, Shioriko looked at her son in doubt since whenever they walked, she could see a hopeful gaze from the female students. Her lips just twitched, and she wondered whether her son was really that popular.

However, when Shioriko thought of how awesome her son was (right now), she felt it was normal somehow.

Frankly, Shishio thought he would meet the parents of his girlfriends, but it seemed that wasnt the case since each of them came to the school at a different time. He and his mother came early, and whether it was the parents of Nana, Mea, Maiko, or even Nanami came quite later.

On the other hand, Shiina had to count Chihiro as her guardian.

‘Now that youve mentioned it.

Shishio looked at his mother and asked, “Youre not going to meet Chihiro-nee?”

“No.” Shioriko shook her head and said, “If I meet her, well just talk when shes going to marry.”

“….” His lips twitched since he didnt think his mother was wrong.

When women reach 30, they will be in a hurry, especially when their friends, acquaintances, and the rest have gotten married.

Shioriko was worried she would ask this question to her little sister and cause the awkwardness, so it was better not to meet. Also, if they met, she had a feeling they would just drink alcohol and get drunk. It was a waste of time, and it was better to go home to go play with her husband.

“Now that youve mentioned it. Mashiro-chan is here, right?” Shioriko asked.

“Yeah.” Shishio nodded and asked, “Do you want to meet her?”

Shioriko thought for a moment and said, “Well, if I have time, Ill meet her after our meeting with your teacher.”

“Youre in a hurry?” Shishio asked.

“I miss your father, so I want to go back in a hurry,” Shioriko said blatantly, ignoring her sons feelings. After all, when Shishio had gone, she was like a newlywed again with her husband.

“…..” Shishio stared at his mother in silence, wondering whether he would get a younger sibling. “Mom, I want a little sister.” His mother was still in her early 40, so she was still relatively young and healthy, so it wouldnt be a problem for him to have a younger sibling.

“…..” Shioriko stared at Shishio in silence before she said, “By the way, I dont want to see my grandchildren too early.”

“Cough! Cough!” Shishio choked.

Then, a mother and a son stared at each other awkwardly.

Whether it was a younger sibling or his children first, Shishio wasnt sure which would come first.

However, Shishio knew this wasnt the time to think about this matter since his meeting with his teacher had started.

Koharu Shirayama.

It had been a while since Shishio talked with his homeroom teacher, especially with how busy he was right now. In the past, right before Golden Week started, Koharu had told the class who would take the 1st rank on the entire grade that she would treat them an expensive yakiniku.

Shishio took the 1st place easily, but he hadnt gone, nor did he remind Koharu about it.

Koharu also felt awkward and shy to remind Shishio, especially when she thought it was quite immoral for a student and a teacher to meet outside the school and eat together. She felt it was like a date.

If Shishio took the initiative, it would be different.

However, Shishio didnt take the initiative since he didnt have much interest in Koharu.

He has two teachers already. Should he add more teachers?

Anyway, the student and parent meeting started, and Koharu glanced at Shishio, who seemed to be unfazed and calm, which made her hold a grudge, considering many things this naughty boy had done to her. He kept teasing her, yet he didnt do anything and just stood in the same place as if she told him to move by herself if she wanted to get him.

Shishio forced her to stop becoming a teacher!

Still, Koharus will was strong, and she felt her job was more important, especially when the opponent was a scumbag.

However, as a teacher, Koharu must admit Shishio was a student she sought after since he was so smart and didnt cause trouble.

“Yes, Oga-kun is a good student,” Koharu said with a smile.

“Is that so?” Shioriko was calm, but she was pleased to hear what Shishio had done in the school, especially when he was so smart that he had always taken 1st place in the entire grade.

“…” Shishio.

Shishio didnt say much and just sat in silence, listening to Koharu and his mother, who talked to each other about his everyday matters and his grade. Fortunately, Koharu didnt say anything about this relationship with several girls. He wasnt sure why Koharu did this, or did she think it wasnt necessary for her to say it?

Shishio wasnt sure, but if Koharu didnt say anything, he also wouldnt say anything.

“So, which university are you going to aim for in the future?” Koharu asked.

Shioriko looked at her son and knew it was an easy peasy for him to enter any university in the country.

“Ill probably enter the faculty of the economy at Kyoto University,” Shishio said calmly.

Shioriko nodded, thinking Shishio was going to follow in the footsteps of his father. It was a good choice. After all, many children would follow their parents footsteps since it was easier and their parents already had a connection, so even if Shishio was a dumbass, as long as he wasnt stupid, he could have a similar status to his father when he was old enough.

This is how this country is.

They followed the concept of seniority. As long as you are old enough, you can get your promotion.

As for the talented ones, they would probably be buried if they werent strong enough.

After all, in this country, there was a saying, “a nail that sticks out will be hammered down.”

Fortunately, Shishio was smart, so Shioriko didnt need to worry too much.

“I see.” Koharu nodded and had expected this situation. “Just in case, is there also a different university you want to enter?” If Shishio entered Kyoto University, she knew he would follow in his fathers footsteps, becoming an elite banker. She sighed, wondering why she couldnt meet him earlier.

“Tokyo University. Law department,” Shishio said calmly.

“Oh? Have you thought about the career that you want to pursue in the future by entering the Law Department of Tokyo University?” Koharu asked.

“Yes.” Shishio nodded and said, “I want to become a prime minister.”


Koharu was silent and opened her mouth wide.

“Sensei, this is where youre supposed to laugh,” Shishio said with a chuckle.

Shioriko also laughed.

Koharu looked at Shioriko speechlessly and asked, “Is that okay?”

“Well, why not? Worse case, if he cant enter a good university, he can become an idol or even an actor, right?” Shioriko said with ease. After all, she knew the acting skill of her son, and she had a feeling he could become a popular actor. By then, with his popularity and the connection of his family, it was only a time before he became prime minister.

Joke asides, Shioriko didnt think it was impossible for her son to become prime minister.

“…” Shishio and Koharyu.

In the end, they talked for a while before they ended their parent-teacher meeting.

“So you want to enter Tokyo University?” Koharu asked.

“The Kyoto University is good, but the center of this country is in Tokyo after all. Most of the politicians are alumni of Tokyo University, too,” Shishio said.

“Thats true.” Shioriko nodded as if it was a matter, of course, that her son became prime minister. “Okay, I want you to guide me around the school. Its my first time here, after all.”

Shishio didnt think too much and just guided her around the school. He didnt bring her to the literature club. Instead, he brought her to the Service Club since it was safer. After all, he wasnt sure how to bring up the matter of his philandering life after he came to this city.

Shishio opened the clubroom of the service club, thinking there were no other people inside, but unexpectedly, there was something.

“Shishio-kun, havent your parents taught you manners? You should know—” Yukinoshita stopped her words since she was dumbfounded when she saw Shishio wasnt alone.

“Sorry, Senpai. I brought my mother to visit the school, and I thought no one was here,” Shishio said.

“Hello.” Shioriko greeted Yukinoshita with a gentle smile.

“Hello.” Yukinoshita was slightly stiff, but she quickly recovered, welcoming Shishios mother with ease and polite matter. She glanced at Shishio, wondering why this guy didnt tell her anything when he decided to bring his mother to the clubroom. “Please sit here, mam. Ill prepare tea for you.”

“Thank you, Yukino-chan,” Shioriko said with a smile when a warm tea was served to her.

They just talked for a while, but their relationship quickly warmed up.

Shishio pouted and said, “Mom, why do I feel like shes more like your daughter than me being your son?” He just wanted to tease them since he felt the relationship between his mother and Yukinoshita was so close, which made him speechless.

Shioriko only laughed and said, “Oh, I want Yukino-chan as my daughter.”


Shishio and Yukinoshita looked at each other before they looked away slightly.

Shioriko smiled and laughed. She must admit among Yukinoshitas daughters, while the older one wasnt bad, the younger one was cuter.

Still, Shishio wondered why his mother seemed so happy when she met Yukinoshita.

‘Did something happen at home? Shishio thought. He thought of investigating this matter, but he knew his parents wouldnt harm him, so in the end, he didnt say much and just talked with Yukinoshita before he walked out with his mother since he knew his mother wanted to go home.

When Shishio and his mother left, Yukinoshita followed them until they were out of the clubroom. As for her parents, she told them her mother hadnt come, so she was going to wait for a while in the clubroom.

“Bye, Senpai.”

“See you in the future, Yukino-chan.”

Yukinoshita also said goodbye before she closed the clubroom again. She was alone in this room, but strangely, she felt it was more lonely than before. She could see how close Shishio and his mother were.

‘Compared to me…

Yukinoshita showed a bitter smile until she thought about Shiorikos words.

‘I want Yukino-chan to become my daughter.

Her expression became subtle before she shook her head. She opened her book again and continued to read, but she just couldnt focus at this moment.

In the end, when his mother left, she didnt talk to his girlfriends.

However, Shishio didnt think too much since there was a lot of chance in the future. Still, when he was about to return, his phone vibrated, and he saw Rui had called him. “Whats wrong, Rui?”

“Shishio, can I stay in your place?”


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