I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 520: Shishio: Im sorry auntie.”

us or not from how well her dish is,” Shishio said.

“Hmm…” Tsukiko thought for a while before she let out a long sigh. “I understand. Can you tell her that, Shishio-kun? I am sure she wont accept my call after all.

“Alright, Ill tell her when she wakes up later,” Shishio said while looking at Rui, who was right on his side.

“Thank you, Ill leave her in your hands,” Tsukiko said formally.


“…Er, do you want me to marry her?” Shishio joked with Tsukiko.

Tsukiko chuckled, then asked sternly, “Then you dont plan to marry my daughter at all even after what you have done?”

“….” Shishio was speechless and wondered why Rui also looked at him with such a gaze. “No, I plan to. Even if she gets pregnant now, I can take responsibility.”

“…While I hope I can see the face of my grandchildren as soon as possible, I hope that you can wait until you graduate from a university and get a job first.” While Tsukiko wanted to see the face of her grandchildren, she didnt want to see them too early.

They talked for a while before they ended the call by saying she would leave Rui to him for a while.

Anyway, Tsukiko knew Shishio already and knew her daughter would be alright. The only thing she was worried about was that her daughter might return while getting pregnant. Still, they should be able to take care of themselves, right?


Tsukiko felt she needed to discuss this matter with Hina, and of course, with her husband. Since they had married, she wanted to rely on him. Of course, if Shishio didnt remind her, she might not have done this and done everything on her own since she had gotten used to doing everything alone.

While Tsukiko might agree to marry Akihito, it was hard to change the habit.

When the call ended, Shishio looked at Rui and gently rubbed her head. “You have heard everything, right?” Still, he wondered why Tsukiko and Akihito didnt plan to have children, but their relationship might be different from what he imagined. A relationship had many forms, so it wasnt his place to talk about their relationship.

Also, while Shishio might take it lightly, having a child in this country was tough.

Rui didnt answer his question for a while before she asked, “Shishio, do you think it is the right choice for me to become a chef?”


Shishio looked at Rui in silence before he lifted her and pulled her in his arms. He put her on the bed and hugged her from behind. “Are you worried that youre hurting your mother?”

“Um.” Her eyes were red, and she was already crying since she didnt expect her mother would hurt so much from the previous marriage. If she met her father again, without a doubt, she would beat that man. She might not know the circumstances, and there might be something hidden by her real father, but without a doubt, her real father had hurt her mother.

Her mother was about to recover from the damage of the previous marriage, yet she reminded her mother of that memory. This made her wonder whether her decision to become a chef, like her father, was the right choice.

Rui had always seen everything from her point of view. She was angry when her mother rejected her and didnt even listen to her about why she wanted to become a chef, yet she didnt see what her decision was from her mothers point of view.

Rui felt she was selfish, and she was ungrateful to her mother. It was the reason why she wondered whether her decision to become a chef was the right choice.

“Do you want to become a chef because you want to spit on your mother?”

“No!” Rui said without hesitation since there was no way she wanted to become a chef because she wanted to spit on her mother. She liked making delicious food and wanted to make it into her job.

Thats all.

“Then you dont need to think too much. No one is wrong. It is just that the situation of your family is quite complicated, and because theres nothing wrong with showing your conviction to your mother that you dont decide to become a chef because of the moment of heat.” Shishio caressed her cheek gently, staring into her eyes gently, and said, “I have done everything to convince your mother, so the rest is in your hand.”

Rui stared at Shishio, holding his hand, which caressed her cheek. She was glad that she could be with him. She was glad that she was his, and she was glad that they could be together.

“I know. Ill show her my conviction.”

“Should I talk with your father too?” Shishio asked.

“…Wont it trouble you?” Rui felt she had troubled him so much.

“Youre silly. Youre my woman. Of course, I want you to trouble me. Rely on me, alright?” Shishio said with a smile.

Rui couldnt handle it anymore and kissed his lips without hesitation.

Shishio was pushed by Rui, who was so excited.

When their lips parted, Rui said, “I love you.”

“Me too.”

“Lets do it again.”

“…Let me get a condom.” However, Shishio was stopped by Rui.

“Le-Lets do it without that thing.”


Shishio felt he might break his promise with Tsukiko tonight.

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