I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 52 - Fish Hot Pot

The train moved past in front of Shishio, and he wondered how many heroines or targets that could trigger his system in this world. He knew that he had met a lot of females along the way, but only some of them could trigger the system which made him helpless.

’If all the women and girls in this world can trigger the system then it ’ll be wonderful.. ’​​

However, Shishio knew that it wouldn ’t be that easy and he knew that the number of heroines was quite limited. If he decided to become a scumbag, then he could become the richest man on earth right away, but he didn ’t really want to become one.

Shishio then shook his head and decided not to overthink since no one knew about the future, at first, he thought that he shouldn ’t have a relationship with anyone in high school, but when he thought about it calmly, it was better to have one, especially the thought about Chihiro, who hadn ’t married until now, he felt that he needed one.

Shishio knew that the relationship during high school was relatively pure, and it was different for an adult since they needed to think about a lot of things, especially economics. He didn ’t need to worry about money anymore and even if he didn ’t work, it should be alright since he had already become a billionaire and a superhuman, but a human was a greedy creature and he wanted to see what his limit was.

Shishio looked at the reddish sky under the setting sun, the cherry blossoms slowly fell, and there were more and more people in the neighborhoods, standing in front of the shopping district, he thought for a while and decided to walk in.

”Boss, do you have any fresh tuna? ”

Shishio looked at the fish shop in front of him, asking the boss whether there was tuna since Shiina was about to move to Sakurasou so he was sure that they would prepare a hot pot as usual.

”Of course, I have one, Nii-chan, how about this one? ”

The boss picked up one happily and handed it to Shishio.

”I will take this one, boss. ”

With his ”Cooking Mastery ”, he could tell whether the fish was fresh or not, or if it was just caught or not, and he knew very well that the fish that was recommended by the boss was really good.

”Okay, Nii-chan, I can tell that you ’re quite professional at this. Let me check the weight. ”

The boss put the tuna on the scale and said, ”Total is 1775 grams, I will make it 1,5 kg since I can see that you ’re going to come often. ” It might be his instinct as a boss of a fish shop that he could tell that little brother in front of him could make this fish into something very delicious and of course, he wanted to taste it which was why he was going to give him a discount.

”Thank you, boss, I will come to your shop next time and promote it too. ” Shishio smiled and felt that this guy was quite pleasing to the eyes. Even though he had money, he was quite thrifty after all, if he could get it cheap, then why should he reject it?

”Okay, okay! See you next time, Niichan. ”

”Hello little brother, is there something that you want? ”

”I will take the croquette, boss. ”

Shishio looked at the display and decided to choose the cheese croquette.

”Eat it slowly, little brother. ”

”Thank you, boss. ”

Shishio took the croquette and looked at the clock behind the counter, and it was almost the time for an appointment. Without hesitation, he moved quickly since he didn ’t want to be late.

After a few minutes, Shishio looked at the empty square in front of the station, and there was one minute before the appointment time, so Shiina should have arrived, right?

Shishio looked around and a slender figure appeared on his sight, with pale yellow hair, and without an expression, sitting blankly under the cherry blossom tree in front of the station, with a brown suitcase that usually appeared on classic British drama standing next to her.

Shishio looked at Shiina and had to admit that this scene was really unforgettable, and at the same time, he was wondering how Chihiro could entrust Shiina to someone like Sorata? He understood now the reason why that woman hadn ’t married until now.

”Achoo! ”

Chihiro touched her nose and wondered if someone was talking about her, or if she had caught a cold? If so, then she should take some medicine since she didn ’t want to get sick since she had an appointment with a rich divorced man.

Shishio didn ’t come to Shiina immediately but tried to remember her information from his memory.

Shiina Mashiro was coming from a family of artists, and she had been living in the world of painting since she was a child, so she was relatively slow to anything besides painting. She had a gentle personality, dull, lacking in common sense, and extremely dependent. She had no ability to take care of herself, and her way of thinking was different from ordinary people, and because of this, under Sorata ’s operation, she fell from the throne of the art world.

It wasn ’t that she wanted to be that way, or that she resisted herself to be that way, but it was because of Kanda Sorata of so-called ”Yasashi (Gentleness) ”, that Shiina was bound to be dependent on him.

Even Shishio thought that it was because of the author ’s strange plot and various ridiculous incidents that made Shiina face something that she had never faced before, leaving her ignorant and confused by her surroundings, which caused her to hurt and mess in the later stage of the plot.

It was because of Shiiina ’s dependence, that it made her feel that she was in love with Sorata, even though she didn ’t, so everything was the fault of Kanda Sorata.

Shishio looked at the girl ’s hair that was slightly blown by the wind, as the girl ’s pupils slowly rose, her appearance gradually appeared under his sight, and he also understood why Kanda Sorata was in love at first sight.

Shishio then slowly walked toward Shiina while looking at the photo in his hand, comparing it to the girl who was sitting quietly in front of him, although, he somehow remembered the story, he felt that Chihiro was really irresponsible, leaving such a cute girl to Kanda Sorata.

When Shishio walked toward her, Shiina looked up at him, watching him in silence.

”Are you Shiina Mashiro? ”

”… ”

Shiina looked at Shishio, without any expression.

”??? ”

Shishio raised his eyebrow, wondering why this girl didn ’t answer him.

”Hey, what color do you want to be? ”

”… ”

Shishio didn ’t expect to be asked this question so suddenly.

Shishio didn ’t seem to be surprised when he received his reward, but rather he was thinking about how to answer Shiina ’s question.

”If you ask this question to me, then at this moment, you should be full of confusion about your surroundings and future now, ” Shishio answered calmly and didn ’t directly answer Shiina ’s question just now.

When Shishio thought about Sorata ’s answer to Shiina ’s question in the story, he knew that Sorata was feeling inferior to all the people that were living in Sakurasou.

Sorata ’s surroundings were too bright and it made him who was always lacking the confidence to feel even more inferior which was why he answered Shiina ’s question with an opal color which was a very dull color and that answer made Shiina confused.

”Please answer me. ”

Shiina looked at Shishio and hoped to be able to get an answer from him.

”What color, huh? ” Shishio rubbed his chin and said without hesitation and full of confidence. ”

Right now, I am the color and in the future, my color will be even more dazzling. ”

Shishio had a right to say all of that since he knew that his future was unlimited with the system and his ability, so that was why he said that he was the color now.

”Color? ”

It might be Shiina ’s first time to hear such an answer that she looked at him with a confused expression.

”Yes, color. ”

Shishio nodded and said, ”I have infinite possibilities. I don ’t intend to be one of the colors among all living beings. I don ’t want to be a filler among everyone, but I want to make everyone, no, the world, to be affected by me. ”

”….. ”

Shiina was stunned when she heard such an answer from Shishio.

Originally for her, the world was separated by two, one was her and her paintings, and the other one was outside her and her paintings. To the outside, in truth, she had never been curious about it, but after she heard Shishio ’s answer today, there were waves on her heart, and there seemed to be a little light on her pupils.

”So what color do you want to be? ” Shishio asked back.

”The future… I don ’t know, but I should be white now. ”

Shiina was in silence since she had never considered this problem, although Shishio ’s answer made her yearn for it, but her condition, well…

”Then your future should be white. You are you. You don ’t need to change yourself for other people. It is enough to be one that you want to be and the color for your future depends on your own choices in the future. ”

Shishio also agreed that Shiina ’s color was white at this moment, however, it didn ’t mean that white was bad, white was beautiful, it was flawless, simple, and unique, but at the same time, it was easily stained.

”The color of my future depends on my own choice? ”

Shiina looked at Shishio faintly, she didn ’t quite understand what he meant, but no one had ever said something similar to herself before which was why she felt that she wanted to be with him from now on.

”My name is Shishio Oga. I was asked by Chihiro-nee to come and pick you up. ”

Shishio showed out the photo to Shiina and had to admit that even though she had grown up, she was still beautiful and cute.

”Shiina Mashiro. ”

”Well, please take care of me in the future, Shiina-san. ” Shishio smiled faintly and said, ”Let ’s go back to Sakurasou for now. ” He was wondering what would happen to the protagonist and the heroine from now on and somehow, he felt that it was quite interesting to make the relationship between the heroine and the protagonist end failure.

”Mashiro. ”

”Hmm? ”

”Call me, Mashiro. ”

”…. ”

Shishio felt strange since he knew that unless someone was very close to each other, there was no way for that person to call out that person ’s first name, but Shiina ’s head was working differently so…

”Then, Mashiro, you can also call me, Shishio. ”

”Um, Shishio. ”

Mashiro nodded and thought that something was about to begin.

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