I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 53 - Believe It Or Not I Will Throw You To The Tokyo Bay

”Welcome to Sakurasou! ”

”Welcome, Mashiro-chan! ”​​

”Thank you, Chihiro. ”

Shishio took Shiina back to Sakurasou, and because she was curious about everything around her, he accompanied her all the way to Sakurasou, and when they arrived at Sakurasou, the truck that transported Shiina ’s luggage had already arrived.

”Chihiro-nee, I bought a tuna along the way, and Mashiro has just moved to Sakurasou, how about we eat a hot pot tonight? ”

Shishio handed all the things that he had bought to Chihiro to check.

Chihiro nodded and said, ”Alright, the size of the fish seems quite good, let ’s just make a hot pot tonight, can you make it, Shishio? ”

”Sure. ” Shishio nodded.

”It ’s great! Shishio-kun, are you going to make dinner tonight? ”

Misaki looked at Shishio excitedly, after tasting Shishio ’s dish two days ago, everything she ate felt almost tasteless, showing how delicious his dish was, though, she didn ’t know that the dish that she ate before was a dish that he made casually. She then heard that Chihiro had told Shishio to cook dinner, she couldn ’t help but gulp her saliva, thinking how delicious his dish was.

”Finally, I have a chance to taste it this time. ”

Mitaka thought about the breakfast that Shishio had made this morning. Unlike Misaki who had already shown her saliva, with his personality, he couldn ’t do such a thing that might damage his image.

”Oh? Boy, can you cook? Is it really delicious? ” Mayumi asked, then looked at Sayaka in doubt. When she heard that Shishio could cook, she thought that it was normal, but how delicious was it? She wasn ’t sure and thought that it might not be bad.

”I don ’t know, but from Misaki ’s reaction, it doesn ’t seem like a fake. ”

Sayaka had just returned to Sakurasou. She was usually very busy and wouldn ’t be at Sakurasou most of her time, and it was the same about tonight, but the gathering with her friend was suddenly canceled, so she chose to come back since she felt bored, and as a result, she met Mitaka and the others at the door, helping with Shiina ’s luggage.

”Oga-kun, do you need my help? ” Shiro-san looked at Shishio with a reddish face, but his current sight was a little low, so he was unable to see Shishio ’s appearance.

”…It ’s alright, you don ’t need to help me, Shiro-san, thank you, I can do it myself, but Shiro-san, this is… ”

Shishio looked at Shiro-san, who was flushed, and his body was being pressed under suitcase by Mayumi, which caused him to sigh since the relationship between the two was too good, right?

In truth, Shishio also wanted to tell both Mayumi and Shiro-san to play their fetish play somewhere else not in this place.

”…Mayumi-san, don ’t… don ’t play with the suitcase… ”

Ritsu ’s face turned red when she looked at Mayumi who was happily playing with Shiro-san. The two of them had been doing this after they played chess in the afternoon, and after Shiro-san had won, Mayumi seemed unable to accept the result and gave Shiro-san a punishment, or a reward? She wasn ’t sure, or rather she didn ’t want to know at all.

”… ” Kanda Sorata.

”Kanda-kun, are you okay? ”

Shishio found out after he returned to Sakurasou with Shiina, Sorata had been watching Shiina all the time. From Sorata ’s expression, he could tell that this kid was in love at first sight, which made him wonder whether this guy would forget about Nanami?

”Oh, oh, ah? What are you talking about Oga-kun? ” Sorata, who finally reacted, looked at Shishio, who had called him out just now, however, he glanced at Shiina once again, wondering who she was, and he didn ’t know why, when she appeared in front of him, her existence seemed to be the only thing left in the whole world, just like a white light that suddenly appeared in his world.

”Okay, okay, don ’t gather you all gather in this place. ”

Chihiro looked at everyone who was still at the entrance of Sakurasou and told them to move away. Then she kicked Shiro-san, who was still pressed under the suitcases on the ground along the way.

”Shishio, go and prepare dinner. The others, Mitaka and Kanda, go and help Mashiro to move her luggage in. ”

After assigning the job, Chihiro pulled the dazed Shiina and entered the Sakurasou.

When Shishio came to the kitchen, he looked at the tuna in his hand, and even after he bought it for so long, the fish had always been kicking alive. The eyes of the fish were bright, the whole body was glowing, and it had a perfect color without any marks on it.

Shishio could also smell a faint fishy smell from the fish. He then pressed his finger on it and felt that the texture of the meat was quite good.

In conclusion, the quality of the fish was good.

Japan is a country that loves to eat fish. It has developed a variety of ways to eat fish, even the most famous one, sashimi.

Although the sashimi culture was passed down from China thousands of years ago, it was quite monotonous and boring, but after it was introduced to Japan, sashimi made a huge evolution, and the most famous fish in sashimi was tuna, which was tender, delicious, and high in protein, which was very suitable for sashimi.

In Shishio ’s hand, he was holding a tuna.

Shishio knew to produce delicious dishes from a dish, it was necessary to have good knife skill, otherwise, the quality of the meat would decrease and it would reduce its deliciousness.

After Shishio made up his preparation, he slapped the fish with enough power, otherwise, the meat would be damaged when he cut it with a knife. He cleaned up the body of the fish, cut the abdomen with a knife, cleaned up the innards of the fish, and cleaned up the fish with a paper towel.

Shishio touched the smooth body of the fish, cut off the fins on both sides, then chopped off the head of the fish along the gills, put it in a pot that had been prepared on the side, and fried the fish head on the pot on both sides, before taking it out. He then added the prepared seasonings, boiled it with a high-temperature fire, and simmered the white soup on the pot where he fried the fish head before, giving it a better taste.

In truth, Shishio could use water directly, but it was Shiina ’s first time to enter Sakurasou so he wanted to give her the best dish.

Shishio then glanced at the soup that was still boiling, then turned his attention to the remaining dish, after removing the left and right gills with a knife, the other part of the fish could be eaten. He then laid the fish flat on the cutting board, putting the knife right on the belly of the fish at a perpendicular angle to the body of the fish, and cut it straight to the back.

Shishio pressed the back of the fish with his fingers, found the gap between the fish bones, and cut into the back of the fish at the same angle and cut it straight down.

After cutting, Shishio gently lifted two complete pieces of fish fillet, leaving only a whole fishbone on the cutting board.

It seemed the process was very simple, but in truth, it took a lot of skill to do all of that since most of the time, the meat of the fish would be damaged when it was cut by the knife.

Shishio then cut two of the fish fillets into small sizes and put them in an arranged manner so everyone could eat them easily.

Shishio then looked at the white-simmered fish soup, prepared other ingredients for the hot pot, placed the fish fillets on the plate, and after everything was ready, it was time for dinner.

”Shishio-kun, it smells really good! Have you finished it? Can I eat? ” Misaki, who was attracted by the smell, couldn ’t help but get close and wanted to slurp the soup directly since it smelled so good!

Shishio watched Misaki with her head stretched out and kept watching all the food on the table without looking away or wiping the saliva on the corner of her mouth.

”Misaki-senpai, quickly wipe your saliva! It almost falls onto the plate! ”

Shishio was helpless toward Misaki and really thought that this girl was a little boy that was trapped inside a sexy girl ’s body. Even though most of her actions were quite perverted, she was very pure and very shy toward her true emotion, especially toward her beloved one.

”Misaki-senpai, can you call everyone? Let ’s have dinner. ”

Shishio wiped the water in his hand with a towel, and put green onion, mushrooms, cabbage, and other ingredients into the pot in batches, and then poured the white fish soup into the pot. The fish hot pot was completed and all he needed was to put the fish fillets, but he needed to wait for everyone.

”Okay, Shishio-kun! Leave it to me! ”

Misaki wiped the slobber on her mouth, saluted, directly responded to the task that was given to her by Shishio, and rushed out from the dining room to call out everyone!

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