I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 53 - Believe It Or Not I Will Throw You To The Tokyo Bay


”Wow! What is this? What is this, Oga-kun? How can it smell so delicious? You ’re so amazing! ” Sayaka looked at Shishio with a beautiful smile and amazement since this boy shocked her too much!

Sayaka thought that Shishio was just an ordinary high school student, and at most, he should be similar to Misaki or Mitaka, but now, it seemed that he was more amazing than she had thought!

If ordinary people were still playing with origami, then a genius like Mitaka and Misaki could already use a remote control model, then Shishio-kun probably had already launched a rocket to outer space.

Sayaka thought that the people around her circle in collages were very shallow, except for showing off their new clothes and hair, showing vulgar jokes by looking down on someone which made her disgusted and talked about strange matters that made them think as if they had saved the world…

Sayaka thought that compared to Shishio-kun, they couldn ’t be compared at all!

Sayaka didn ’t expect Shishio to have this kind of ability.

There was a saying to make a man fall in love, you need to conquer his stomach, but this sentence was also valid for a woman, if you didn ’t succeed, then your cooking skill wasn ’t good enough.

”Boy, you ’re too amazing, I didn ’t expect you to be so good at cooking. ” Mayumi smiled then raised her chest and said, ”What do you think of my figure? Do you want to make me your girlfriend? ” She looked at the hot pot in front of her, its scent constantly tempting her heart, as for her previous boyfriends that were two-timing, three-timing, or even four-timing on her, she decided to throw all of them into the river, compared to the young man in front of her, they were nothing, and if she had him as a boyfriend, then…


Mayumi thought the prospect of him as her boyfriend wasn ’t that bad at all.

Sayaka looked at Mayumi next to her silently and based on her understanding of Mayumi, it should be that Mayumi was half-serious and half-joking, and she knew that Mayumi was greedy for Shishio ’s face and craftmanship.

”………. ”

Shishio twitched his lip and didn ’t really want to talk at that moment.

Shiina, on the other hand, sat next to Shishio and looked at him silently.

Shiina was sitting between Shishio and Chihiro without saying a word, and looking at him so intently, but no words came out from her mouth.

Shishio noticed this and asked, ”What ’s wrong, Mashiro? ” He could guess more or else what this girl wanted to ask him since he also knew this girl ’s personality from his memory and he was sure that this girl wanted him to serve her a bowl, though, he had to admit that Shiina ’s expression at this moment was quite funny.

”……… ”

Shiina continued to look at Shishio silently.

Shishio noticed that Shiina ’s eyes began to fluctuate, and he couldn ’t help but want to tease her more.

Shiina looked at Shishio, then looked at the hot pot in the middle of the table, then she looked at him, and the pot again, she kept repeating this process several times.

Shishio was about to laugh at how cute this girl was, but he knew that he shouldn ’t help her at this moment, they weren ’t familiar with each other so it would be weird if he suddenly served her a bowl of hot pot.

”Shishio, she ’s waiting for you to serve her a bowl. ”

Chihiro also discovered the situation next to her, but it was also her fault since she didn ’t say anything to Shishio about Shiina.

”Shishio, Mashiro ’s condition is a bit special. Because of her family, she has almost no friends from childhood until now, and she is a bit ignorant since she grew up with her grandfather. She lacks common sense, she is relatively slow, and she doesn ’t have an ability to take care of herself, so Shishio… ”

Chihiro looked at Shishio and Shiina for a while, then…

”Starting today, you will take care of Mashiro every day, ” Chihiro said and made up his decision.

”…Me? ”

Shishio glanced at Shiina, who was quietly watching him and sat beside him. Although he had expected Chihiro would give him this task, he felt a bit unbelievable, wondering whether Shiina was really Chihiro ’s cousin, since this woman simply threw Shiina toward a normal boy in puberty like this.

Shishio then glanced at the side, and after hearing Chihiro had asked him to take care of Shiina, Sorata ’s face instantly dimmed. He couldn ’t help but frown, thinking whether he should throw Sorata to Tokyo Bay after he put Sorata on the barrel full of cement for thinking to take care of Shiina.

”Chihiro-nee, I don ’t think that it is good to leave her to me, after all, I am a boy. ”

Shishio decided to refuse, although he didn ’t want Sorata to become close to Shiina, Sakurasou was different from Sakurasou in his memory since there were a lot of different people in this place and he didn ’t think that Sorata was able to take care of Shiina again like in the story.

”Eh? Shishio, have you forgotten your relationship with Mashiro? ”

Chihiro glanced at Shishio with a weird smile on her face while asking this question.

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