I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 55 - What Is The Difference Between A Genius And An Ordinary People?

”Shishio-kun, do you have a relationship with Mashiron? ” Misaki looked at Shishio with piercing eyes.

”Boy, don ’t you…? ” Mayumi suddenly thought a lot of plot on the novel and tv drama, thinking that both of them might be in love or a childhood friend that was separated several years, then met again, which somehow made her annoyed when she thought that there might be a couple that was born beside her.​​

Mayumi was single and she was unhappy, so no one should be happy unless she was happy!

’And… ’

Mayumi would be lying if she wasn ’t tempted by Shishio that time, if there wasn ’t Ritsu at that time, she might pull him to the hotel then both of them shared a steamy night for a day or a two?

Mitaka, Sorata, Ritsu, and Shiro-san all looked over in confusion and they were also curious about the relationship between the two.

”Chihiro-nee? ” Shishio could guess what this woman was about to say but…

”I am Mashiro ’s cousin and you ’re my nephew, well, you two are relatives. ”

Chihiro wasn ’t sure what to call the relationship between Shiina and Shishio since it was so messy, but one thing for sure, they were relative.

”Huh??? ” Everyone.

On the other hand, Sorata ’s eyes suddenly burst into light.

’Since Oga-kun and Shiina are relatives, then can I… ’

Sorata became excited, and he looked at Shiina, who was sitting next to Shishio, and he almost couldn ’t control his emotion at that moment. He wasn ’t sure what he was feeling before, but when he saw Shiina for the first time, he really wanted to become close with her and wondered whether he had been attracted by her, but one thing for sure, he felt the meeting between him and Shiina was fate.

Mitaka, who sat next to Sorata, suddenly glanced at Sorata, then at Shishio, smiled, but he didn ’t speak.

Mayumi and Sayaka felt strange since they thought the relationship between Shishio and Shiina was a couple that had been separated for the past few years, but it turned out that they were relatives which made them feel bored.

If Shishio knew what those two were thinking, he should throw the two of them on his bed, then teach them what a single man could do with his rod.

”Relative? ”

Shiina looked at Shishio, who sat next to her, with a curious expression and didn ’t expect that this handsome boy would be her relative.

Shishio didn ’t care much about the gazes of everyone, his mentality had always been strong and he had gotten used to being gazed at by a hundred or thousands of people because he had taught a lecture for business, finances, and investments in his previous life and he had been staring at Chihiro, wondering whether this woman was really going to throw Shiina at him.

”Well, even if both of you are relatives, the blood relationship between you is so far and you can even marry each other in the future if you want, ” Chihiro said easily.

”….. ” Shiina and Shishio.

”I am a boy, Chihiro-nee, ” Shishio said calmly.

”But Shishio, apart from me in this Sakurasou, you ’re the only one who has the closest relationship with Mashiro, so you still have to take care of her. ”

Chihiro looked at Shishio since she was really lazy to take care of Shiina and she decided to throw Shiina to Shishio, then what if both of them really fell in love and married each other? She didn ’t think too much or rather she didn ’t think that Shishio would have an interest in Shiina, how could she tell? It was her instincts as a woman that had been living in this world for the past 29 years and 12 months.

”Chihiro-nee, although it is alright to let me take care of Mashiro in the school, I am still a boy after all, and it isn ’t convenient for me to go to the girls ’ area. ”

Shishio was worried since the one who was living in the girls ’ area wasn ’t only Shiina, but there were other girls too. He was afraid that he might be seduced or be bamboozled by the girls, especially both Mayumi and Sayaka since he could tell that those two weren ’t good girls.

As a boy, Shishio also needed to take care of himself since he knew very well that there were a lot of carnivorous girls in this country.

”Let me… ”

Sorata, who had been looking at Shiina, was very excited and thought that it would be nice if he could take care of her. When he heard Shishio ’s refusal, he suddenly spoke out, hoping to let him…

”I ’ll take care of Shiina Mashiro. ”

At that moment, everyone ’s eyes turned to the person who spoke and it was Ritsu.

”I ’m a girl. I will take care of Shiina when she is at Sakurasou. ” Ritsu said calmly. When she saw Shishio ’s embarrassment, she knew that she needed to help him, especially when she had always thought about how to thank him before and although, she didn ’t know why she didn ’t want to see Shishio and Shiina together inside her heart.

”But Ritsu, I have said before that Mashiro has zero ability to take care of herself… ” Chihiro had already told everyone about Shiina ’s condition, and she believed that Ritsu also could understand how hard it was to take care of Shiina. It could be said that taking care of Shiina was the same as taking care of toddlers.

Chihiro decided to leave Shiina to Shishio because they were relatives, and she also knew Shishio ’s character and believed in him, although she also believed in Ritsu, after all, Ritsu had nothing to do with Shiina since they were neither friends nor relatives, so she couldn ’t understand why Ritsu made this decision so suddenly.

’Is it because of this kid? ’

Chihiro looked at Shishio with a strange expression, but she didn ’t think it was because of Shishio since it had only been two days since both Shishio and Ritsu met each other.

”I ’ll take care of her, ” Ritsu said once again without hesitation.

Looking at Ritsu for a while, Chihiro nodded and she also understood Ritsu ’s character well, so she decided to leave Shiina to Ritsu.

”Don ’t worry, Chihiro, I will help Ricchan too. ”

Mayumi saw Ritsu ’s determination and decided to help Ritsu, after all, on the Sakurasou, she had the best relationship with Ritsu, although, Ritsu ’s decision was quite sudden, since Ritsu had made up her mind, she would help her without hesitation.

”Well, in that case, then on Sakurasou, Mashiro will be taken care of by you Ritsu. ”

Chihiro couldn ’t say anything else, and if she wasn ’t busy with her jobs, then she wouldn ’t give Shiina to someone else and would take care of Shiina by herself, although, she also understood that it wasn ’t really convenient to leave Shiina to Shishio, she didn ’t think too much since everything had been solved.

”….. ”

Only Sorata lowered his head and clenched his fists tightly, his expression constantly changing, showing unwillingness.

What Sorata didn ’t notice was that Mitaka had been paying attention to him and Mitaka ’s expression was a bit serious. Shishio and Sorata both entered Sakurasou one after another and the relationship between him and the other two was quite similar, and it wasn ’t that he was more biased, but now, he felt that Sorata was a bit irrational.

Shiina was very beautiful and Mitaka also admitted that fact, however, Shiina was a relative of both Shishio and Chihiro-sensei, and the matter of Shiina should be the matter of a family, on the other hand, Sorata wasn ’t only an outsider, but he was also a boy, and what he did at this moment was little overstepped.

Mitaka often visited various social places and he had seen a lot of people. He had long discovered that Sorata had been paying attention to Shiina when Shiina entered Sakurasou and whether Sorata was in love at first sight or attracted by Shiina ’s beauty, it shouldn ’t be a reason why Sorata couldn ’t understand his position. He could also see Sorata ’s jealousy for Shishio was for nothing and for no reason which was absolutely unreasonable.

Originally, Mitaka had always regarded Sorata as his underclassman, but now, when he looked at Sorata, there was a sense of distance in his eyes.

Mitaka, somewhat disappointed, stopped paying attention to Sorata and sighed in his heart.

”Shishio. ”

Shiina tugged Shishio ’s sleeves, and her eyes had always been looking at him.

Since Ritsu had decided to take care of Shiina, Shishio didn ’t need to feel worried about Shiina anymore. If he was really being tasked to take care of Shiina, then it would be inevitable for Shiina to enter his room from time to time and he believed that something might happen and when that happened, it would be difficult to take care of that matter since unlike in the story of romcom (romance-comedy), everything which happened here was a reality and if something perverted happened, then he was sure that someone might call police directly.

Shishio looked at Sorata, and he could see everything from Sorata ’s expression. Even Mitaka ’s enthusiastic expression at Sorata from before had gradually become cold, in this situation, he could only shake his head. He might hate how Sorata treated Shiina, but he didn ’t hate him that much, however, he didn ’t expect this to happen, though, even if Sorata decided to leave Sakurasou, he didn ’t care much since the relationship between the two wasn ’t that close.

However, Shishio also knew that if he wasn ’t here, then he was sure that the development would follow the plot where Sorata would take care of Shiina so, in sense, it could be said that he had cuckold Sorata?

Still, when Shishio thought about how Sorata ’s operation in the story, and how Sorata had almost ruined Shiina ’s life, who almost ascended to the throne of the art world, he knew that he needed to separate Shiina from this poison.

”Okay, the fish should be cooked now, everyone you can eat, ” Shishio said.

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