I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 57 - The Talk Between Unidentified Beings

”Ah, it ’s so complicated! It ’s much harder than drawing anime! I don ’t want to cook! I don ’t want to do it! I want to eat! ”

Misaki knew that she needed to eat as fast as possible or else, the food in front of her was being robbed by everyone and she didn ’t want that. She then looked at Shiina and stopped eating since she was surprised to see how Shiina was eating so fast!​​

Shishio only smiled, when he saw Misaki ’s reaction after she heard him repeating the cooking process since it was very complicated, the cooking process might seem very simple, but it was very difficult to reproduce the taste that he made.

From the choices of ingredients, the angle and thickness of the cut, the sequence of each process, the timing of when the ingredients entered the pot, the grasp of the seasoning, the order of the ingredients, the amount of water, the adjustment of the heat and temperature, the cooking time, etc.

Every time the chef made a good meal, even if there was only one second time difference in the cooking process, or there was a slight change in the ingredients, the taste would change differently, and according to the different adjustments, there may even be thousands of different tastes.

In truth, Shishio noticed the slight changes in the expression of the people at the table, but he didn ’t take it seriously and with Misaki ’s character, she was just curious and there was no other meaning behind her question.

However, everyone was thinking too much, since there was no way for them to reproduce his taste since they didn ’t have a skill and system so even if he told everyone in this world what he had done completely, it was impossible to replicate the taste that was comparable to his, not to mention that there was a passive bonus from his skill.

Everyone had underestimated him, and in other words, even if there was a secret skill in his cooking ability, Shishio didn ’t care too much since his future value was more than this. Even though his cooking technique might seem very important, it wasn ’t that much compared to all the things that he received from the system and the food was better to be enjoyed with everyone, though, in truth, he didn ’t like the guys and hoped that it would be his girlfriend, wife, family, and children that would enjoy the deliciousness of his food next time.

So it didn ’t really matter even if Shishio told Misaki about his cooking method.

As for the people on this table that compare him to Sorata next to him because of this food, Shishio didn ’t even know about it nor did he care about it, but if he knew he felt a bit sorry for Sorata since living in this Sakurasou was already hell for Sorata, who felt that he was inferior to everyone, and when Sorata was being compared to Shishio, it felt like Sorata was being shot down when Sorata was already dead.

If Shishio knew, he was wondering whether he should dress in black so he could mourn for Sorata at this moment.

”Mashiro, did you know that eating hot pot is the tradition of everyone in Sakurasou to welcome their new tenant? By the way, it was all thanks to Shishio who bought the ingredients before since Chihiro didn ’t say anything about Mashiro ’s coming today after all, ” Misaki said and stood up from her seat, scooping the fish fillets in the pot.

Poor Sorata, Misaki had already forgotten that he also bought some ingredients back.

”Hey! I am busy contacting the rich dads and widowers that I have met at school before so I forgot to tell you in advance. ”

As a teacher, Chihiro said without shame what she did today. She then drank a bottle of beer in one gulp, turning a blind eye to the few guys around that looked at her with contemptuous eyes.


”Hey? It ’s Ryunosuke ’s text message. ”

Mitaka received a text message from Ryunosuke.

Akasaka Ryunosuke: ”The smell is so fragrant, is it Shishio-kun ’s turn to cook today? Unfortunately, Ryunosuke-sama still has a job to do tonight, please put a portion for Ryunosuke-sama on the bowl and then cover it with plastic wrap, no green onions, thank you. From: Maid. ”

”Does Ryunosuke want to eat fish? Don ’t give it to him! Just give him some shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots. ”

Chihiro pointed at the few fish fillets left in the pot and it tasted so delicious, that everyone was robbing each other, completely forgetting the fact that there was another person upstairs.

”Mashiron, look at this, this is spring onion, it is very delicious, try it, Mashiron, it is very tender and juicy, but be careful when you eat it Mashiron, you have to bite it gently, otherwise, the hot soup will splurt out from it. ”

Misaki held a piece of spring onion with chopsticks and slowly moved it toward Shiina ’s mouth.

”Wow, Kanda, you ’re blushing! What are you thinking about, hahaha!! ” Mayumi, who was a hooligan, laughed very wildly when she saw Sorata blushing.

”Kanda-kun, you ’re so innocent, Sayaka is surprised. ”

Sayaka put her hand on her chin, watching Sorata interestingly.

”Kanda, your reaction is too exaggerated. ”

Chihiro looked at Sorata with a helpless expression since this kid reacted so much to Shiina.

”Hey, hey! Kouhai-kun is excited about vegetables! I can only do the second round, Mashiron, how about this one. ” Misaki turned toward Sorata, whose face was getting redder and redder before she continued to feed Shiina.

”….. ” Sorata.

”I just heard from Chihiro-sensei, Shiina-san, you ’re from the UK, right? Are you also going to enroll in a high school affiliated with Suimei University of the Arts? ” Mitaka recalled Chihiro asked Shishio to take care of Shiina at school, but now the entrance ceremony had just ended, and the entrance exam had already passed a few days away, so how could Shiina enter?

”Well, I joined the school. ” Shiina looked at Mitaka who was talking.

”Mashiro will join directly in the first year of the art department, and she received a recommendation so she didn ’t need to do an entrance exam, ” Chihiro answered the question for Shiina.

’A recommendation? ’

Everyone was surprised since they knew very well that unless someone had very huge fame, popularity, or achievement, it was impossible to get a recommendation from Suimei University of the Arts but unlike everyone, Sorata was disappointed when he heard that he wouldn ’t be able to meet Shiina at the school since they were from different departments and didn ’t care much about the recommendation.

’Art department? ’

Sorata looked at Shiina and wondered why she didn ’t enter the general subjects. If so, then they might be able to meet each other every day.

”Oh? Mashiron is going to enter the art department, then Mashiron will become my Kouhai (underclassmen)! ” Misaki looked at Shiina with surprise.

”So, Mashiro, if you have any trouble with the school, you can also consult Misaki, ” Chihiro said while looking at Shiina who showed an indifferent expression, and felt quite worried since she knew that Shiina was always dazed and absentminded.

”Yes, leave it to me! ” Misaki patted her chest confidently.

Sorata blushed and glanced at Misaki ’s chest movement, then turned his head and continued to look at Shiina who was expressionless.

”The next step is… ” Misaki stuffed the last piece of the fist into her mouth and after drinking the remaining soup in her bowl, drank water on the glass, she slapped the table and stood up.

Then after waiting for everyone was looking at her.

”You can start now! This anime is to welcome my cute Kouhais, by the way, there ’s a change in the anime because of Kouhai-kun and then there is also a final change that is made for Mashiron! ” Misaki excitedly rushed to the TV and found the remote control.

Shishio, who was full, put down his chopsticks and watched the actions of Misaki. He looked at her curiously and probably could tell what Misaki had done, especially after Misaki learned about Shiina ’s arrival.

In truth, it was very hard for Misaki, after all, she prepared the anime when she heard Shishio ’s arrival before, and then again, she learned Sorata who suddenly moved, and made some urgent changes, but she didn ’t expect tonight, she learned that Shiina also arrived.

So the final finished product of the anime was made when everyone helped Shiina carry the luggage and she made a quick modification, however, even so, she was still confident in the quality of the anime.

”What? When did Senpai make it? Did you know that Shiina will be coming today? ” Sorata looked at Misaki in confusion since he knew that everyone only learned about Shiina ’s arrival today, and even Shishio who was Shiina ’s relative also learned about it today. He really wondered when the anime was made.

In truth, Shishio knew why Sorata asked this question because for those who knew an anime, it was a very long and time-consuming project, even a few minutes of anime there would be a lot of things that needed to be done from the plot, various process such as drawing, background, coloring, splitting, dubbing, and all of that required a lot of time to produce.

That ’s why Sorata was confused and wondered whether Misaki knew about Shiina ’s arrival a long time ago, but in reality, he just didn ’t understand what genius was, and in many cases, the ordinary people couldn ’t understand the gap between themselves and genius.

”Then let ’s start! ”

Misaki didn ’t answer Sorata ’s question but directly pointed the remote control at the TV.

”5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

”START!!! ”

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