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Chapter 58 - Me In Her Eyes

”Shishio-kun, Kanda, Mashiron~ ”

Shishio saw three aircraft that released colored smoke, flying across the screen on the TV screen, while Misaki picked up the microphone and started dubbing the anime ’s narration, though, he didn ’t think that the anime and the dubbing narration were hardly matched on…​​

”Sakurasou is waiting for your arrival! ” Misaki said with full of spirit while watching her anime.

The anime on the TV screen was full of various cute and colorful characters and backgrounds.

Shishio saw three aircraft combined into a fighter robot cat, and it shot out a lot of missiles toward the enemies.

”Pew pew pew ka-blam! Boooom! ”

Shishio looked at Misaki with a frown on his face, it was all good for her to mimic the sound of missiles and explosions, but there was no need to spray her saliva on the TV screen.

Countless missiles that had been launched, started to chase after other enemies and this time, it was a huge spaceship, but it wasn ’t easy since the enemy was jumping around and showing extraordinary skill, dodging all the missiles without stopping, and suddenly the enemy transformed into a giant rabbit robot. Then, along with Misaki ’s dubbing, an explosion happened on the screen, and the giant rabbit robot was defeated by the fighter robot cat.

”Everyone must get along well in the future! Ka-ching! ”

There were continuous explosions on the TV screen, but when everyone thought that giant rabbit robot was defeated, it returned once again and wanted to fight back the fighter robot cat, the fighter robot cat was in a plight situation until it suddenly used all of its remaining power to shoot a laser beam that covered the entire TV screen and hit the giant rabbit robot, and the laser didn ’t stop and it destroyed the planet, causing a huge explosion, and resulting the entire screen was occupied by a flash of the explosion.

”Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Crack! Crack! Kachin! Please wait for the next tune~~ ”

Misaki ’s magical narration dubbing finally ended when the screen turned dark.

”It ’s amazing how the animation and narration are shockingly mismatched, ” Chihiro said speechlessly while watching Misaki, who was still excited in front of the TV screen.

”What kind of ”welcoming anime ” is this? ” Mayumi looked at Misaki with a weird expression, after all, when the anime was played before, she also did the magical narration together with Misaki so the sound of explosion would be better, but when she thought about what she had done before, she couldn ’t help but feel a bit embarrassed and headache, wondering why she agreed with Misaki ’s request.

”If you don ’t understand, then you don ’t need to say much, Mayumi-san. ” Sayaka didn ’t hesitate to taunt Mayumi, as long as she had a chance to do so.

”Ha?! Try to say it again? Believe it or not, I will uncover the makeup on your face now! ” Mayumi looked angrily at Sayaka.

But Sayaka was also furious at the matter of her make-up, saying had always been off limit!

”Hmph! Believe it or not, I will show everyone your flabby stomach! ”

”You…! ”

”You…! ”

Mayumi and Sayaka started to fight each other, ignoring everyone.

”…. ”

Shishio looked at Mayumi and Sayaka who started to quarrel again and couldn ’t help but shake his head. In truth, he understood that Misaki really made a ”welcoming anime ” for him, Sorata, and Shiina, after all, the three aircraft were made after him, Sorata, and Shiina, and the fighter cat robot was Misaki, then the bombing was the dialogue between people in Sakurasou, and lastly, the planet on the final scene was Sakurasou.

”It ’s not bad, right? But it is a bit rushed, what do you think? ” Misaki looked back at the crowd, hoping someone would get her some advice. The microphone was first aimed at Sorata, who was sitting the farthest among everyone.

”Ah, this… that… I ’m actually pretty impressed. ” Sorata was stunned and his eyes were a bit dodging since he didn ’t expect Misaki would suddenly ask him about this question. He felt embarrassed and didn ’t know what to say. He also really thought that it was amazing since he didn ’t expect that Misaki would be able to make such an anime.

”What, that ’s it? ” Misaki, who didn ’t get any useful information, was very disappointed.

”By the way, why don ’t you delay the final explosion by about four frames? ” Mitaka saw Sorata ’s embarrassment and he knew that Sorata didn ’t understand much about anime, so he interrupted the embarrassing situation.

”Yeah, I was thinking that. It ’s a bit too early. It would be better to insert a few frames. ” Misaki then thought about the last frames.

Misaki then looked at Mitaka, who came by and shook her head, but then, she remembered something and looked at Shishio.

”Shishio-kun, what about you? What do you think? ”

”…. ”

Shishio, who was sipping warm tea calmly, noticed that everyone was looking at him after Misaki asked him that question.

In truth, he didn ’t care much about anime and he was more interested in normal movies since, in the movie, he could see a lot of beautiful and sexy actresses, and they existed in real life after all, and lastly, he was a normal man, so it was normal for him to be attracted to a beautiful girl, right?

However, it didn ’t mean that he didn ’t know about anime since he had gotten ”Cinematography Mastery ” after he met Misaki before. Lastly, he also had gotten ”Painting Mastery ” when he met Shiina, so when he heard Misaki ’s question, he thought for a while and decided to accept his rewards so he could talk better about Misaki ’s anime.

”Do you want to hear my opinion, Misaki-senpai? ” Shishio asked after he accepted both ”Cinematography Mastery ” and ”Painting Mastery ”.

”Of course, is there something that catches your eye? ” Misaki asked since she had a feeling that Shishio really knew something about an anime.

If it was Sorata, then he would be caught in embarrassment since he didn ’t know anything, and it was also the reason why Sorata was a bit excited when Misaki decided to ask Shishio, since it seemed that he wouldn ’t be alone in this embarrassing situation, however…

”I feel like the color of the laser that is the fighter cat is a bit too tough and you should give a blooming effect when the laser hits, although, the color of the robot is good now, you should modify the color of the robot to a complementary color so it will give a deeper impression, and for the first aircraft, you can try to adjust the angle by 15 degrees, which makes it to make the composition of the picture and give the beauty of a golden ratio. Finally, when the three aircraft are combined and the missiles are shot directly, you might not notice it, but the color is slightly strange there. If you can insert one more frame here, it will give a better picture of the anime. ”

Shishio thought about the anime that he had just watched, although Misaki had done a good job, but it could be better, especially on the color composition and cut scenes so he couldn ’t help but say all the things that he said before, especially after he accepted the ”Painting Mastery ” that he just received, but still, even though, the all the coloring and illustration problems had been solved, there were other problems on Misaki ’s anime, but he wouldn ’t say it now since he had a feeling if he said more, it would break Misaki ’s heart.

”….. ” Mitaka Jin.

”….. ” Kamiigusa Misaki.

”… ” Kanda Sorata.

”…. ” Chihiro Sengoku.

”….. ” Shiina Mashiro.

”Shishio-kun, do you know about anime? ” Misaki looked at Shishio in surprise, recalling what Shishio had told her just now, with her experience and skill, she could quickly understand what Shishio meant in his comments before and if she modified the anime based on Shishio ’s suggestion before, then her anime could become more perfect.

At the same time, Misaki also felt a little frustrated in her heart, although she knew that she was a bit rushed before, this anime was her finished work. She knew that there might be a problem, but she didn ’t expect that there would be so many. Now, after she heard Shishio ’s suggestion, everything became clear, and she also didn ’t expect that Shishio could find so many problems just by watching it once, it gave quite a blow to her who had always been confident.

”I didn ’t expect that besides cooking, you also know about anime too, Shishio-kun, ” Misaki said, after her confidence being hit by Shishio.

Mitaka, who was sitting next to Misaki, was completely shocked since he didn ’t see the problems that Shishio had mentioned before, after all, he wasn ’t an expert in this area, although, he always cooperated with Misaki and had been exposed to this knowledge before, it wasn ’t enough to let him see the problem on Misaki ’s anime, and when he saw Misaki ’s shocked expression, he knew that what Shishio had said before was right and it wasn ’t some kind of nonsense.

Mitaka had known Misaki for so long, although, the other party ’s personality was very irresponsible, bubbly, childish, and outgoing, she was definitely a professional in anime production, so if someone talked nonsense and degraded her work, even if Misaki ’s character was irresponsible, bubbly, childish, and outgoing, she would get angry, and lost her temper, and now that, he looked at Misaki ’s shocked expression, and knew that it was enough to prove to confirm what Shishio had said before was right.

Mitaka looked at Shishio, who sipped his tea calmly in front of him, wondering what kind of person he was and wondered how Shishio knew so much, if it was only a shallow knowledge, then he didn ’t care much, but Shishio understood a lot of things anime and gave off a smell of another being or something that a normal human would understand.

”Cough! Cough!

Chihiro almost choked when she heard Shishio ’s comments on Misaki ’s anime, and after she recovered, she felt strange toward her nephew. She knew that even though both her big sister and her brother-in-law were rich, they definitely weren ’t culinary masters nor they came from a family of artists like Shiina. Just now, if these words were said by Shiina, then she wouldn ’t be too surprised, but those words came out from Shishio ’s mouth which was why she didn ’t understand it.

Chihiro was was was an art teacher, after all, so she also knew exactly how deep Shishio ’s knowledge was about before, however, even she also didn ’t find there were so many problems with Misaki ’s anime before.

If Chihiro watched the anime multiple times, then she might find something, but Shishio was able to tell all of the problems after he watched the anime once, and each of his words could convince Misaki. She was Misaki ’s teacher, and she knew Misaki ’s character very well, so she really wondered whether Shishio was really a child from the Oga family, but then again when she thought about it calmly, she might really underestimate the power of the Oga family.

From Shishio ’s straightforward explanation before, even though Chihiro didn ’t see Shishio ’s painting skill, at least, his theoretical knowledge was better than herself and Misaki ’s.

Chihiro looked at Shishio for a while and called him out.

”Hey, Shishio. ”

”What ’s wrong, Chihiro-nee? ”

”Come to the Art Departement! ”

”…………. ”

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