I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 59 - Rewards After Rewards

Shishio wanted to say that he didn ’t have an interest in art, but he felt that it was too arrogant to say something like that, so…

”Can Chihiro-nee persuade, mom? ”​​

Shishio asked Chihiro with a light smile, however, even if his mother agreed, he was sure that the teachers in the general education department wouldn ’t agree, after all, he got a full grade on his entrance exam, and if Chihiro really dared to ask him to transfer to the art department, he was sure that the school leaders such as principal would invite her to talk since she dared to do such a thing.

”…. ”

Chihiro curled her lips, then let out a sigh, and had no choice after she thought of something, but…

”By the way Shishio, can you come to the art department, let me see your painting skill. ”

”Alright, Chihiro-nee. ”

Shishio didn ’t think that it was good to hide his real ability, pretending to be nothing, so he could get a normal high school life since reality wasn ’t as kind as in novel or manga, if he didn ’t show his self-worth in reality, then his future would be very hard. Unless it was something beyond common sense then he wouldn ’t show it, of course, his net worth was also included in this matter since he didn ’t think that it was needed to show his net worth at this moment.

Talent was one thing, but wealth was a different thing and even though he didn ’t think that they would change after they knew about his net worth, he didn ’t want to shock them too much since the shock that he had given them today was already too much and he could slowly reveal it slowly in the future.

”Shishio knows how to draw… ” Shiina ’s eyes revealed light since she understood what Shishio had said before.

Originally, Shiina came to Japan from England because she wanted to draw manga, but it was undeniable that she spent more than a decade of her life with oil paintings, or in all of her life before, there was only painting.

When Shiina came to Japan, everything around her was so unfamiliar.

Different schools, different ateliers, different people, and everything was unfamiliar and she had never seen all the colors in this country so she had always been at loss, but when she met Shishio for the first time, what he said had successfully attracted her attention, and she wanted to understand him and why he said that he was a color.

Until this evening, when Chihiro talked about Shishio ’s identity, it turned out that he was still Chihiro ’s nephew, which meant, both of them were relatives since she was Chihiro ’s cousin, so after knowing all of that, she felt more intimacy in her heart.

When Shiina watched the anime that was played by Misaki, she also noticed the color and the drawing problems, but what really surprised her was that she didn ’t expect that Shishio would find the same problem.

When Shiina was in the UK, she had never met someone around her age, who could understand her, and she didn ’t understand why those people couldn ’t do it, even though she could understand it. Everyone had always looked at her with strange eyes, even her roommate, and friend who took care of her life, always form a different circle with other people, separating her from others.

Until one day later, Shiina ’s grandfather explained her doubts, and it was because she was special, and what she could do, it didn ’t mean everyone could do the same, and maybe, she had never encountered someone as special as her, and because of that, in her world, there was only her there, alone.

However, at this moment, Shiina knew why she had been paying attention to Shishio, and it was because he had the same aura as her, she finally met someone that was as special as her in this country.

”Yes, I know how to draw, Mashiro. ”

Shishio saw Shiina ’s expression change and went from expressionless to a little pleased. He nodded and understood that when someone was so strong or too talented, their life would be solitary, there wouldn ’t be anyone besides them and they would be alone.

Shiina was also the same, all she knew was painting and she was naturally talented, and because of that she was lonely since no one her age was able to match her, but with Shishio there, she wouldn ’t be alone again.

”Shishio-kun, Shishio-kun, take a look again, what else is wrong? ”

Misaki ’s eager voice came over since the advice that was given by him before was very useful, and she knew that after she followed his statement, her anime would be several times better.

”Alright, Misaki-senpai. ” Shishio left his seat and walked towards the two.

”Let ’s take a look again. ” Misaki then replayed the anime to show Shishio again.

”There are some problems with the composition here. You need to move it to the center point and darken the color of the back by one, and then change the edge color of the mecha to… ” Shishio looked at the screen and explained to Misaki one by one.

”By the way, if you add this shadow in the middle of the frames in this second, then it will be more interesting, ” Shishio said.

Misaki suddenly chuckled since it seemed that Shishio had a lot of funny ideas, and she really wanted to see his head at that moment.

”And they ’re in their own world again, and if they ’re like this, they can ’t be stopped, and Shisiho also steps to join, it might not end until midnight. ” Chihiro took a sip of beer and shook her head helplessly.

”Also, here you can add a frame from the side to give more special effects, it will give the harmonious feeling. ”

Shishio looked at Misaki, and his gaze was different from Mitaka, who was full of love, in his eyes, Misaki was money, it might sound vulgar, but since this girl was so talented, it might be good to get this girl while she was still young since he was sure that he would also enter an anime industry in the future, especially when he owned a publishing house.

”I see, that ’s how it is. ” Misaki nodded and understood that her anime could become better.

”By the way, would it be better to add a little light effect to this place? ” Misaki asked and also looked at Mitaka.

”That ’s okay, what do you think Oga-kun? ” Mitaka asked Shishio.

”Yes, but you need to lighten the color of the light effect and then rearrange the composition of the explosion. ” Shishio nodded and thought that their ideas were good.

”Hmm, I don ’t know what will happen if these three get together, although, Misaki and Mitaka are very troublesome kids, they were very dedicated to the production. Now with Shishio ’s help, it is estimated the anime will become even better. ”

Chihiro looked at the three people who were discussing intensely, it seemed that it was the right choice to bring Shishio to Sakurasou, but now she wasn ’t sure what to do with the other guy who transferred after Shishio.

Chihiro looked at Sorata, who was a little bewildered, watching the scene in front of him, and it made her sigh. Before he moved in, although she had persuaded Sorata that Sakurasou wasn ’t his place, it had no effect since Sorata didn ’t understand Sakurasou ’s situation, and now, when Shishio and Shiina moved in, Sakurasou really became a monster ’s lair.

Then Chihiro glanced at the noisy Sayaka and Mayumi, these were considered the most normal tenants in Sakurasou and it would be nice if Sorata could find his place to them, otherwise she really doubted how long Sorata could live in Sakurasou since for an ordinary people this place was hell.

Sorata stood there awkwardly, ever since Mitaka interrupted him, he had been standing there, not knowing whether he should sit down or knew what he should say next.

The current Sorata was too afraid to make a sound and to make a movement, he was afraid that someone would look at him, now, he only felt embarrassed, and his face was about to burn, and a drop of sweat fell from his face, even though the temperature was slightly cold.

Sorata suddenly felt displeasure toward Mitaka since Mitaka suddenly interrupted him before, if he could say something casual, maybe he wouldn ’t be in this situation now.

Sorata looked at Shishio and felt a little bit jealous of him, both of them were the same age, but why did Shishio exceed him so much? It was normal for Mitaka since Mitaka was a senior, but why did Shishio also understand? Weren ’t either of them in the same situation? They were normal students, right?

Sorata clenched his fists tightly, and he felt unwilling to be compared to someone in his peers, not only Shishio had good grades, but Shisiho also could also discuss an anime together with Mitaka and Misaki. He looked at Shishio in front of him, and his unwillingness and jealousy grew stronger.

But then Sorata thought about Shiina, after their first meeting, he had always been attracted to her since he felt that she had always been out of place with her surroundings, now, such an embarrassing thing happened to him right in front of the girl that he was interested in, he felt that he couldn ’t control his emotions and thought that if he turned his head, Shiina would look at him with questioning eyes, as if asking him why he was different from others.

However, Sorata still failed to control his impulse.

Sorata wanted to know what he was like in Shiina ’s eyes.

”…Heh, it turns out…. is it just like this. ”

Sorata ridiculed himself, and when he turned his head to look at Shiina, he realized that Shiina ’s eyes were always on Shishio ’s and she had never kept her sight on him. ”I feel like an idiot… ”

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