I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 60 - Texting Is How Youngsters Communicate With Each Other Today


Shishio laid on his bed while staring at the ceiling, relaxing, while patting his stomach since he had to admit that his cooking ability was very good.​​

Shishio then thought about a lot of people who ate his food with relish and thought that he might be able to become a rich chef. With his looks and cooking ability, it would be very easy for him to become a chef celebrity, or rather should he recreate a Tootsuki Academy in this world?

Shishio wasn ’t sure about the future, but he didn ’t want to be that busy since the career was one thing, if he didn ’t have time to enjoy his hard work, then what the use of all of that?

Shishio then thought about Misaki who wanted to pull him to her room, talking deeply about an anime, but he didn ’t want to since he really didn ’t have that much interest in anime.

’However, a movie should be interesting… ’

Shishio was wondering whether it was possible for him to create a movie in the future.

Shishio then thought about the relationship between Misaki and Mitaka, he knew that both of them were in love with each other, but for some reason, Mitaka didn ’t dare to accept Misaki ’s feelings, and Mitaka became a playboy, who would date seven different girls or more every week.

In truth, Shishio couldn ’t accept Mitaka ’s behavior and thought that it would be good if Mitaka was being cuckolded by someone in the future and from a female perspective, Mitaka was a scumbag and an enemy of every woman, but from Misaki ’s perspective, she was in love with him.

However, when Shishio compared Mitaka and Sorata, Mitaka could at least be a man and didn ’t blame nor get angry toward Misaki, unlike Sorata, who often got angry toward Shiina because Shiina was naturally talented than him, and when Sorata hit the rock bottom and failed on something, Sorata would release all those negative emotions on Shiina, that the world was unfair for someone like him who was ordinary.

Shishio knew about the feeling between Mitaka and Misaki which was why he avoided misunderstanding and rejected Misaki ’s invitation to go to visit her room since he didn ’t want a misunderstanding to happen between them, and liked what he had said before, Misaki wasn ’t his type.

However, Shishio had to admit that Misaki was really serious at work. Just now, he and Mitaka had almost accompanied her talking about her anime from the beginning to the end several times and most of them the problems were solved.

As for Chihiro, who ran away shortly after eating, she was obviously too lazy to help clean up.

Mayumi and Sayaka have drunk a long time ago, and they were all minors so they were really at a loss what to do so Shishio could only take a blanket and put them on the side of the room to rest since it was impossible for him to bring them to their room, though, he wouldn ’t expect that both Mayumi and Sayaka started to hug each other and he was wondering whether he was watching the born of the lily relationship between two.

Joke aside, Shiro-san also received a call from his editor and left early.

Ritsu pulled Shiina, who had been sleepy due to jet lag, to go to wash her body and sleep.

Shishio thought about Shiina ’s first night in Sakurasou and thought that Shiina and Ritsu might become good friends since the two were surprisingly similar in some aspects, and it was all good.

After Shishio thought about all of that, he thought that it was his time to accept his rewards since there were a lot of rewards that he hadn ’t accepted, such as ”a Luxurious Apartment Building ”; ”Silverman Gym ”; ”Sankei Shimbun ”; ”5 billion yen ”; ”Voice Mastery ”; ”Luxurious Beach Resort ”; and ”Painting Mastery ”.

There were sure a lot of rewards and besides ”Painting Mastery ”, he hadn ’t accepted the rest.

’Let ’s begin with the assets. ’

Shishio then accepted the ”Luxurious Apartment Building ”, and there was a lot of information about this apartment building. The location of the apartment was in Roppongi, the location was perfect that from that location, he could see Mt. Fuji from the building and watched the scenery of the entire Tokyo, and there were also a lot of tenants on it and he could get a passive income from it. What was so surprising was that no apartment room was sold on that building, but there had always a lot of people who wanted to rent it.

Shishio didn ’t think too much about it, then continued with the next reward.

’Silverman Gym… ’

Silverman Gym is a world-renowned gym chain. It is ranked 28th out of all gyms in the world and has over 3 million registered members. There are many professional martial artists and bodybuilders among the registered members and every gym trainer is a foremost athlete in each sport.

In Japan, Silverman has at least two branches in Tokyo and Kyoto respectively.

Shishio thought that he should visit this place since he wanted a place to work out too.

’Shankei Shimbun… ’

Shishio thought about this newspaper and felt quite amazed.

Sankei Shimbun is a daily newspaper published in Japan. It has the fifth-highest circulation for newspapers in Japan. It is one of the five national newspapers in Japan; the other four are the Asahi Shimbun, the Yomiuri Shimbun, the Mainichi Shimbun, and the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

Shishio knew very well the power of this newspaper, but even though a newspaper was good, he knew that it was only a time before the newspaper industry would go downhill and the sales of the paper newspaper would decrease.

However, Shishio didn ’t need to worry since he had a way to make his newspaper company become better.

Shishio felt that he was a bit overwhelmed, even though he was good at managing a business, if he suddenly received all of that so suddenly, he might not be able to control and everything would go into a mess.

Fortunately for each company that he received from the system, the system had prepared his trusted person to manage those companies.

Shishio wasn ’t sure how all those people could become his trusted people, but it might be the system controlled their minds? He wasn ’t sure, and the only thing that he could do was to accept everything since he was already numb.

If Shishio reacted every time, he would get tired so he could only nod dumbly and accept everything.

”Then next… ”

Shishio then looked at his last two rewards related to assets.

”Then 5 billion yen. ”

Shishio closed his eyes and found out that inside his investment company, there were another 5 billion yen and he had to admit that it was indeed a lot of money. He thought for a while and thought about searching for more companies to invest in again.

’Then lastly… ’

Shishio looked at the luxurious beach resort that he received and from the information that he got from the system, the location of the resort was located at Tateyama, Chiba which was quite nearby from Tokyo. He was wondering whether he should visit this place during the summer since he was sure that it would be a great experience.

Shishio would be lying if he wasn ’t excited and as a normal man, his reaction was pretty normal, however, he felt that his money was more than enough and what he lacked at this moment, should be a talent and something that could make his body stronger.

Shishio had received a unique martial art such as ”Thunder Breathing ”, and his vision and body also became stronger because of the system, so in the future, he was sure that his body could become stronger, which made him feel that he was stupid for rejecting the system and didn ’t want to become a scumbag.

Shishio shook his head then thought about opening his rewards that were related to the skill, since he wanted to go to sleep right away, after, he had accepted all of his rewards.

For the skill that Shishio received from the system, there were two skills which were ”Music Mastery ” and ”Painting Mastery ”.

’Then ”Music Mastery ”.. ’

Shishio accepted this reward and there was a lot of information that entered his head. He felt his hands trembling and felt as if he had played various musical instruments for a long time. It felt as if all of the knowledge about music was ingrained into his body naturally and he also felt that he could manipulate his sound to various types so it would fit into the song that he wanted to sing.

Shishio also remembered various songs from Mozart, Chopin, Michael Jackson, etc, and all from his previous world, and at the same time, he felt that he could perform all of their songs better. He rubbed his fingers and felt that he might have become the best musician in the world after he got this ability.

Shishio, once again, had to admit that the system was very amazing, which made him wonder what stopped him from being a scumbag, after all, and those rewards were very amazing, which was why his feeling was in a mess at this moment.

However, Shishio also knew that when he wanted to get something more, he needed to sacrifice something, the same when he became a successful businessman in the past. During his startup, he was so busy that he didn ’t have time to take care of his girlfriend, luckily, that she understood him very well, but he couldn ’t see her again and there was nothing that he could do at that moment.

Shishio then checked the ”Painting Mastery ” that he had accepted before, checking the details of this ability.

Shishio closed his eyes and knew that he had mastered every painting skill whether it was coloring, drawing, tools, etc.

”…. ”

Shishio knew that he should be happy, but when he suddenly received all of those rewards, there was no happiness, but rather numbness since he realized how amazing this system was, and at the same time, even though he didn ’t want to become a scumbag, there was a voice on his heart that told him to not worry about anything and just became a scumbag so he could get all of those rewards which made him have a headache, every time he tried to reject or deny it.

But enough of that since Shishio felt that the ”Painting Mastery ” was a very amazing ability, he knew that some legendary painters might be able to create an art that was capable of pulling someone to enter the world of their creations, giving off an illusion of what they had created truly alive.

Shishio knew that there were a lot of people that might doubt such a fantasy-like ability might, but he knew that there were some master painters that were capable of doing that kind of thing, but the number was very small.

Some painters might be on the verge of breaking through to the master level, but just that one step, was something that someone might not achieve in their life, and most of them wouldn ’t be able to break through the master level.

As for Shiina, who should be on the verge of being a master class, Shishio remembered that her grandpa told her that she was just one step away from the limit of an artist in this world, so she decided to come to Japan to seek a breakthrough, but it was a pity that she met a scumbag, not only she failed to break through, but even lost all of her previous ability as a genius painter and became a normal painter because of that scumbag.

Shishio really wanted to curse Sorata, but with him here, hopefully, Shiina would be able to break through that limit and he also wouldn ’t let Sorata drag Shiina down. He was about to sleep, but he decided to check his phone since he knew that someone had sent him a message before.

”Miu? ”

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