I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 61 - This Is The Only Way

Miu was wondering whether she was hated, but then she thought that he might be busy, after all, she only received the reply to her text from him that she came to the school today. Unless someone was busy, that should be the case, though she wasn ’t sure and that was the reason she was quite troubled by him.

Before Miu received his reply, she couldn ’t fall asleep, wondering what was wrong since it had been a while for her to send a message to her opposite gender besides her father and little brother, and she didn ’t have that many friends and all the upperclassmen on her club had graduated, leaving her alone inside the club which was why even though she might not realize it she was quite happy with her meeting with Shishio since it somehow resembled a meeting of protagonist and heroine on the novel.​​

However, Miu didn ’t think any of that and the reason why she might be thinking about him all the time might be because she was lonely. She might not have realized that she was quite lonely and she was happy that she could talk with someone, especially when she was in trouble and she wanted to talk to someone, which was why when she received Shishio ’s reply the morning before, she was very happy.

However, as a good student, Miu read Shishio ’s text after the class ended and when she read it, she somehow couldn ’t hide her smile, reading that text, and wondered where they should meet each other since she wanted to repay his money, no, probably, it was because she wanted to meet him again.

Miu then thought for a while and asked him, where they should meet each other. She waited for his answer, and she received her reply in the evening, even though it was quite late, she had prepared her heart better, but she was glad regardless.

”Wagnaria, huh? ”

Miu thought for a while and remembered that there was such a restaurant near her school, so she agreed without hesitation, and after they made their appointment, they continued their text since both of them were curious about each other.

Miu didn ’t have many friends after all, and with her quiet personality, it was very hard for her to take an initiative so when Shishio asked her, she answered his question happily, though, she would never expect that he was in freshman in high school, which meant, he was her junior which made her startled.

Miu: ”Are you really a freshman in high school? Not college? ”

Shishio smiled and replied.

Shishio: ”Do I look that old? ”

Miu: ”Sorry! I am not saying that you ’re old, but when you talked with me before, you were so composed and mature which made me think that you ’re older than me. ”

Shishio had to admit that out of all the girls that he had met and was capable of triggering his system, Miu might be the most normal, but he also knew that she also had her own problem and in her case, based on their first meeting, it should be a problem with her communication which was caused by her shyness, however, such a girl was really cute and he really couldn ’t help but wanted to bully her somehow.

Shishio somehow wanted to see her expression, when he teased her. Unfortunately, it might be a bit hard for both of them to meet each other.

They continued to chat with each other and Miu couldn ’t help but laugh when Shishio told her some jokes that she had never heard before, and Shishio also asked her about a novel since it seemed that she was very knowledgeable about this matter.

Shishio just received a publishing house from the system, but even so, he didn ’t understand much about the market, but he could mostly guess that the most popular genre of the novel would be either mystery or romance, then after that, it was either fantasy, science fiction, horror, thriller, etc.

As expected, Shishio was right since Miu told him that the most popular genre in the novel was both mystery and romance. He nodded and thought that there weren ’t seem many differences between this world and his previous life in terms of culture, but of course, the famous work in this world, and in his previous world was different since he didn ’t see the famous work in his previous world in this place.

However, for the names of companies, there were some that were similar and there were some that were different which was why Shishio was a bit hesitant to invest his money in some of the companies that he knew in his previous world, even though those companies were great in his previous life.

Shishio was reincarnated in a different world and even though he knew that the development of the world might not be different in his previous world, he couldn ’t be 100% sure and needed to be careful.

Unless Shishio was 100% that the growth of those companies wouldn ’t be different from his previous world, then he wouldn ’t invest in hasty.

The talk between both of them was very enjoyable and Miu couldn ’t help but ask where Shishio ’s high school was.

Shishio: ”I study at Suimei University of the Arts. ”

Shishio didn ’t think too much and answered where he studied, however…

”What?! ”

Miu was startled.

”Nee-chan, what ’s wrong? ”

Miu ’s little sister, who was sleeping, suddenly awoken, when she heard her big sister ’s loud voice, and even though she was quite sleepy, she was curious why her big sister suddenly let out such a voice, since it was her first time hearing her big sister hear such a voice from her big sister.

Miu quickly calmed herself and said, ”Nothing, Miya. You should continue with your sleep, you need to wake up in the morning, remember? ”

”Oh… ”

Miya nodded and didn ’t think too much before she continued to sleep.

Miu and her little sister shared a room together since they were living in the apartment, which was why her little sister would wake up when she let out such a loud voice.

”Shishio Oga… ”

Miu thought for a while and suddenly remembered the name of the first-year student who got a perfect score on his entrance exam and she had a feeling that it was him. She thought for a while and decided to ask him.

Miu: ”Um… Oga-kun, are you the one who received a perfect score on the entrance exam? ”

Shishio: ”That ’s me, what ’s wrong? Are we from the same school? ”

Shishio might be surprised, but nothing could surprise him anymore in this world, or rather, if that wasn ’t the case, he felt that it would be unnatural somehow. He couldn ’t describe it very well, but it was as if the girls kept coming toward him, one after another, but when he thought about his quality, he didn ’t think that it was weird, it was similar to when an ant would gather around the sugar, and in the eyes of women, he might be as sweet as a sugar.

Miu was very happy when she learned it, not because Shishio was the one that received a perfect score on the entrance exam, but because they were from the same school. She suddenly thought about her club since after all the seniors in the club graduated, there was only her, and if it wasn ’t because of the advisor teacher of her club, then her club might be disbanded so…

Miu was a bit nervous, but she decided to encourage herself.

Miu: ”Shishio-kun, have you joined a club? ”

”Club, huh? ”

Shishio felt speechless when Miu asked this question, after all, he had just entered the school, but this girl asked him whether he had joined the school or not, but he didn ’t bother to refute, after all, he could guess that she gathered a lot of courage to ask him this question. He thought for a while and felt that it would be good to join a club, but he needed to see whether Miu ’s club was suitable for him or not…

Shishio: ”Do you want me to join your club, Ashihara-senpai? ”

Miu was Shishio ’s senior so it was normal for him to call her by ”-senpai ” suffix.

Miu: ”Um… do you have any plans to join other clubs? ” She was a bit shy when she thought that she was older than him, but at the same time, she pouted when she remembered that he treated her like a little girl before. She was older than him, alright?

Shishio: ”Not yet, but I might try to visit your club, is that alright? ” He had a feeling that Miu was going to invite him, so he decided to take an initiative.

Miu was full of happiness when she read Shishio ’s reply.

Miu: ”Of course! I am waiting for you! ”

Both of them talked for a while before they ended their conversation.

Shishio then noticed that Nana also sent him a message with a dirty joke, which made him a bit helpless at that moment, but he didn ’t think too much and ignored the joke, then telling her to go to sleep since school would start early.

Nana complained, but in the end, she also decided to sleep and told him that she wouldn ’t lose against him!

”Lost? ”

Shishio felt a bit strange, wondering what Nana meant by losing, and he was also curious about the reason why she talked to him at the school, after all, he was sure that she wasn ’t the type of person who would talk to a man that she didn ’t know, especially when Nana didn ’t bother to ask other male students phone number at the class except for him. Even though he had to admit that he was quite handsome, he felt that Nana was a bit aggressive.

If Nana was a ”man-eater ” or ”carnivorous girl ”, then Shishio wouldn ’t be surprised by her action, but he was good at seeing people ’s character and he knew even though Nana was quite active, or rather quite hyperactive, and ”gyaru girl ”, he was sure that she wasn ’t the type of girl that he mentioned above.

Well, in truth, Shishio was a bit cheating, after all, he knew who Nana was from the memory of his previous life.

”Let ’s sleep. ”

In the end, Shishio didn ’t think too much and as an adult, it was impossible for him to think about romance like a teenager, where he would be shy, thought that Nana was in love with him, married, then thought about how many children they would have in the future. Even though such a thought was a cute adolescent phase that every boy had felt during their lifetime, he had already passed that phase, once was enough, there was no need to repeat it again.

’And… ’

Shishio closed his eyes and let out a sigh. He then called out Hodgins to talk about the matter that they had talked about, before ending the call. He then looked at his mobile phone subconsciously because of a habit, but he quickly realized that he was Shishio Oga now.

”… ”

Shishio put his phone on the side, showing a bitter smile, and knew that he couldn ’t go back and saw her again. He then shook his head and closed his eyes to sleep, hoping that the next day would be better than today, but at this moment he didn ’t realize that someone was investigating him.

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