I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 62 - Lets Walk Together

After her meeting with Shishio, Togo directly asked her secretary to investigate Shishio ’s information since from her instinct, she felt that he really had changed. She had met him few years ago, but when she met him again, she had a different feeling and he felt dangerous, or rather, he gave off a feeling of a powerful fighter that she often saw which was why she was curious about Shishio, but before that, she had very huge trouble that she needed to solve.


Togo looked at Hong, whose leg was being cast since it was cracked, and there was also a bandage over his chest, showing that he was injured.

Hong was in silence and he couldn ’t say anything since he was indeed at fault. He tried to taunt Shishio, but in the end, he got beaten up by him.

”Don ’t worry, Miss Tomari, I can fight, even if my leg is cracked and my chest is wounded, I can fight very well. ” Hong tried to reassure Togo and said, ”Did you forget about my technique? I can shut down my pain. ” Even though his leg cracked, it didn ’t mean he couldn ’t fight since he had a technique that made him capable of shutting down his pain, even if he was injured, he could fight anytime, so there was no need to worry, right?

”You can fight, but can you win?! ” Togo was really furious and even pressed her finger against Hong ’s head, showing how she wanted to throw him out to the Tokyo Bay for giving her a lot of trouble. ”If your opponent is a normal fighter, then I don ’t care, but your fucking opponent is ”Fang of Metsudo ”! The strongest fighter in the Kengan Association! It isn ’t some opponent that you can fight with your fucking cracked leg! ”

Togo knew that even though Hong ’s technique made him able to shut down the pain, it didn ’t mean the injuries on his body disappeared and it was still there and as she had said before if his opponent was a normal fighter, then she didn ’t care, but the problem was his opponent was the strongest fighter in Kengan Association and Hong was her strongest fighter at this moment, which was why she was confused what to do about the match that would be held in a few days later.

Hong, who listened to Togo ’s words, felt speechless, but he didn ’t refute her words, after all, it was right, even though he believed that he wasn ’t weaker than the strongest fighter in Kengan Association, his condition wasn ’t optimal, especially when his leg cracked at this moment and he also knew even though he could shut down the pain, the cracked bone was still there and it would become a weakness during his battle.

”Um… Miss Tomari, I have brought all the data that you want… ”

Yurihama Fusae, Togo ’s secretary, talked nervously to Togo who was very furious at this moment. Inwardly, she thought that Togo was interested in this young man and couldn ’t help but feel happy since this ”Merchant of Death ” seemed to have a heart and Togo wasn ’t as heartless as she had thought, but she had to admit that the face of the young man was very handsome, but she didn ’t have time to appreciate it since she was always busy.

”Oh? Have you gotten all of his data? ” Togo lost all of the anger instantly and took the documents from her secretary. She was a successful businessman and she was very good at controlling her emotions. In a second, she was angry, and in another second, she was all calm, it was something that she could do easily like walking or breathing.


Togo was dumbfounded and looked at her secretary. ”…Is all the data here real? ” For some reason, after she read all the documents about Shishio, she couldn ’t calm down at all.

Yurihama let out a sigh and also understood Togo ’s reaction since she was also the same since it was amazing for someone in his 15 to be able to do all of this.

”Yes, it is real, Miss Tomari. I have used our trusted person to conduct this investigation. ”

”….. ”

Togo was silent and was in shock when she saw all the assets that were hidden by Shishio, and she knew very well that there might be more that was hidden from the public, or rather, she was surprised that Shishio was able to achieve all of this without being known by the public.

’What the hell is this?! ’

From a private hospital, a shooting range, to a luxurious apartment building, but if it was alone, it wouldn ’t surprise Togo, but Shishio had some relationship with a Burning Holding Investment, and with her mind, even though, there was no proof, she could pretty much tell that the boss behind a Burning Holding Investment was probably, Shishio.

Togo was in shock since she didn ’t expect Shishio to be a genius at investing and financial related matters, and she, of course, also knew about Burning Holding Investment, even though it wasn ’t as famous as other investments companies in this country since it was relatively low key and it didn ’t accept outside money since it was used to manage the owner ’s money and managed the companies that were owned by this holding company.

(If you don ’t know that it is a holding company, you can say that it is a company that owns another company, its sole purpose is to avoid tax such as inheritance tax, etc or just to hide one identity from the public, such as those hidden powerful families. For example, you can check Walmart, the owner who holds most of the stock isn ’t one or two members of the Walton family itself, but rather a holding company that is owned by the Walton family. If you don ’t understand, then just read Berkshire Hathaway since this company is also a holding company).

Togo wasn ’t sure about the details of Burning Holding Investment, or how many assets it had in the country and overseas, but one thing was for sure, with all those assets that were listed above, she knew that Shishio, the child that she knew a few years ago, had already become a billionaire.

Togo smiled and thought that it was amazing, however…

Hong was curious and wanted to look at Shishio ’s data, but he also knew about his place so he didn ’t do anything.

Togo then put the document down on the table and said, ”Enough about this matter, what we need to do is how to solve the Kengan Match that is about to begin in few days? Should I send Hong to the match? Or should I search for another fighter in the remaining few days? ” Even though Shishio ’s information was amazing, there was something more important that she needed to do at that moment.

Listening to Togo ’s words, Hong and Yurihama were silent.

Yurihama wasn ’t sure whether their company was able to get another fighter that was as strong as Hong, and it was also impossible to poach a strong fighter from another company. Even though Togo ’s strength wasn ’t weak, the company with a strong fighter also wasn ’t weak either and there was no way that they could poach a strong fighter with just a few days, and even if it was possible, the price wouldn ’t be cheap.

”Miss Tomari, can I say something? ” Hong suddenly said.

”What ’s wrong? ” Togo looked at Hong, wondering whether he had a good idea to solve their problem.

”What do you think about that boy? ” Hong asked.

”That boy? ” 2x

Togo and Yurihama said at the same time, and suddenly there was a face of a young man that appeared on their minds.

”You mean… ” Togo furrowed her brows.

Hong nodded and said, ”This Oga Shishio. ” He pointed his finger at the document on the table and said, ”He ’s very strong. Stronger than me. ” Even though it was hard to accept, he had to admit that Shishio was stronger than him and if it was Shishio, then he had a feeling that Shishio might have a chance to defeat the strongest fighter at the Kengan Association.

When Hong saw Togo was in silence, he continued his explanation.

”He ’s a master of Bajiquan and you should know how strong this martial art is. ”

Hong was from China after all, and of course, he knew how powerful Bajiquan was. Even though he didn ’t know how such a young man was able to master Bajiquan, he didn ’t hide his admiration for him since Shishio was able to master this martial art from such a young age and the only explanation that he could find was that this guy was a peerless genius.

”You can ’t win against, Shishio? ” Togo asked in doubt, after all, Shishio was only 15 years old, and martial art wasn ’t something that could be learned with just a few years, after all.

”No. ” Hong shook his head and said, ”He ’s very strong and he didn ’t even get serious before. You two are acquaintances, right? Can you ask him to become your fighter representative, Miss Tomari? ”

Togo twitched her lips. If Shishio was just a normal acquaintance, then she would contact him right away, but Shishio was the grandson of her big client!

’If his grandfather knows… ’

Togo thought for a while and her expression was very difficult at this moment.

Unlike Hong who didn ’t know much, Yurihama understood Togo ’s difficulty since she knew Shishio ’s identity.

”Miss Tomari, you can ask him first to see whether he ’s interested or not, and while you ’re inviting him, I will try to search for another fighter, ” Yurihama said, but even so, she wasn ’t confident that she was able to find someone who was as strong as Hong in a very short time.

Togo nodded and didn ’t hesitate anymore.

”Good, do all of that. ”

Togo didn ’t want to lose that contract and knew that it was the only way.

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