I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 63 - I Dont Have A Boyfriend

The next day, since Shishio had prepared, he woke up very early at five in the morning. He got up quickly and changed his clothes to sports getup to start a jog around the neighborhood, but well, rather than a jog, he did a full sprint for 15 minutes, then did five minutes jog before he returned to Sakurasou.

When Shishio returned, he went to the yard, which was in the middle of Sakurasou, to start his martial art training. He didn ’t have a sword so all he did was ”Bajiquan ” training. He did very high-intensity training and his clothes and body were full of sweat, but he felt more alive than ever, he felt that every muscle, bone, blood, and cell were working together, and his eyes were full of excitement since the more he moved, the more that all the techniques and experience from ”Bajiquan Mastery ” merged with his body fully.​​

Shishio forgot the time and when he heard a movement, he stopped and noticed Shiro-san, who was looking at him. When he stopped, he felt a hunger hit him, but it was still on a bearable level so he didn ’t think too much. He looked at Shiro-san and greeted him. ”Good morning, Shiro-san. ”

”Good morning, Oga-kun, you sure are very diligent for working up in the early morning. ” Shiro-san was in truth amazed when he saw how Shishio was fully concentrated on his martial art training since even though he stood there for 10 minutes, Shishio didn ’t say anything, but that was all good since it felt like he was being ignored.

”You ’re also very early, Shiro-san. ” Shishio took a towel that he had prepared and wiped his sweat. He wanted to take a bath right away and ate a lot of breakfast since he was very hungry. He might have realized it before, but his food intake might increase, however, it was normal since his workout was very intense and his physical ability was doubled. He then glanced at the clock and saw that it was around six in the morning so there was still a lot of time before he went to school.

”Hehe, I always wake up early in the morning. ” Shiro-san smiled and asked, ”By the way, is that Bajiquan that you have just done just now? ” He knew that Shishio learned a Bajiquan from their conversation in the bathroom before, but he didn ’t expect Shishio ’s movement to be so powerful that it amazed him. He looked at the slight crack on the ground and couldn ’t help but twitch his lips, felt that his bone might be crushed if he was stepped by him. He might love being stepped, but he didn ’t want his bones to be broken.

”It ’s Bajiquan. ” Shishio wiped clean his sweat and said, ”I will take a bath first, Shiro-san, then I will cook breakfast, do you want to join? ”

”Of course! ” Shiro-san said without hesitation and was about to follow him, but…

”I mean, breakfast, not the bath. ”

Even though Shishio had taken a bath with Shiro-san before and it might be normal for a man to take a bath together in this country, he refrained from doing it again and it might be his imagination, but he was wondering why Shiro-san was a bit disappointed. He didn ’t think too much or rather he was afraid to think.

Luckily, Shiro-san seemed to not trigger his system, but if Shiro-san was really able to trigger then…

Even if the system was very powerful, Shishio was going to fight it to death!

”Jin, wait for me, I haven ’t had the breakfast made by Shishio-kun yet! ” Misaki screamed and didn ’t want to get out of the dining room.

”Misaki, that ’s Oga-kun ’s breakfast, if you eat it, Oga-kun won ’t have breakfast. Let ’s hurry up, the director is waiting for us. ”

Mitaka looked helplessly at Misaki, and even though Shiro-san also ate the breakfast that was made by Shishio, he subconsciously ignored him, which made Shiro-san excited.

Having a good breakfast, and being ignored, Shiro-san felt that he was in heaven now.

Mitaka, who naturally ignored Shiro-san, was helpless when he saw Misaki, who didn ’t want to go out because she wanted to eat Shishio ’s breakfast, even though he also understood her feeling, but there was something more important than that so he forcibly pulled Misaki away.

After the three of them discussed each other last night, Shishio ’s words gave Mitaka a lot of inspiration, so in the middle of the night, he urgently contacted the anime director who employed Misaki. He wanted to talk with the director again, so he was very anxious and wanted to go with Misaki as soon as possible.

Shishio looked at Mitaka and Misaki then let out a sigh. ”If you want, I can prepare a simple onigiri before you go, do you want some? ”

”Yes! ” Misaki said without hesitation excitedly.

”I am sorry, Oga-kun. ” Mitaka felt a bit guilty, but he didn ’t mind having a simple onigiri from such an amazing chef, before, he might be wary that Shishio might fall in love with Misaki, but it seemed that it was his misunderstanding so he felt quite relaxed, but if Shishio decided to become his love rival, then he needed to do something since Shishio was very tough.

Shiro-san, who was eating his breakfast, was also curious about the onigiri, but he didn ’t stop his hands and kept eating.

Onigiri was very easy to make, or rather Shishio might only need a few seconds to make it, though, the only problem was the fillings since there was a lot of variety, but at this moment, he chose a simple one such as umeboshi (Japanese plums), but he also gave a special one.

”Shishio-kun, what kind of filling is this? ” Misaki asked curiously.

”It ’s shio kombu cheese filling, tell me whether it tastes good or not later after you have gone back, ” Shishio said and finished all the onigiri in few minutes.

”I will! ” Misaki gave Shishio a salute and thought that she had been given an important task so she needed to give her best to eat Shishio ’s onigiri and told him that it might be the best onigiri that she had ever eaten since she could see the rice was glistening which made her unable to hold her urge to eat the onigiri right away.

Shishio took a random bento box from the kitchen and put all four onigiris on it, before giving it to Mitaka since if he gave it to Misaki, he was sure that she would eat it immediately.

”Mitaka-senpai, here you go, and please clean the bento box yourself, alright? ”

”Yes, don ’t worry. ” Mitaka nodded and accepted the bento box.

”Ah, Jin! Let me eat! Let me eat! ” Misaki was dumbfounded when Shishio gave the bento box to Mitaka and wanted to rob it from him, but Mitaka didn ’t give her a chance.

”Let ’s eat it later. Let ’s go, the director is already waiting. ” Even though Mitaka also wanted to eat, he could do it later so he pulled Misaki, who complained and told him that he was a demon, but he ignored her and walked out of the kitchen.

”Um… Shishio-kun, can I ask an onigiri too? ” Shiro-san asked since he was tempted, especially when he thought that he could eat the onigiri while he was writing his novel.

”…. ”

”By the way, I can buy ingredients for food later, ” Shiro-san said without hesitation, and if Shishio wanted, he could even pay for his food later.

”Then I won ’t refuse. ” Shishio was quite thrifty and as long as he could save money, he would do so, even though he was full of money.

Shishio then made onigiri for Shiro-san and he also thought to make some for Ritsu and Shiina since both of them hadn ’t come out until now. For Sorata, he knew that guy had left early, but he didn ’t care much about him.

Then Shiro-san said goodbye after he ate breakfast and cleaned up his dishes, but of course, he said thank you and brought his onigiri, placing it inside a bento box since it seemed he went out somewhere.

Shishio also ended his breakfast and when he thought that both Shiina and Ritsu hadn ’t come out, he could tell what had happened. He then also packed a bento and left the kitchen, but then, he happened to see Ritsu who pulled Shiina, who was in a daze from the girls ’ area.

”Good morning, Mashiro, Kawai-senpai. ”

”Good morning, Oga-kun. ” Ritsu also saw Shishio, and there was a trace of unnaturalness flashed on her expression.

”Good morning, Shishio, ” Shiina answered feebly.

Shishio looked at the two people, and he could see the dark circles in Ritsu ’s eyes. It seemed that she was still sleepy and her hair was also a little damp. He then looked at Shiina, who yawned as if she hadn ’t woken up, her clothes were a little wrinkled, and there was some part of her clothes that were wet from the water.

”…. ”

Shishio twitched his lips and asked, ”Mashiro, why are your clothes wet? ”

”In the bath… the water is very naughty, ” Shiina said.

”… ”

Shishio was wondering whether water could be naughty, was the water alive? If so, then should Shiina had already reached a master level of painting so she could make the water turn alive? Or was Shiina a water-bender?

Joke aside, Shishio could tell that Ritsu was really working hard.

”Kawai-senpai, are you… okay? ” Even though Shishio knew that Ritsu wasn ’t okay, he still needed to ask after all.

”It ’s alright, it ’s just that I didn ’t expect what Chihiro-nee told us last night would be so serious. ” Ritsu was so tired and her expression turned ugly when she thought about what had happened this morning.

”….. ”

Shishio suddenly remembered and said, ”By the way, here ’s an onigiri, I have made some. ”


When Shishio opened the lid of the bento, Ritsu and Shiina gulped at the same time, since the white rice of the onigiri gave off a white luster that increased their appetite.

”Thank you. ” Ritsu decided to accept without hesitation since she knew that she didn ’t have time to prepare breakfast and at the same time, she wanted to cry at this moment since Shishio was like a light during her darkest time. Her morning was very hard, but with the onigiri in front of her, she felt that it gave her the power to work hard.

Shishio knew that Ritsu had been looking at him with a weird expression on him for the past two days, but he didn ’t care much since he could tell that she was still feeling sorry about what had happened on the riverbank before.

Watching Shiina and Ritsu, who started to nimble the onigiri on the entrance of the dorm, Shishio looked at both of them, felt that it was too rude to directly leave them so he decided to ask, ”Kawai-senpai, Mashiro, do you want to go the school together? ”

”Cough! Cough! ”

Ritsu suddenly coughed her onigiri, fortunately, her back was patted and she felt better.

”Are you okay, Senpai? ” Shishio was wondering why this girl suddenly choked her onigiri.

”I ’m… I ’m alright. ” Ritsu felt better after her back was patted, but there was a blush on her face since his hand was touching her back. She didn ’t hate this feeling, but she was very shy at that moment.

”Wait here, I will bring you water, ” Shishio said and walked back to the kitchen.

Shiina didn ’t say anything and only ate her onigiri happily since it was delicious.

Ritsu wasn ’t sure why, but she started to imagine a relationship between a lover where they walked together and went back together from the school, except there was Shiina there, but she could ignore that since Shiina was like a pet in her mind.

When Shishio brought back the water, Ritsu quickly thanked him and drank the water quickly, feeling good after everything was washed down by the water. She then looked at the glass, then looked at Shiina, and then looked at Shishio. Even though she was a bit shy when she thought about how troublesome Shiina was…

”Shishio, let ’s go to school together, ” Shiina said, agreeing with his invitation.

Shishio didn ’t answer Shiiina immediately and looked at Ritsu since everything was decided by this girl.

”Alright, let ’s go together, ” Ritsu said since she thought she could read her book, if Shishio came with him, right?

If Shishio walked with them together, Ritsu thought that she could read her book since she stopped at the most exciting part which was why she was going to walk together. She definitely didn ’t feel excited when she thought that she could walk with him together.

Shishio didn ’t know what had happened on Ritsu ’s mind, but he definitely knew that even though he hoped Shiina would be able to become a master painter, he also hoped for her to be able to take care of herself, even though it might be quite hard to do it.

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