I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 65 - Hoes Before Bros

”Oga-kun, good morning. ”

”Good morning, Kanda-kun, you left early this morning. ”​​

Shishio, who had just entered the classroom, looked at Sorata, who was already sitting in his seat. He woke up very early before, but when he was preparing his breakfast, Sorata was already carrying his schoolbag and left Sakurasou, in a very weird condition, so he didn ’t greet Sorata when Sorata left before, nor did he care much, but he was wondering why this guy left the school so early.

”Ye – Yes, something happened in the morning. ”

Sorata ’s eyes dodged and he scratched his hair, acting as if he was alright. In truth, he hadn ’t had a good rest since last night so he decided to go to the school early in the morning, wishing to get away from Sakurasou as soon as possible.

When Sorata thought about what Shishio had done last night, it really shocked him. He had only been living for two days in Sakurasou, but it shocked him when he found out that he was the only one that had nothing…

”Did you have a good rest yesterday? ”

Shishio could tell from Sorata ’s eyes this guy hadn ’t had a good rest and wondered whether it was because of what had happened last night. His EQ wasn ’t low and very high at that so it was very easy to understand Sorata ’s thought, but personally, there was nothing that he could do for him, and he also felt troublesome to do so.

If Sorata became a beautiful girl then Shishio might help him, unfortunately, Sorata was a boy and an ordinary one at that.

Shishio only realized it when he observed Sorata ’s appearance, this guy was really ordinary so it might be impossible to find him among the crowd.

”Uh… it ’s okay, I just like to stay up late… ” Sorata was really uncomfortable at this moment, and he really hoped for Shishio to not appear in front of him, since when they were standing next to each other, he could feel how both of them were so different and how he was so inferior which made him hate himself and…

”Shishio! ”

Shishio suddenly could feel two softness on his back. He twitched his lips and felt a bit agitated, but he didn ’t move, slowly enjoying this feeling, and said helplessly, ”Nana, what are you doing early in the morning? ”

”Wasn ’t it because you ignored my call last night? ” Nana pouted, showing that she was annoyed. When she thought about last night and how this guy told her to sleep directly, ignoring her call, and only answered her text, she felt a bit annoyed. She was a beautiful girl, alright?

”…You know, if you act coquettish like this, you ’ll be mistaken as my girlfriend, ” Shishio said.

”Hehe, that ’s hilarious. ” Nana chuckled and said, ”But that isn ’t bad, do you want us to become a couple? ”

”…This is my first time hearing such an unromantic confession before. ” Shishio shook his head and said, ”Wait till you ’re 10 years older than say that again to me. ” He then walked back to his seat and escaped since he was afraid, it might be hard to control his little skyscraper if Nana kept pressing her two soft melons on his arm.

”What? Do you like older women? ” Nana quickly chased after Shishio, ignoring Sorata, who was there from the beginning to the end.

Sorata let out a long sigh and felt tired, somehow, he felt more jealous, especially when he could see that Nana was so beautiful and sexy.

’If it ’s me… ’

If Shishio knew what Sorata was thinking then, without doubt, Shishio would say that Sorata would be dumped without hesitation since Shishio knew very well Sorata didn ’t know how to treat a girl, besides using something which was known as ”Yasashi (Kindness) ”.

When Nana was about to ask Shishio, the bell suddenly rang.

”You should go back to your seat, ” Shishio said calmly.

Nana snorted and had made up her mind to defeat this guy.

’But if I make him fall in love with me, then should it count as my win? ’

Nana didn ’t think that it was that bad if she decided to date him, but it should be him who confessed so she would be the winner!

Nana then chuckled and thought that it would be fun to see that scene where Shishio confessed to her.

”Okay, let ’s start the class. ”

Koharu, the homeroom teacher of the class, entered the class with a cute white suit and skirt, then announced the start of the class.

Shishio let out a sigh and felt that it was useless to listen to this class since he had learned all of them. He knew that he might offend his teacher, but when he thought that he would spend his three years with such a useless class…

Shishio couldn ’t bear it and took out a law book that he had bought to read it. He didn ’t have a hobby of sleeping during the class and it was better to use his free time to read something, but when he was engrossed in his book…

”Oga-kun, Oga-kun! ”

Shishio looked up and saw Koharu, standing on the podium looking at him angrily.

”Yes, Sensei? ” Shishio said calmly.

Koharu frowned and said, ”Oga-kun, can you come up and answer the questions on the blackboard? ” In the beginning, she thought that Shishio was learning, but when she saw the book in his hand, she knew that he was slacking and he did that on the first day of school which made her even more annoyed and thought to teach him a manner.

Shishio ignored the expression of the gloating boys around since he could tell that all of them were jealous of his relationship with Nana and his popularity with the girls in the class, which made him realize how childish a high school student could be. He put down his book and nodded toward Koharu since he could tell that this teacher wanted to punish him.

Shishio walked toward the podium without hesitation, with his back straight, showing no doubt that he could solve it.

”Do you think that Oga-kun can solve the question? ” A girl whispered to another girl next to her.

”Oga-kun is so pitiful… ” Another girl seemed worried.

If the guys were jealous of him, the girls were worried about him, since Shishio ’s popularity was very high.

”It was his fault on slack during the class, he deserves it, ” the jealous boy said.

”How can we solve this kind of problem? I have no idea at all. ” The smart students in the class muttered and they didn ’t have an idea to solve the problem which was written on the board.

”Oga-kun… ” Kanda Sorata wasn ’t sure why and he knew that it might sound petty, but he felt that he would be happy if Shishio couldn ’t answer this question.

Unlike everyone, Nana looked at Shishio with full of interest, wondering what Shishio was about to do.

”Um… Oga-kun, if you don ’t know, then it is alright… ” Koharu looked at the students in her class that started to whisper underneath and started to regret her impulsive behavior.

Koharu didn ’t really want to punish Shishio, but she was a little angry since he ignored her and read another book that didn ’t have any relationship with her class right after he became a high school student. She was also quite worried since she knew how complicated the question that she had given, and thought that it might give him a big blow.

As for the source of this question, it wasn ’t something that could be solved by a high school student, it was a question that was given by her current university lecturer to check her level, and she needed to spend a whole day to solve this question reluctantly, although, this question could be solved by someone who knew high school knowledge, it was impossible for a high school student to solve it.

”It ’s alright, Shirayama-sensei. ”

Shishio smiled lightly toward Koharu, who was next to him. He knew that this teacher cared about him since what he did was indeed wrong for reading another book during the class, but he didn ’t regret it or rather, he wanted to prove his ability so no one would say anything when he ignored the class and as his homeroom teacher, she must also know about his scholarship, but the premise that he must always be in the 1st rank.

If Shishio failed in his studies, then it would affect his scholarships, but then again, Koharu didn ’t know anything about his system after all.

Moreover, Shishio also didn ’t feel the slightest malice from Koharu, and he knew that it was only a moment of impulse.

”Then, I will start to solve the problem, Sensei. ”

Shishio then picked up the chalk and wrote the answer on the blackboard. Then after more than ten minutes, he looked at the answer that he had written in satisfaction, and then looked at Koharu, who was dumbfounded beside him.

”Sensei, it ’s done. ”

”Ah – Ah, yes! It – It ’s… correct… ” Koharu somehow felt very weak at this moment and looked at Shishio with a complicated gaze.

Shishio only smiled lightly, put down the chalk, and looked at the stunned crowd. In truth, there were a lot of ways to solve this problem, but he was too lazy to do it.

”… ”

The entire class was in silence and no one said anything since they were too stunned and dumbfounded to say anything.

Shishio then sat down on his seat and continued to read his book, calmly, and handsomely, ignoring everyone ’s complicated gaze on him, especially the guys, but when it came to the cute girls, he didn ’t mind teasing some girls, he looked at Nana, who happened to see her, and gave her a mischievous smile.

Nana ’s position was quite far from Shishio, so when Shishio showed this mischievous smile, most of the girls in the class thought that he was smiling at them, which somehow made their hearts beat very fast.

Nana snorted, but she thought that it might be a bit hard to beat him on the exam so she was going to defeat him through love!

On the other hand, Koharu twitched her lips and looked at the perfect answer on the board, letting out a long sigh. She knew how difficult this problem was and she needed one day to solve it, but Shishio could do it in a very short time which made her wonder whether she wasn ’t smart enough, but she quickly shook her head.

It wasn ’t that Koharu was stupid, but Shishio was too smart!

Koharu then looked at Shishio, who continued to read his book calmly, ignoring her class, but she didn ’t care anymore since she knew that there was nothing that she could teach him at this moment, and at the same time, she was wondering whether Shishio was the reincarnation of ”God of Learning ”.

”Cough! Cough! Let ’s continue the class. ”

Koharu didn ’t say anything again and everyone also didn ’t say anything since their level difference was too big!

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