I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 66 - Help Us To Buy It

When Koharu ’s class ended, Tagami and Usa, who were sitting nearby Shishio, couldn ’t help but look at Shishio in amazement.

”Ahem, Oga, I really wonder why our gap is so big even though we go to the same high school, ” Tagami said helplessly.​​

”Yeah, all those calculations almost made my head explode, ” Usa said while holding his head with a painful expression.

Shishio closed his book and looked at Tagami and Usa, his relationship with everyone in the class was quite normal, he wasn ’t that distant, nor he was that close, but when he saw both Tagami and Usa in his class, he knew very well that both of them were coming from the same story as Shiro-san, Mayumi, Sayaka, and Shiro-san. It was also the reason why he didn ’t mind having a closer relationship with both of them.

Shishio looked at Usa and had to admit that this guy was better than Sorata since, unlike Sorata, this guy had never gotten angry toward the heroines, but well, similar to Sorata, this guy used a weapon known as ”Yasashi (kindness) ” to get the heroine too, but unlike Sorata, Usa was a truly good boy.

However, when Shishio thought about it calmly, most of the protagonists in the story would use ”Yasashi (kindness) ” as the main trait, however, it was also the reason why there was a lot of NTR doujinshi about them, which made him wasn ’t sure whether he should laugh or felt sad about them.

Shishio then looked at Usa and he was wondering why Usa didn ’t go to Sakurasou.

’Should he go to the normal dorm? ’

Shishio felt that the possibility was bigger since no normal students wanted to live in Sakurasou which was a bin of loony, after all.

In front of Tagami and Usa, Shishio was quite modest and he didn ’t need to act like he was arrogant too since an arrogant character was very troublesome and he also didn ’t hate to talk with someone.

”In fact, I have seen a similar question before, so I can solve it so smoothly. ”

With his ”Enhanced Memory ”, Shishio could remember all the names of the students in this class easily, and during the introduction yesterday, he talked with both Tagami and Usa. Even though he didn ’t like to talk with guys too much since it was better to talk with a girl, he also knew that it was necessary to have one of two boys that he could talk with since sometimes guys had some conversations that couldn ’t be talked with girls, especially porn-related since he was sure that both Tagami and Usa had a lot of it.

Shishio ’s hunch was always right, and he also knew the personality of Tagami and Usa weren ’t that bad so he didn ’t mind talking with them, though, he wasn ’t sure how Usa ’s reaction was when this guy knew that he was living with his heroine.

Lastly, the class was also another form of society, if Shishio didn ’t communicate with everyone, then he would be left alone, everyone would pretend that he wasn ’t there, especially when he was so good, even though he didn ’t care much, or rather, a high school was only three years, and after they graduated, he was sure that everyone in this class would only become one among everyone so even if he didn ’t talk with them, it didn ’t really matter, but as a businessman, he didn ’t want that, he wanted to be in control so he needed to communicate with them, even though their conversation was quite meaningless, especially boys, when they were together, the only things that they were talking were either about girls or porns after all, but it was still several times better than talking about someone behind their back, right?

”You… I know that you ’re trying to be humble… ” Usa said helplessly.

”We, as stupid students, should pay our respect and worship toward you before the exam in the future. ” Tagami touched his chin and thought deeply, and got up and wanted to show respect to the person in front of him.

”Please don ’t, I don ’t want to be called the teacher for engaging in a cult. ” Shishio showed a helpless expression since this guy really dared to do it, and Tagami didn ’t seem to joke around, and he had a feeling that this guy would really do if he didn ’t stop him.

Then Shishio, Tagami, and Usa talked to each other for a while until the next lesson started.

”…. . ”

Sorata looked at Shishio, who was talking with Tagami and Usa, thinking that Shishio was just like everyone else in the class, and Shishio was only an ordinary student in this society, but when he looked at him, he could see that Shishio was different from everyone and, Sorata, he was just one among everyone.

Sorata looked at Shishio, his face was a bit lonely, and there was some jealousy that couldn ’t be hidden appeared on his heart, wondering why Shishio was so good, but Shishio could still stay among the ordinary people, and because of that, it made him appear inferior, and maybe, if there wasn ’t Shishio there, he could have a chance to talk with Shiina Mashiro.

Just when Sorata was caught in a whirlpool of jealousy, he failed to notice Nanami, who had been watching him silently from behind.

”Kanda-kun? ”

Nanami was a Seiyu (Voice Actor), and because of that, she also learned about facial expressions and the psychological conditions of the characters on the screen, so she felt that Sorata ’s current condition wasn ’t right.

’Is he jealous of Oga-kun? Why is that? ’

Nanami couldn ’t understand, and although Shishio was indeed very smart, especially when she thought about the last question from Koharu-sensei. She had a huge headache when she thought about that question, let alone solving that question. She, who had always been average at her grade, that question wasn ’t something that she could solve at all.

Nanami then looked at Sorata and Shishio with doubt.

’Aren ’t they friends in Sakurasou? ’

However, why Nanami felt that Sorata became unfamiliar and became more and more distant from how she remembered him.

When Nanami recalled the day Sorata picked up Hikari, she watched Sorata holding Hikari and said that he would take good care of it until he found someone who would take good care of it.

Nanami knew that her heart might be shaken and she felt the change of her emotion toward Sorata, perhaps, she felt that she might like the boy that held the cat a bit, and there was also a voice that told her to confess to this boy, but when she looked at Sorata ’s expression at this moment, she suddenly felt that everything was just an illusion, and maybe it was the right choice that she didn ’t confess to him at that time.

Then the next class started, and Shishio had always been reading his book, but in English class, he was called by the teacher in charge and was told to translate the texts in English, however, he was very fluent and there was a British accent on his words, which made the teacher, wondering whether he had lived in the UK for a while and when he was being asked the teacher, he only told the teacher that he was being taught during middle school since there was no way that he would explain that he had a system, right?

During the physics class, Shishio ’s life wasn ’t peaceful since the teacher seemed to target him, so all he could do was to answer the problems that were given to him easily.

Everyone was dumbfounded once again since they didn ’t expect Shishio to be so good at physics, but the physics teacher was going to provoke him, so Shishio also didn ’t give him mercy and he was thinking whether he should try to expel this teacher.

The teacher, who tried to provoke Shishio, was, in the end, left in embarrassment, his bald head was red, blushing like a tomato, and rushed out of the class directly.

Shishio ignored it since it was normal for an incompetent teacher to be kicked out sooner or later so it might be good to fasten the process, right?

The girls in the class looked at Shishio with very aggressive eyes, and if they weren ’t in the class, they might jump into him, asking one or two children from him, probably.

The boys seemed to show that everything was hopeless and they knew that they couldn ’t beat him, but from Sorata, there was strong jealousy that was radiated from him and it became more and more intense, other than that, everything else was normal.

When the class ended, it was time to break, Shishio, Tagami, and Usa were about to grab lunch but…

”Shishio, come with me! ”

Nana grabbed Shishio and pulled him directly away from Tagami and Usa.

”Wait, Oga, bring us with you! ” Tagami quickly responded, especially when he saw Nana pulling Shishio away from them. He knew that the relationship between Nana and Shishio was good and he also didn ’t have an idea about Nana, even though Nana was very beautiful, but it was different for Nana ’s friends.

Tagami knew that Nana ’s friends were very cute and beautiful so if both Nana and Shishio dated each other, as Shishio ’s friend, shouldn ’t he have had a chance to date Nana ’s friends?

This was why Tagami didn ’t want to lose that chance, but he was too late and he saw Shishio make an apologetic gesture then left with Nana.

”This guy, is this a hoe before bro? ” Tagami was helpless.

”Give up, Tagami. ” Usa patted Tagami ’s shoulder and said, ”If I am also being given a choice between hoe and bro, then I will also choose a lunch with a girl without hesitation. ”

”… ”

Tagami was silent, but he also knew that Usa was right if there was a girl that was interested in him, then he was going to go with that girl, leaving his bros behind. He let out a long sigh and patted Usa ’s shoulder. ”You ’re my brother, Usa. ”

”You ’re my brother too, Tagami, ” Usa said with a smile since unlike in middle school, his life should be normal without any weirdo around him.

”But he ’s our brother too and hopefully he can set up a mixer for us, ” Tagami said with a hopeful expression.

”… ”

Usa looked at Tagami and could only shake his head, but as a young adolescent boy, he was also excited when he thought that he would have a girlfriend and went to a mixer.

”But.. is that alright? Won ’t we trouble him? ” Usa asked, unsure.

”Let ’s ask him first, there ’s no harm in asking, right? ” Tagami said with a smile.

”Well, that ’s true… ” Usa nodded since there was really no harm in asking.

Then both of them went out together to start their lonely lunch, though, because of that, the three of them became friends with each other.

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