I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 69 - Who Is This Cute Girl?

”Kanda-kun, Kanda-kun, I heard that you live in Sakurasou, right? ”

Shishio, who had just entered the classroom, heard several people yelling around Sorata, talking about Sakurasou. He looked at a group of people in the circle with Sorata in the middle with confusion.​​

”Ah, yes, I live in Sakurasou. ”

Sorata was a little embarrassed to answer this question, although, he had asked strongly to move to Sakuraous before, his original purpose to move in was because of Hikari (his cat), but he didn ’t expect that place was hell for him and in that place, he felt that he was nothing, without anything.

”Shishio, come here! ” Nana called Shishio, waving her hand toward him since she had been waiting for him.

Shishio looked at Nana, then walked toward her, while listening to the conversation of Sorata and his classmates.

”Then Kanda-kun, do you know Mitaka-senpai and Kamiigusa-senpai? Are they in a relationship? ”

Shishio looked at the one that asked this question but didn ’t intend to say his name since he believed that this character wouldn ’t appear in the next chapter.

”Ah, I just moved in two days ago. The seniors are very good at taking care of me, but why did you suddenly ask them? ”

Sorata could only answer this classmate ’s question with doubt since he was a bit surprised why this guy suddenly asked him this kind of question.

”Look, this magazine, both Mitaka-senpai, and Kamiigusa-senpai are on the cover again, and there is also the latest information about them. ” The classmate took out a magazine and handed it to Sorata with excitement.

”Hmm? ” Shishio was a bit surprised and looked at the magazine with curiosity before moving closer toward them, looking at the magazine on the table from a close distance.

”Oga-kun, are you also interested in the information of the two seniors? ” The classmate looked at Shishio in surprise. In fact, as a male, he felt quite jealous since Shishio attracted the attention of all the girls in the class, but when he saw him this morning, he completely gave up since he knew that the distance between them wasn ’t something that could be shortened by hard work, however, he also knew that he didn ’t need to worry about his crush to be taken by Shishio since he saw how close Shishio with Nana was, and probably, they should have already dated to each other, considering how close they were, right? So there was nothing that he should be worried about, right?

”Yes, I am also very curious, can you tell me more? ” Shishio smiled and said that he was only interested in the information of both Mitaka and Misaki, but he didn ’t say that he knew both of them.

”… ” Sorata.

”Haha, then let me tell you because you have only entered this school from the high school, you might not know about them, however, for us, who directly promoted to middle school know about both Mitaka-senpai and Kamiigusa-senpai. They ’re not only a pair of geniuses, but I have also heard that they ’re also childhood sweethearts. ” The classmate recalled the information he knew, then picked up the magazine to open one of the pages then pointed it at Shishio.

”Look, this report, here is ”the genius high school girl student appears! ”, and there is also a specific report on Mitaka, although the two of them are a bit weird, they ’re extraordinary geniuses, they ’re really amazing, don ’t you think so, Oga-kun? ” The male classmate looked at the report ’s explanation of both Mitaka and Misaki information with an exclamation.

”Yes, indeed, Mitaka-senpai and Kamiigusa-senpai are indeed very good. ”

Shishio gave a perfunctory answer and looked at the group photo of both Mitaka and Misaki who occupied almost the entire cover of the magazine, and even though he gave a perfunctory answer, he had to admit that it was quite good for high schools student to be able to achieve all of this.

”I remember in the questionnaire the future goal that was made by the school before, Kamiigusa-senpai wrote that she hoped to become an alien or cosmic person in the future. I have also heard that the person who was in charge of Kamiigusa-senpai was an old man in his sixties and after he heard her answer, he directly entered the infirmary because of how shocked he was. ”

”….. ” Shishio felt that this rumor was a bit exaggerated, but he also knew how a rumor had always been very exaggerated, after all.

”But it is a pity, why would such two super geniuses decide to live in Sakurasou where weird people would live. ”

The male classmate was puzzled, looking at the photo of the two in the magazines in his hand.

”….. ”

Shishio didn ’t know what to say, and he was also wondering why Sakurasou had such a bad reputation, and this guy also directly said that Sakurasou was a place where weird people would live, was this guy asking him and Sorata a fight?

Shishio wasn ’t sure, but he really lamented how gullible the high school student was. He believed that if he was given time, this high school would be his, controlling all the people in this school would be a piece of cake for him, but he felt that it might be too tiring to do that since he was sure that he wouldn ’t meet the majority of them when he became an adult so he didn ’t care much.

Sorata, who listened to this male classmate, felt very uncomfortable and the way this guy talked about Sakusaou made him feel that he was stabbed by a knife since this guy dared to say that Sakurasou was a place where weird people would live so which meant, he was also a weird person too, right?

With a dark face, Sorata looked up at Shishio, who was still silent.

”…Yamada-san, in fact, Oga-kun lives in Sakurasou just like me. ” Sorata also wanted to drag Shishio with him, since he didn ’t feel comfortable that no one knew that Shishio was living in Sakurasou. They were living in the same place so shouldn ’t Shishio also receive the same treatment as him?

”….. ”

The male classmate was silent and turned his head awkwardly to look at Shishio, who had a light smile on his face. In his heart, he wanted to complain to Shishio why Shishio didn ’t tell him that Shishio was also living in Sakurasou, but he didn ’t dare to say so in front of Shishio.

”If I said that I have never had a chance to say it, can you believe me? ” Shishio looked at the people nearby, but didn ’t care much about their opinion, after all, Sakurasou ’s reputation was very well-known.

”……… ” The male classmate could only curse his luck.

”Hey, Shishio, are you really living in Sakurasou? ” Nana asked. Unlike the rest of them, she didn ’t have that much prejudice toward Sakurasou.

Shishio also didn ’t intend to continue his conversation with this random classmate that wouldn ’t appear in the next chapter and joined Nana with her friends to talk with each other since it seemed that they were also curious about the fact that he was living in Sakurasou.

”My aunt is the manager there so it is easier to live there, ” Shishio said.

They nodded and knew that Shishio was from Kyoto, so it wasn ’t wrong for his family to let him live with his aunt so they would be reassured, but they couldn ’t help but feel empathetic toward him since he had to live in Sakurasou.

The rumor about Sakurasou was very loud after all and no one thought that place was a good place.

”Then are the people who live there really weird? ” Maiko asked curiously.

”That ’s where you ’re wrong, Mai, ” Shishio said.

”What ’s wrong with me? ” Maiko asked with a confused expression.

”Each person in this world is different, from gender, appearance, personality, hobby, family, friend, etc, and there is no way for each of them to be the same, but when people see something different from them, they ’ll call those people weird, but in my opinion, rather than calling them weird because they ’re different, I like to call them individual characters. ”

Even though Shishio had to admit that Shiro-san ’s hobby was quite weird, he didn ’t want to talk bad about him and the people from Sakurasou. He also believed that the reason why most people talked Sakurasou was a place for weird people because that place was a gathering for geniuses and of course, it was normal for people to be jealous of them then spread a rumor that Sakurasou was a place for a weirdo which led into the current situation.

”Then what do you think of those individual characters? ” Mea nodded then asked.

”I guess that depends, but if I can ’t accept them, then I won ’t say much and respect their choices. If we don ’t do well to each other, then we will drift apart, if we ’re very good at each other, despite that difference then, it is all that matters. It is as simple as that. ”

Shishio said since there was no way to force his thought toward everyone nor did he have the energy to do so, all he could do was to accept that difference, as long as they didn ’t harm the people around or the world, no one cared much about their little quirks.

”Then what do you think of little children? ” 2x

Mea and Maiko almost asked at the same time.

”Little children? ” Shishio raised his eyebrow and said, ”I guess, it ’s normal for us to like little children since they ’re cute, but don ’t become criminals, if you can do that then it is all good. ” He knew that a little children ’s topic was a very sensitive matter and one wrong word, an FBI might knock on his door.

”Of course, we won ’t! ” Mea said confidently.

”We won ’t do something like that! ” Maiko nodded vigorously.

”Is Shishio-kun here? Someone is looking for you. ”

Suddenly a voice came from the back door of the classroom, interrupting Shishio ’s conversation with Nana, Mea, and Maiko.

”What ’s wrong? ” Shishio stood up and walked toward the door at the back, wondering who had called him.

Mea and Maiko looked at Shishio ’s back and couldn ’t help but say.

”Nana, if you don ’t grab him hurriedly then I might take him. ”

”Yeah, he ’s totally my type! ”

”What?! ”

Nana, who was moved by Shishio ’s words before, was dumbfounded by her two friends ’ reaction. She looked at her two friends, who were smiling and couldn ’t help but want to slap their butts, after all, she didn ’t expect such a betrayal from both of them.

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