I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 69 - Who Is This Cute Girl?

air, Oga! There are a lot of cute girls around you! If you take all of them, then what should we, normal people, do?! ” Tagami complained directly to Shishio.

”Tagami, that ’s a bit too much, ” Usa said with a helpless expression since he knew that Tagami had said too much, but he had to admit that he was also quite envious of Shishio.

”That girl is very cute. ”

In fact, not only Nana, Tagami, Usa, Mea, and Maiko were curious about Shiina, but all the people in this class were also curious about Shiina since they had to admit that Shiina was very cute and even though Shiina was the same age as everyone, they felt that they wanted to pet her head for some reason.

”Shishio, who is that? You ’re not cheating on Nana, right? ” Mea asked.

”If you hurt Nana, then we won ’t forgive you, ” Maiko said with a serious expression.

”…Since when did I date Nana? And Nana, don ’t you need to tell your friends that we ’re not dating? ” Shishio said.

”Anyway, who is that? ” Nana ignored his friend ’s teasing and asked the crucial point, wondering who that girl was.

”It ’s just a friend from Sakurasou, ” Shishio said simply.

”Cough! Cough! If she is just a friend, then can you… ” Tagami ’s expression was full of expectation.

”Do you want to die? Do you need me to send you to hell now? ” Shishio shook his head and understood that most of the guys on the adolescent would be interested in the opposite gender, but enough about Tagami, since Nana ’s reaction was a bit unexpected for him, but he knew that this girl was still far away from falling for him, and might be interested in him because of some reasons, however, with the appearance of Shiina, Nana felt a bit quite displease since Nana felt that Shiina might become a threat for her or something.

It was like when an animal ’s territory was being entered by another animal, in response, that animal would try to scare or even fight the animal that entered their territory.

But since Nana was a human, she wouldn ’t fight directly, she needed to fight smartly by inquiring about the identity of Shiina first, then she determined what Shiina ’s relationship was with Shishio so there wouldn ’t be any misunderstanding between them, and after knowing they were only an acquaintance, Nana sighed in relief, even though she didn ’t know why.

Nana was one thing, another person that made Shishio was a bit surprised was Usa.

When Shishio looked at Usa, he had to admit that Usa ’s personality was unexpectedly a bit plain and the reason why in the story, Usa was quite prominent was that everyone besides Usa was a very an individual character so Usa was unexpectedly quite popular, but well, he didn ’t care too much since Usa wouldn ’t trigger his system, right?

”By the way, Nana, can you let go of me now? ” Shishio asked since he only realized at this moment that being in puberty was very troublesome. There was this hormone that made him excited with just a slight smell and feel of the breasts of a girl.

”No, bring me to my desk this way! ” Nana said with a smile since she loved to see his troubled expression.

”You know… your panties might be shown to everyone here, ” Shishio said simply.

”…. ”

Nana then stepped down from Shishio ’s back obediently and asked, ”Can you tell me more about Sakurasou? ”

Not only Nana, but everyone was also curious about Sakurasou since they only heard about it from the rumor after all.

If it was someone else, they wouldn ’t ask this question, but it was different since the one that they asked was Shishio, who might be the most popular guy in the entire first year, or, the entire school.

When Shishio and his group were talking, there were still some people around Sorata.

”But still, I also want to try to move to Sakurasou. Not only are both Mitaka-senpai and Kamiigusa-senpai there, but also such a cute and beautiful girl is living in that place, ”

The classmate, who brought the magazine before, looked at Sorata and Shishio with envy.

”Uh, don ’t look at me like that, I just know two seniors, and… Shiina-san, we ’re not familiar with each other, ” Sorata said with a bitter expression on his face, but the classmate before didn ’t care much about his expression.

In fact, Sorata felt that although Shishio moved into Sakurasou only a day earlier than himself, the relationship between Shishio and the others in Sakurasou was much better than his relationship with everyone in Sakurasou.

Although there was only one day away, Sorata could clearly feel that Mitaka-senpai and Misaki-senpai, then Ritsu-senpai, even Mayumi-san, and the others, were very close when they were with Shishio, as if they had known each other for a long time, including Shiina, who had just moved into Sakurasou. He could tell that the relationship between Shishio and Shina was very close.

In his eyes, everyone ’s eyes were always on Shishio, and he, Sorata, had always been out of the circle which made his jealousy became even bigger.

”Kanda-kun… ”

Nanami looked at Sorata with a complicated expression in her eyes again.

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