I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 71 - Literature Club 1

*Ding! Dong!*

The school ended as usual, and after the break, Shishio repeated what he had done before since he really felt that all the knowledge which was taught by the teacher was useless for him, however, even though he might not listen to the lesson, he was very quiet and didn ’t bother the lesson so no teachers tried to bother him since they didn ’t really want to be embarrassed by him like what he did to the physics teacher.​​

Chihiro might have reminded him, but Shishio really couldn ’t bring himself to listen to the lesson since he didn ’t like to waste his time on something useless. If there weren ’t any heroines in this school that might trigger his quests, he might have decided to skip the school directly as Ryunosuke did.

’However… ’

Shishio knew that to be able to skip school blatantly like Ryunosuke, he needed to show talent or some achievements that could increase his fame and his school. The fastest way was to write a book, and fortunately, he was about to visit the literature club after the class.

Why did Shishio decide to become a writer?

There were a lot of reasons for that, but the first reason was that last night, Shishio had promised Miu to visit her club and her club was a literature club, which was why he thought to write a book.

The second reason was that, unlike other art performers that were quite mainstream in this country such as mangaka, singer, or actor that would take a lot of his time, if he became a writer, he could write his book in his free time and with his physical ability, it would be very fast for him to write down the manuscript so it wouldn ’t take a lot of his time.

Unlike most people who would think that time was money, he didn ’t think so since he felt that time was more important than money since no money could buy time.

The third reason was that his ”Enhanced Memory ” made him remember a lot of famous works in his previous life, which made it possible for him to copy those famous works, however, he knew that it wouldn ’t be very easy for him to write down all of those famous works since he needed to get the feeling to write those works into a paper.

After Shishio had gotten the ”Painting Mastery ”, he knew that even though the writing could be done by anyone and it didn ’t need a special skill to do so, it needed a feeling to write one great story which was why he couldn ’t copy something randomly since he didn ’t want to turn those great stories into the garbage.

’It ’s also a great way to say goodbye… ’

Shishio had a story that he wanted to write since he wanted to say goodbye properly and he would be lying if he didn ’t have a lingering feeling toward his past.

Lastly, Shishio also had a publishing house so he didn ’t need to worry about anything when he wanted to publish his book.

In truth, Shishio also thought to draw a manga since it was part of this country ’s culture, but he felt that it was very troublesome since it needed a lot of time to draw the manuscript, and based on his estimation, he needed at least half an hour to draw one page of the manuscript, and for one chapter of the manga, he needed at least to draw 18 to 20 pages of the manuscript, which meant, he needed to spare 10 hours of his time every week to draw a manga.

Shishio couldn ’t spare 10 hours of his time drawing a manga and he didn ’t have an aspiration to become a mangaka either.

Oh, Shishio almost forgot another reason was that a writer had a good reputation and among the art performers such as singer, actor, mangaka, etc, a writer ’s caste was the highest and it might not be related, but a lot of politicians in this country were writers before and he thought that it might be interesting to become a prime minister in the future.

Jokes aside, Shishio had really decided to become a writer, and whether the characters of the stories that he wrote would appear in this world, or not, he didn ’t think too much since he was going to use a pen name and he was also a major shareholder of one of the largest publishing houses in this country so he believed that it should be alright for him, however, he also thought that it was better to write a fantasy-related genre since he believed that there wouldn ’t be any characters from fantasy stories in this world.

However, Shishio really hoped that he would be able to receive a ”Programming Mastery ” or ”Hacking Mastery ” from the system so he would be able to see whether the characters that he wrote in his book in the future would exist in this world or not.

’System… ’

When Shishio thought about his system, he realized how hypocritical he was. He loved the system and its rewards, but he tried really hard to not become a scumbag, but then again, what was the description of a scumbag?

From the dictionary, a scumbag was a despicable person, but then how was this description going to be applied in a relationship?

Based on his understanding, there were a lot of ways to describe how a scumbag would be in a relationship.

The first one was two-timing or cheating, it was the most standard answer and there were a lot of people who did this.

The second one was a man who would leave the girls that loved him after he had gotten her body or money.

Well, there were a lot more ways to describe what a scumbag was, but in a simple way, a scumbag was someone who hurt their partner.

Shishio was a normal man, and he would be lying if he wasn ’t tempted to have one or two women at the same time, and it was quite normal for rich people to have one or two women or more at the same time, but even if it was normal, he wasn ’t sure whether his woman would be able to accept such a relationship and he wasn ’t confident whether he could make all of them happy.

The best way for him was to find a girlfriend that he could love wholeheartedly in high school since he knew that love during high school was the purer unlike in adult world since there was a lot of reason why a couple become one or married such as money, business alliance, etc.

The reason why two high school students decided to become a couple was that they liked each other, even though the reason might sound shallow such as appearance, reputation, etc, well, Shishio wasn ’t going to say that all the love life in high school was all pure, but one thing for sure, they decided to date each other because there was a word ”like ” between them, unlike when someone became an adult, though, of course, there had always been an exception and love had always appeared so suddenly, no one could predict about this problem at all.

Even science was helpless about love, however, even though a human, scientist, researchers, doctors, etc were helpless about love and they couldn ’t find an answer to solve this problem, no one would deny that they wanted to love someone or to be loved by someone during their life.

In conclusion, love is the source of happiness and curse, it is a double-edged sword.

If Shishio wasn ’t an emotional man, then he wouldn ’t be this troubled by the system, he could play around with the girls that triggered his system as much as he wanted, fucked them, then got all the rewards easily, and he would be lying if he wasn ’t tempted to do that, but there was a voice on his heart that stopped him. He knew very well whose voice it was and there was also the guilty feeling that he felt when he did it with Rui a few days ago, which was the reason why he refused to become a scumbag, but that feeling started to weaken after what he had gotten a lot of rewards from the system and when he saw a lot of beautiful girls appeared one after another in front of him.

Shishio closed his eyes and let out a sigh. He felt that he lacked conviction, whether he wanted to date someone or not, or whether he decided to become a scumbag or not, or whether he would become a source of happiness or a curse for the heroine in this world.

Shishio knew that as a man, he needed to man up and decided to do something without hesitation, but one thing for sure, he hadn ’t met a girl that was able to shake his heart so, until that, he was going to make his decision later.

When he was in the middle of a thought, he saw something huge and created a shadow that covered his face, which made him dumbfounded since the cause of this shadow was…

”Nana, what are you doing? ” Shishio asked since he had to admit that this girl ’s chest was so huge that it could cover his entire face, and it might be the biggest one that he had ever seen.

”Are you free today? Do you want to play? ” Nana asked.

”Play? ” Shishio looked at Nana curiously.

Nana nodded and said, ”Let ’s go to the arcade or karaoke. ”

”…….. ”

Shishio was speechless and said, ”Sorry, I don ’t have time today. ” It was only the second day after school, but he didn ’t expect that this girl really wanted to play.

”I see… ” Nana was a bit disappointed, but then she asked, ”So what are you going to do? ”

”I am going to visit a club, do you want to go with me? ” Shishio asked.

”Club? What kind of club? Is it a sport? ” Nana had touched Shishio ’s body before and he knew very well that his body was very good, so she thought that he might join a sports club.

”No, it is a literature club, ” Shishio said.

”Literature? Are you sure? ” Nana was surprised.

”Nana, let ’s go! ”

Nana heard her name being called by her friends and showed a conflicted expression since she wanted to follow Shishio.

”You don ’t need to force yourself, I only come to visit the literature club because I know someone, ” Shishio said.

”Do you know someone there? ” Nana raised her eyebrow and asked, ”Is it a girl? ”

”Um, it is a girl, ” Shishio said since he didn ’t see any reason to hide it from Nana.

”Then I will go with you! ” Nana said without hesitation.

”…… ”

After a moment of pause, Shishio said with a smile, ”Welcome. ” He thought that Miu would be happy when there would be another member who would join the literature club.

Then both of them decided to go to the literature club together and Nana rejected the invitation to play which caused her friends to feel disappointed. It might not be related, but Nana was really popular and the reason why she talked with him before was that she had always been ranked 1 before, but with him around, she became rank 2, which was also the reason why she told him that she wasn ’t going to lose last night.

The location of the literature club was located on the second floor of the school and it was several classes away from their classes, however, it was still quite far from their class since the school building was quite huge.

Shishio and Nana said goodbye to most of the students in the class and left together, which made them think that they might be dating each other, but neither he nor she thought too much about it since it was useless to think about other ’s people thought and if they were really dating, they would just date each other, it was as simple as that.

However, Tagami was crying, feeling quite envious, hoping that he would also have a girlfriend soon. He thought to talk with either Mea or Maiko, but he was ignored since both girls decided to go home first.

Usa, on the other hand, didn ’t think too much since it was still on the second day of school, and he also hadn ’t found a girl that could make his heart skip a beat, feeling excited all over since he wanted some romantic love during high school, not a shallow one like Tagami.

As for Sorata, no one cared much about him, Shishio walked with Nana while talking to each other, feeling the breeze in early April, then noticed Shiina, who was talking with a woman before slowly leaving from the school gate. From his observation, the age of the woman should be older than Shiina and younger than Chihiro.

Shishio then remembered that Chihiro had told him that Shiina had an acquaintance in Japan, and was wondering whether it was that woman, and he was also wondering why that woman came to the school, but when he thought about the story, he remembered that Shiina wanted to become a mangaka and that woman should be Shiina ’s editor based on her appearance that he saw before so he didn ’t think too much and continued to talk with Nana until they arrived at the room where the literature club located based on Miu ’s information before.

”Is this the clubroom? ” Nana asked.

”It should be, I will open it, ” Shishio said, knocking on the door, and opened it directly without waiting for an answer, but he didn ’t expect to see a scene which made him raise his eyebrow, there he saw panties, no, it should be a girl that fell down, showing her panties right toward him and Nana.

’White… ’

Shishio nodded, but then his eyes were covered by Nana.

”You can ’t look! ”

Shishio was often wondering whether he was a harem protagonist since his luck with a girl was very good, right?

”Anyway, why don ’t we help her first? ”

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