I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 71 - Literature Club 1

rlier. ”

”… ”

Shishio was speechless, but he only shrugged his shoulders and didn ’t think too much.

”However, I didn ’t expect Ashihara-kun to know the smartest boy in first grade, how did you know each other? ” Kiriya asked curiously at Miu.

”Um… ” Miu blushed and she wasn ’t sure how to answer Kiriya ’s question since her meeting with Shishio was like the meeting of the heroine and the protagonist in the romance novel, however, when everyone saw Miu ’s reaction, their expression started to change.

Kiriya showed an amused expression and a bit of curiosity, but on the other hand, Nana stared at Shishio, wondering how many beautiful girls that he knew.

”Sensei, if you were wondering how we met each other, we met at the bookstore last Sunday, ” Shishio said directly so there wouldn ’t be any misunderstanding between them since he had to admit Miu ’s reaction easily caused a misunderstanding.

”Oh? In the bookstore? ” Kiriya was even more curious.

Miu was a bit shy, but she nodded. ”I didn ’t have enough money to buy a novel last time and Oga-kun had helped me to pay for the book. ”

”… ”

Kiriya and Nana, who heard Miu ’s story, felt like the meeting between Shishio and Miu was like a meeting between a heroine and protagonist in a romance novel.

Starting by coincidence, the protagonist helped the heroine, who was in plight, then the heroine unable to forget the protagonist, then by another accident, they encountered each other and they happened to be a student at the same school, then by another accident, a lot of things happened and both of them became a couple.

It was the most cliche of cliche romance story plot, but it happened in reality, which somehow made Kiriya and Nana feel speechless for some reason, but depending on how the future plot, this kind of romance story was quite interesting.

”Cough! Cough! ” Shishio then coughed to gather their attention and introduced the beautiful girl beside him. ”Let me introduce her, she ’s my classmate, her name is… ”

”My name is Sunohara Nana, nice to meet you. ” Nana introduced herself with a gyaru style and saluted cutely toward everyone. ”I have heard that Shishio is going to visit a club so I came to visit too, is that alright? ”

”Yes, it is alright, you ’re all welcome here. ” Miu nodded with a smile and said, ”Um… if I ’m not wrong, are you Sunohara Nana, who was the student council president in the middle school and also the rank 1 on the entire grade in the middle school too? ”

”Yes, that ’s me. ” Nana was a bit surprised and asked, ”How did you know me, Senpai? ” After all, her appearance was a ”gyaru ” and it was a bit hard for someone to think of her as a smart student so she was quite surprised when Miu suddenly asked whether she was that top student without showing prejudice on her face which made her have quite a good impression on Miu.

Kiriya, on the other hand, looked at the three of them thoughtfully and knew that two girls might have feelings toward Shishio, but rather than showing jealousy or envy, he felt very happy. He felt happy that he could watch the most interesting love story between the three of them from the front seat. He then looked at Shishio and wondered whether there would be more girls that would join this group and at the same time, he had to admit that Shishio was very handsome.

Kiriya wasn ’t gay, but he could appreciate someone who was handsome, and at the same time, he believed that love could transcend age, gender, as well as social norms and status, whether Shishio would become a scumbag in the future or not, he wasn ’t sure nor he thought too much since it was part of the growth and as their teacher, he would watch over them, but he hoped that they wouldn ’t make a mistake.

Shishio looked at Nana and Miu and didn ’t expect that both of them could become friends with each other so quickly, but he also had to admit that Nana ’s communication skill was quite good and Miu wasn ’t someone that would judge someone by appearance or rumor.

”Cough! ”

Kiriya gathered everyone ’s attention and said, ”I know that you two are still hesitant whether you ’re going to enter the club or not, but let me ask you, do you like books? ” But, in truth, whether they liked a book or not, he was going to let them join the club no matter what.

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