I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 73 - Literature Club 3

The reason why Kiriya asked this question was that he wanted to know what kind of books or literary works that Shishio and Nana loved to read, after all, this place was a literature club so all they did was related to literature.

”Hmm… book? ” Nana rubbed her chin and said, ”I like manga. ”​​

”… ”

Kiriya and Miu were silent and speechless when they heard Nana ’s words.

Even though Nana was smart, she didn ’t really like to read serious literature works, or rather she only read her textbooks and manga, besides that, she loved to play games.

Miu was lost of words, but Kiriya smiled and nodded. ”Yes, the manga is a great invention of literature between illustrations and story-telling. ”

”So there is a manga here? ” Nana asked.

”Unfortunately, no. ” Kiriya shook his head sadly and said, ”But we can put a manga here in the future if you decide to join. ”

”Well… ” Nana looked at Shishio and waited for his decision since the reason why she came to the literature club was because of him.

”How about you Oga-kun? What kind of book do you like? ” Kiriya asked.

Shishio thought for a while and in truth, he hadn ’t read much of literary works in this world, besides Shiro-san ’s work that he bought before, but he hadn ’t even read it since he didn ’t have time to read it.

It might have already been the month that he had become Shishio Oga, and there were a lot of things happening that he didn ’t have time to relax.

In Kyoto, Shishio needed to remember all the memories of the previous Shishio and at that time, he couldn ’t calm himself, thinking a lot of things from his future, his family, lover, business in his previous life, and there was a lot more.

When Shishio came to Tokyo, a system suddenly appeared and it made his life change 180 degrees. He lost his first time, he fought against someone for the first time in Tokyo, watching that there were a lot of unique people in his restaurant, there were a lot of things happening, where he had time to read a book?

Well, Shishio had a lot of time during his school time, but rather than reading works of literature such as novels, poems, autobiography, diaries, memoir, letters, and the essay, it was better to read law-related books.

Everyone was watching, Shishio, who was in the middle of a thought, and Nana couldn ’t help but say, ”Shishio, didn ’t you read a book during the class before? ”

”It ’s a different kind of book, I read a law-related book, not a work of literature which we ’re talking about at the moment, ” Shishio said.

”Oga-kun, didn ’t you buy Shizuru-sensei ’s novel before? ” Miu asked.

”I bought it, but I hadn ’t read it since there were a lot of things happening in the past few days, however, right now, we ’re talking about Kiriya-sensei ’s question. ” Shishio rubbed his chin and said, ”Personally, I like books and I like to read light novels, ” Shishio said. It wasn ’t exactly him who loved to read a light novel, but it was the previous Shishio Oga, who had a hobby to read a light novel and after he had gotten ”Enhanced Memory ”, he remembered everything, including the story of all light novels that had been read by the previous Shishio Oga.

”That ’s great! Both of you love to read books, so let ’s just use this chance to join the literature club! ” Kiriya said then took out two registration forms to join the club.

”….. ”

Shishio and Nana were speechless in Kiriya since they could tell that he was very eager for both of them to join the club.

Nana didn ’t say anything, waiting for Shishio, since whether she would join or not, it was based on Shishio ’s decision, but…

”Sensei, are you a writer? ” Shishio suddenly asked, changing the topic of conversation.

”Oh? Why do you say that? ” Kiriya neither nodded nor shook his head, waiting for Shishio to tell him about why Shishio thought of him as a writer.

”When I entered this clubroom, there were a lot of weird things here, ” Shishio said.

”Weird things? ” 2x

Nana and Miu were confused since they didn ’t think that there was anything weird in this clubroom. There were books, chairs, a table, shelves, a clock, and various things which were related to literature, but none of those things could be said weird which was why they were a bit confused.

”What ’s so weird about this room, Oga-kun? ” Miu asked with worry, wondering whether this place was dirty.

”This place is weird because there are books here, ” Shishio said.

”Huh? ” 2x

They felt dumbfounded when they heard Shishio ’s reasoning.

”I mean, there is only Miu-senpai as a member of a literature club, right? This means, a literature club isn ’t an official club, or rather this club should be disbanded, right? But why are there a lot of books here? After all, since a literature club isn ’t an official club, then there ’s no way that it can keep all the books here, and maybe, the school will move all the books here to either the library or warehouse. ”

Shishio knew that the clubroom in the school was limited and there were a lot of clubs that wanted to expand their clubroom or get their clubroom after they made their own club, right?

When Nana heard Shishio ’s words, she nodded and started to feel weird by this clubroom since she also knew that as a non-official club, there was no way that a literature club could get this room.

”Then the question is, how can the literature club maintain its condition to the way it is after most of the members have graduated, and leaving only Ashihara-senpai as its member? ” Shishio then looked at Kiriya and said, ”The answer is you, Sensei. You ’re the reason why the literature club is still able to keep its clubroom today. ”

Kiriya nodded with a smile and said, ”Interesting deduction, but you should know that your deduction doesn ’t even tell us why you think that I am a writer, right? ”

”This is just the beginning, please be patient Sensei. Let me explain slowly, what are the other weird things in this room, ” Shishio said.

Nana and Miu looked around curiously, wondering whether there were other weird things in this clubroom.

”What are the other weird things? Hurry up and tell us! ” Nana said and shook Shishio ’s shoulder.

Miu was also very interested since it seemed like she was watching a great detective who was about to uncover a great case which made her very excited.

Kiriya, on the other hand, was smiling and didn ’t say much, but he thought that Shishio was interesting.

”The other weird things in this room are very obvious! ” Shishio pointed his finger at the person, who sat in the middle of the table. ”That ’s you, Sensei! Your presence in this room is weird. ”

”!!! ”

Nana and Miu were dumbfounded and looked at both Shishio and Kiriya at the same time.

Kiriya chuckled and said, ”It is rude to call your teacher weird, Oga-kun, but please tell me your reason why you think my presence in this room is weird, if your answer can ’t satisfy me, then I will have you join this club and also invite at least another three people, no, five people to join this club too. ” He raised his palm, showing that he needed to invite five people into the clubroom if his answer couldn ’t satisfy him.

”Interesting. ” Shishio smiled and didn ’t hate this kind of challenge, or rather, he wanted to make it more interesting. ”Sensei, that ’s not fair to me. If I lose then I will have to invite five people to join this club, but what if you lose? As someone who proposes such a bet, you should also prepare yourself what will you give me if you lose, right? ”

Kiriya ’s smile was even bigger and said, ”Interesting, I like your challenge. Say what you want? As long as it is within my power, I will do my best to grant your wish. ”

”……. ”

Nana and Miu were dumbfounded since they didn ’t expect that it would suddenly turn into a confrontation between Shishio and Kiriya.

”Um… Oga-kun, Kiriya-sensei… you shouldn ’t bet each other here… ” Miu realized that the situation might be out of control which was why she wanted to stop them.

”It ’s alright, it is part of the club activity and the bet is just some game between student and teacher, there ’s nothing weird about this, right? ” Kiriya looked at Shishio.

Shishio nodded sagely and said, ”As a good teacher, one must know how to encourage their students to work harder and I can see that quality in you, Kiriya-sensei. ”

”Thank you very much. ” Kiriya nodded with a smile.

Miu was troubled and wasn ’t sure what to say, but Nana laughed since she felt that this situation was interesting, however, both of them could tell that Shishio and Kiriya were really having fun at this moment.

”Sensei, I have one request, ” Shishio said.

”What is it? ” Kiriya asked.

”You teach Modern Japanese, right? ”

”Yes, what ’s wrong? ”

”Then is it possible for you to give me a perfect score? ” Shishio opened his lion mouth directly.

”What?! ” 2x

Miu and Nana were dumbfounded by Shishio ’s request since no one expected him to ask Kiriya to give him a perfect score, but…

Kiriya shook his head and said calmly, ”That bet isn ’t fair to me and I don ’t really want too many members in the clubroom to change your request. ” He could ask Shishio to invite more people so the bet would be fair, but he didn ’t do that since if there were too many members, it would be hard to control the literature club so it was better to limit the number of members and he also didn ’t really like a place that was full of crowd.

”Hmm… ”

Shishio thought for a while and felt a bit disappointed that he couldn ’t ask such a request, but he didn ’t think too much and asked a different request, ”Sensei, you have said to Nana that it is alright to bring a manga here, right? ”

Kiriya looked at Shishio for a while and asked, ”Yes, I have said that, so what do you want to bring? ” He could guess mostly what Shishio wanted to ask so he directly asked him.

”Well, I might bring something like a wooden sword, guitar, or…. ” Shishio looked at Nana and asked, ”Nana, is there something that you want to bring to the school? ”

”Eh? ” Nana was a bit surprised when she was asked so suddenly, but she thought for a while and said cheerfully, ”I want to bring a TV and game console! ”

”What?! ”

Miu was dumbfounded and wondered how this clubroom was going to become their house!

”Good, I agree. ” Kiriya nodded without hesitation.

”Sensei! ” Miu quickly cried out.

”Calm down, Ashihara-kun. ” Kiriya smiled and said calmly, ”Our club is fairly lax after all, and as long as they don ’t cause too much noise and play in consideration, then it is all good, and lastly, I might not be the one who is going to lose. ” He looked at Shishio and said, ”We have a made a deal, Shishio-kun. If you lose then you need to bring at least five people to join the club. ”

”Deal. ”

Shishio nodded directly, afraid that Kiriya might change the terms, after all, there was a lot of loophole on Kiriya ’s request.

”Oh, by the way, you need to bring five of them at least in a month, alright? ” Kiriya said with a smile.

”….. ”

Shishio twitched his lips but didn ’t say much since he didn ’t think that he was going to lose.

”Then I will tell you now, why Kiriya-sensei ’s presence in this room is weird? ”

This confrontation might be the first confrontation that happened in the literature club and a decade later, it would be written on the anthology of the literature club as the ”Talk of the Literature Club ”.

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