I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 76 - Dont Pretend I Know That You Have Realized It

After Shishio said goodbye to Miu and Nana, he entered Togo ’s car and went to Wagnaria to talk.

Why Wagnaria?​​

Shishio thought that it would be good to use this chance to promote his restaurant since Togo was fairly famous after all and if someone saw a famous CEO would come to Wagnaria to eat, then, without doubt, a lot of people would be attracted, right?

On the other hand, Nana looked at the back of the car that slowly left and felt curious about the relationship between Shishio and that woman before.

’Is she his sister? ’

Nana thought that might not be the case, but she thought that both of them should be acquaintances and at the same time, she was wondering how that guy knew a lot of beautiful girls!

Nana thought that she might need to move faster, but then, she noticed Miu ’s expression was a bit weird. ”Miu-senpai, what ’s wrong? ”

”Um… it might be my imagination, but I might have seen the woman that picks Shishio-kun up before, ” Miu said unsurely.

”Really? ” Nana thought for a while and felt that she might also have seen that woman somewhere.

However, both of them were sure that Togo might be someone with a great influential or rich person with a lot of cars and people who followed as her bodyguards.

Shishio and Togo walked next to each other and entered Wagnaria together, leaving the bodyguards behind.

”Welcome! ”

As expected, the one who greeted them was the loli waitress whose name was Popura.

Popura noticed Shishio and let out a surprise exclaim. ”Ah, guess, you have come again. ” After all, Shishio was very handsome and he also came two times in the past few days so she remembered him very well.

”Hello. ” Shishio nodded with a smile and asked, ”Is there an empty table? ” If he was free, then he might talk with Popura, unfortunately, he wasn ’t.

”Yes, please follow me, ” Popular said with a smile and guided them to the table.

Togo observed Popura and raised her eyebrows. ”Does your restaurant hire underage children? ”

Shishio didn ’t feel surprised by Togo ’s reaction and said, ”She isn ’t an underage child, she ’s a high school student. If you don ’t believe me then you can ask her. ” However, he raised his eyebrow when he heard Togo ’s words since Togo found out that this restaurant was his, but he didn ’t think too much since it wasn ’t that he kept it a secret and as long as someone investigated it closely, they would find out, but he didn ’t really like it and thought that it might be good to tighten his secret.

”Hmm… ”

Togo nodded and didn ’t say much since she believed what Shishio told her.

Both of them then sat down and Popura gave them a menu book.

”I will have a coffee, ” Togo said.

”I will have strawberry parfait and french fries, ” Shishio said.

”One coffee, one strawberry parfait, and french fries. ” Popura nodded, wrote all the orders, then said, ”Please wait for a while. ” She bowed her head slightly and went to proceed with their order.

Shishio looked at Togo, who was in silence and didn ’t say anything since he knew that the one that broke the silence was the one that was lost so he waited. He wanted for Togo to say something since he knew that he couldn ’t take the initiative, after all, he knew that Togo wanted to ask him something, whether it was a favor or something, he didn ’t know, but he knew that it would be related to a business.

Even if Togo had a good body and was quite beautiful, Shishio ’s principles in business had always been the same and he couldn ’t do a loss transaction. Unless they weren ’t talking about a business. Unfortunately, they weren ’t.

Togo also didn ’t say anything and kept looking at Shishio, but the more she looked at him, the more uncute he was since this guy didn ’t follow the script!

”Here ’s the order! ” Popura said to the kitchen then picked some orders that were ready for another customer.

”Alright, ” the chef from the kitchen said.

There were two chefs on the Wagnaria, one was a tall young man with blonde hair and long bang that covered one of his eyes, and the other one was a fairly normal young man with blue short hair and a smiling face.

”That guy comes again… ” Takanashi, who was one of the waiters on Wagnaria, had an uncomfortable expression on his face, especially when he remembered how Shishio said that he was a girl, well, he wasn ’t a girl, but he had cross-dressed as a girl in his childhood time and he didn ’t want that face to be known!

That was why Takanashi was quite uncomfortable toward Shishio, wondering how that guy could guess his secret somehow.

”Takanashi-kun, are you bad with that boy? ”

”What?! ”

Takanashi was startled and looked at the young man who suddenly talked to him. He let out a long sigh and said, ”Souma-san, don ’t talk startle me… ” He was helpless but didn ’t say too much since he was a bit scared of this young man.

Souma looked in the direction of Shishio and Togo but raised his eyebrow.

”What ’s wrong, Souma-san, do you know them? ” Takanashi asked.

Souma ’s eyes opened slightly and said, ”The woman is fairly famous, she is the ”Merchant of Death ”, the famous weapon dealer, Togo Tomari. ”

”What?! ” Takanashi was startled.

”Souma, are you sure? ”

The one who asked this question was the other chef, Jun Satou (the one with blonde hair and a long bang) since he had heard their conversation before.

There were only three guys on the back and Popura had gone out to the front to do her job again so they could talk freely.

”Um. ” Souma nodded and said, ”She ’s fairly famous after all, and you might watch her talk on some television programs on TV, but you don ’t need to worry, her business is legal and her company is also doing a lot of business besides a weapon dealer such as heavy equipment and large machine tools. ”

Hearing that identity, Satou and Takanashi were dumbfounded instantly, and at the same time, they felt weird.

”Why did such a woman come to this restaurant? ” Takanashi asked with a confused expression since he couldn ’t find a reason why such a famous woman would come to this kind of normal family restaurant. His mother was a famous politician and he knew very well how those people with money wouldn ’t come to this kind of restaurant, unless…

Takanashi then looked at Shishio and asked, ”Souma-san, do you know that boy? ” He thought that Shishio and Togo were a family or some acquaintance and Togo visited Shishio since from Shishio ’s uniform, he could tell that Shishio should be from the Suimei University of the Arts, which was nearby.

”Um… I am not sure, what I know his name is Shishio Oga, he ’s a freshman at Suimei University of the Arts, and he ’s living in Sakurasaou, that ’s all, I don ’t know much about him, ” Shouma said with regret since he hadn ’t had enough of time to gather Shishio ’s information.

”….. ”

Takanashi and Satou were speechless and they started to move away from this dangerous guy a few meters away.

”Takanashi-kun, Satou-kun, why did you move away from me? Takanashi-kun! Satou-kun! ”

Shishio and Togo hadn ’t said anything for a while and they were only staring at each other.

Shishio could see that Togo ’s expression started to get tighter and she showed an annoyance since nothing went according to her plan.

”Here ’s your order. ”

Popura came and brought their order, then put all of it on the top of the table.

”Thank you, ” Shishio said with a light smile, then started to eat his strawberry parfait, ignoring Togo, who was starting to get impatient.

”You… ” Togo let out a long sigh then grabbed some french fries from Shishio ’s and said, ”You know that Hong is hurt because of you, right? ”

Shishio raised his eyebrow and asked, ”What is it? Are you going to act like a yakuza who pretends to be hurt just because of a slight touch? ” He remembered from some plot where a yakuza pretended to have a fake broken bone, then asked for compensation to someone who they hit deliberately on the street, and in his mind, Togo ’s action was quite similar to that.

”Slight touch? Both of you are fighting fiercely dammit! ” Togo couldn ’t think the fight between Shishio and Hong was just a slight touch!

”So whose fault was it? It wasn ’t me who provoked it first, I have also reminded him before, ” Shishio said calmly and took one fries then dipped it on the parfait before eating it. He had to admit that the combination of saltiness and sweet ice cream was quite nice, ignoring the fact that Togo was almost exasperated in front of him.

”….. ”

Togo stared at Shishio for a while and complained. ”Dammit! The older you are the more uncute you are! ”

Shishio smiled and said, ”Isn ’t that good? It means that you have thought of me as a man. ”

Togo snorted and said, ”What? Do you want my pussy? You want to seduce me like those little girls? ” She didn ’t think that it was weird if this guy wasn ’t a virgin and considering his charm, it would be weird if he didn ’t have a girl and she was sure that those naive high school girls would open their pussy for him without hesitation if he asked.

”….. ”

Shishio didn ’t expect that this woman was so vulgar and his words could be interpreted that way, but he knew that this woman also tried to lead the conversation in her direction and he didn ’t want that.

”By the way, do you want to taste the parfait? It tastes good, ” Shishio said and scooped some ice cream and strawberry jam from his strawberry parfait, then moved it in front of Togo as if he tried to feed her. He didn ’t really want to feed her and only wanted to change the topic of conversation, but…


Togo directly chomped down the parfait that was fed by Shishio, and after she ate it. She then moved back and said, ”Shishio, do you know Kengan Match? ”

Shishio raised his eyebrow, ate his parfait again, ignoring the fact that they had an indirect kiss, and repeated Togo ’s words. ”Kengan Match? ” He stared at Togo and had to admit that Togo was very sexy for some reason.

However, in the eyes of the people who saw them such as Takanashi, Satou, and Souma, they were startled and thought that the relationship between Togo and Shishio wasn ’t that simple and they might be lovers, but Togo and Shishio didn ’t care about that since they were about to begin their conversation.

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